A “from head to toes” ensemble, in which one motif rules. If it is the color that is the key – from the stilettos up to the jacket – it should all be exactly in the same shade. If it’s the prints – no mercy, you’ve gotta shine! 😀 Choosing a total look means going all in! Kim Kardashian, who could write a fashion PhD on this trend knows all about it 😉 From elegant white to the popular latex dress, most of her looks are based exactly on this solution. Equally often, though a bit more relaxed, Rihanna decides to go for a total look (for example to the “Battleship” movie premiere she came in a patterned “pijamas” from Emilio Pucci, and she appeared on “Good Morning America” wearing all pink) and Beyonce, who fell for energetic yellow. Create your own garden by combining a floral skirt with a floral shirt (as I did HERE), wear a jeans jacket teamed with jeans, and… a jeans backpack. It’s one of my favorite trends – the more the merrier! 😀 Even accessories have to match – in the fashion grammar a total look is an exclamation mark 🙂



As the word indicates, these are the loose, seemingly too big clothes, which make you fall in love with them if you wanna be comfy and fashionable at the same time. A real blessing – an oversize can hide your imperfections and accentuate what’s sexy (sometimes even better than superfitted shorts!). The oversize trend isn’t about a tent effect, or to hide yourself behind a spacious tunic, so you can immediately hide the too big T-shirt you inherited after your ex-boyfriend and the shapeless sack in an indeterminate color at the bottom of your closets 😉 You can do better! Just like Kourtney Kardashian or Soraya de Carvalho, a blogger, put on a coat that’s two sizes too big, but expose your legs in heavenly stilettos. Taking Anja Rubik as an example, you can wear a short top and show your fit belly in an oversize suit. It’s best to do that in a one expressive color, like the one she wore in “Project Runway”! Just check it out! 😉 Oversize is perfect for the weekend, when you feel like taking a break from the pencil skirt. Go for a loose sweater, but make sure that you have a beautiful lacy bra underneath, or silk shorts. Everything, of course, totally accidental! 😉 In such an outfit you’d be sensual, but in a very discrete way, as if you wouldn’t care about it. Sometimes what’s subtly covered can seduce more – you don’t show much, but the imagination of the handsome guy that you care about can write the rest itself 😀



It’s not only about the way you dress on the street, but more about the way “the street dresses” and the phenomenon that made the whole fashion branch go crazy. How did it all start? A decade ago street photographers like Yvan Rodic (known as FaceHunter) appeared and started traversing the biggest cities of the world – from New York to Moskva, looking for interestingly dressed people. They were observant and have a sense of trends – they gave a lot of it-girls her career just with one shot, and became fashion oracles themselves. At the beginning they were the ones who peeked, now the streed dressed for them.The Sartorialist, Scot Schuman’s, streetstyle photography God’s site is more popular than most fashion magazines, and, what’s more – has a real influence on what’s happening on the streets. The bloggers that come to fashionweeks and exceed eachother in outfit ideas go there for people like him. They all have one goal: be photographed by them, as they provide bigger recognizability than a Vogue cover 😀 Poland has it’s own experts who follow streetstyle – a photographer, Kuba Dąbrowski takes pics on fashion weeks for Woman Wears Daily, and Szymon Brzóska, a Style Stalker photographs for the WGSN agency. The trendsetters, if they want to set a print of streetstyle, have to stand out. In Stockholm they pick minimalistic outfits with parkas in the main role, in Milano splendor a’la Anna dello Russo in London grunge, with which Cara Develigne deals perfectly, and the original style of Japanese streets – Harajuku inspires stars like Lady Gaga. Street style is different in every region of the world and has to be photogenic. If you’re going to new York forget sneakers and tops – go for pattrns and expressive accessories. And if you love basics above everything and I can’t convince you to wear colors, you might do it as the Swedes do and combine black with multilayer phantasy 😉 And, repeat after me once again: focus on the  a c c e s s o r i e s! 😀



Just comfy streetsyle clothes, namely fashion inspired by sports, perfect for urban craziness with your friends: parkour, longboard or open air concerts. Though the definition doesn’t disturb Rihanna to wear streetwear looks on stage, on a date or evening events 🙂 Well, that’s, after all, her seret – a real trendsetter constantly surprises, that’s why she runs in her stilettos around the city and leavs sports clothes for big events 😀 The base of this style is a well designed sports tracksuit with a visible logo. Three Adidas stripes, or the Nike logo is a classic, now fashionable girls compete in finding niche streetwear brands such as Hood by Air or the Polish Misbehave. Creating looks in your style get inspired by sports and rap stars such as ASAP Rocky  and Iggy Azalea. Go for details: badges, signs and good sports shoes, or create a whole streetwear total look. Let yourself  for a bit of humor and add odd sunglasses or an elegant bag on a chain, just to gain some contrast. If you like this style and don’t want to look like a high school girl anymore, don’t let RiRi off your eyes. She, as well as Rita Ora, knows how to combine a baseball sweatshirt with a sexy mini skirt and look like a million dollars.



Everything that’s loose, everyday, and, well, casual. Don’t mix it with streetwear! Casual is free, but it’s closer to weekend elegance than to sport outfits borrowed from team games 😉 It appeared in fashion together with jeans, which substituted tweed suit trousers. Casual means all the classics, which constitute our closets: comfy sports cigarette trousers, woolen sweater and the immortal leather jacket – in my case a fiery orange one! 😀 Perfect for an out of the city trip, a meeting with friends, to work, as far as we don’t have to follow a strict dress code. This style is an idea for free time, when you can wear your hair loose, put comfy shoes on, and run shopping, still being all chic. In some companies they even introduced the blessed casual Fridays, letting the employees get rid of the office uniform and wear something more casual on the last day of the week. After all, it’s the weekend that most of the people think of on that day 😉 My Dears, focus now: casual looks should be comfy, but noone ever said that they have to be toned down! 😉 Olivia Palermo goes for a walk in energetic red, a model, Gigi Hadid accentuates her black top with pink trousers, and Vanessa Hudgens chooses a hippie patterned dress. Possible? Totally! 😀