A fashion victim would give anything to be „trendy”, but she doesn’t always know, how to get down to it. A victim desperately looks for the best patterns to look up to: at first she copies mainly Zara mannequins, then (on a higher stage of development) famous people’s style 😉 In order to be on top she’d wear even items that don’t suit him/her (like Birkenstock shoes or a fisherman cap), but she (or he!) can spend a fortune on that. Fashion victim’s religion: no matter that something’s ugly and bad, it has to be fashionable 😀 The results of this philosophy can be pathetic: Victoria Beckham had a time in which she was a solarium and an unfortunate zebra dress victim, and Paris Hilton, up to now, can’t stop wearing childish pink. Just as mature ladies look in their teenage girls outfits and girls, who strictly follow runway looks, and do it without a pinch of salt (everyone knows that a black lipstick looks good only in music videos). In Poland it’s Michał Witkowski, a writer, who as “Michaśka” would pretend to be a controversial fashion blogger, became a symbol of being a fashion victim. Luckily, he recently decided to dump his image, and changed a kettle for a stylish jacket.



Or simply boho is a mix of hippie style of flower kids with artistic bohemia nonchalance and a pinch of surfer relaxation. If you want to understand what it’s about, take a look at an American stylist and it-girl, Rachel Zoe. She combines patterned dresses, faux fur vests and jeans with a pinch of salt and adds oversize bags and a lot of jewelry to every look. She’s the one who inspired Misha Burton and Nicole Richie with her style. The components of boho style are: tassels, flowers, huge glasses and messy wavy hair. Boho bases on the ’70s, that’s where flares, open-work tunics, wide sleeve shirts and huge necklaces, which look like an Indian work of art,  come from. Outcome? A bit like an unharnessed artist, and a bit like a surfer’s girlfriend from LA 😉 The biggest icons adjust this trend to their own needs! Kate Moss adds a leopard spot coat, in order to obtain a wilder look, the Olsen sisters like boho chic in a minimalistic edition. The way a British trendsetter, Sienna Miller wears it is my favorite. Boho in her edition means romantic English electricity. So copiable! PS. Autumn really loves this trend! All you need to do is add a warm vest or a denim jacket to a summer dress and braiding bangles on straps around your wrists is obligatory! 😉



Blocking colors, setting expressive, homogenous colors together. Sounds like a boring art class revision? Nothing more wrong! Color blocking is a creative fun for the courageous ones 😉 All you need to do is combine the most expressive color, which at first sight look as if they wouldn’t go together at all. If you treat clothes like LEGO bricks (clear colors in simple versions) every look that you create will be flawless. Stars love to stand out from the crowd, and they’ve been experimenting with the trend for a while now 😉 Sarah Jessica Parker in red mixed with amaranthine from Prabal Gurung looks as if she was taken from a  candy shop and Blake Lively in yellow and blue from Roksanda again fights for the title of the best dressed woman of the year! Color blocking is also liked by Beyonce. She recently wore a pink Belenciago sweater teamed with an orange skirt by Nina Ricci. I think I don’t have to mention Brad Goreski’s wonderful ability to block colors, as it’s a topic for a separate column 😉


14. NUDE

Well, the word means either a color, or nudity, it’s up to you 😉 It’s completely different than color-blocking. In these trends we decide for clothes and accessories in the color of skin, which pretend that they’re not here! 😀 The color scheme isn’t wide: shades of beige, sand, crème, or coffee, without milk. Tasty, right? 😉 Since a couple of years my favorite red carpets stars were Scarlett Johansson, right after Nicole Kidman, who’s a master of the trend. What makes them look gorgeous? Each of them perfectly adjusted the shade of their outfits to their complexion. Not to be too pale, it’s worth to add an expressive detail to your nude outfit: colorful jewelry, metallic clutch, or, best with red Louboutin soles. The most effective (and risky) outcome can be obtained by using nude in a sexy total look, like, for example, Kim Kardashian did. The outcome is, that she very often looks as if she wasn’t wearing anything 😉 In a more subtle version, instead of a latex dress, one can choose an airy and romantic one, which will cover your body with an alluring veil 😉 And for everyday occasions I recommend nude stilettos. They spectacularly make your feet look longer! 😉



For me? A land of happiness, in which I could live forever 😉 But let’s put jokes aside! Showroom is a place where stylists and fashion editors can rent the newest designer clothes for their photoshoots, and customers can order ware to their boutiques. Displaying designer clothes in press and music videos, start boost the sales of a given brand. Showrooms are a kind of an agent between the brand and the ones who want to see the collection before it appears in the stores. That’s why, unfortunately, you won’t get anything there, but you can try on and order your favorite items. Showrooms take care of providing the publishers with product pictures, namely packshots. During Fashion Weeks in many countries, you can have a peek at the fashionweek showroom area, where you can admire the newest collections for the upcoming season. Showrooms in Poland have been functioning properly not for a long time, so it happens that they’re visited by clients who want to shop there 😉 The word itself might be associated by you with showroom.pl, which is an Internet store, where you can get Polish designer clothes. Some brands treat showrooms like a kind of a pop-up store, a temporary shop, which appears in a given place to promote a collection and disappears in a while. You can visit permanent showrooms in Warsaw, for example Pomada, or Aliganza Fashion Agency, which services clients like Solar and YES. If you’re looking for sports shoes or toys, step by Tailor Made PR, among others, they have things by Adidas and Barbie.