The word pop-up means spring up or emerge. In computer science it’s used to describe the forms of online advertising that appear out of nowhere when we are surfing the Internet and that we all hate. It’s really difficult to close them. It’s different with pop-up store (or pop-up shops)! They are temporary shops that are open for such a short time that it’s difficult to fully enjoy them 😀 In 2011 Zuo Corp company introduced Warsaw with the idea of pop-up store. Their shop took only 27 m2 and was open only for three months, but it hyped itself, also in foreign model manufacture portals like Dezeen. “Short-term” boutiques are also opened by famous retail chain shops and big fashion houses. They usually attract attention with their interior design (very often thanks to famous architects and designers) and they advertise themselves by the word of mouth marketing. They give their customers the feeling that they take part in something special and mysterious, so the bag bought there is more valued by the customers than the one from the shopping centre. The shops that appear and disappear are very famous nowadays and even gastronomy and culture started to copy this idea! The famous Danish restaurant, Noma, has recently opened temporary subsidiaries in Sydney and Tokio, and when we are in Cracow we can visit POP-UP theatre. It’s gonna be there only for a month, so if you want to go there, hurry!



means „dirt”. The way it’s pronounced itself is pugnacious 🙂 Grunge is a subculture that was created in 80’s by sad and bored kids from the West Coast of USA. Seatte became the capital of the fresh, naughty music that was popularized by Nirvana, the band. Kurt Cobain and his wife Courtney Love became the icons of the new, “dirty” style. They popularized the oversized sweaters, jeans with holes and washed-out, flannel checked shirts. Brushing your hair was not trendy and girls preferred ripped up tights and shimmies over dresses. Stylish teenagers wore smudgy mascara, heavy shoes and leathern wests just like the ones worn by boys from the Alice in Chain, the band 🙂 Although in 2015 shabby nails are passe, grunge is still present in many people’s life. The models are going to castings in rock boots and oversized sweaters and the biggest fashion houses, such as Saint Laurent, still “flirt” with rebellious trend. American celebrities (e.g. Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightly) wear grunge wollen caps and trousers with holes on the knees after work. It’s a casual and comfortable style for those who are having a bad day, who have rock flowing in their blood or who… just want to have a rest from wearing high heels 😉



Means everything that is the best: “splendour”,  “prestige”, “attractiveness” 🙂 It means an exclusive and female style, which is inspired by the chic of the stars of the golden age of Hollywood (1930-1950), for example Rita Hayworth. Also Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the city”, Sydney Prosser from “American Hustle” and Jeri Hall who visited famous Studio 54 club in New York with Mick Jagger were fans of glamour. Nowadays we can seen glamour in Nicole Kidman’s stylizations for the Oscar gala. This stunning effect can be achieved by wearing female cuts and chic accessories: toques, sateen gloves and lush jewelerry. The synonym of a glamour fashion are the haute couture projects, designed by Elie Saaba and Oscar de la Renta. If you want to be glamour, you can also look for inspiration in Anna dello Russo and just like she does, wear sequin dress on a daily basis. And don’t forget that glamour is not only a trend in fashion, but a way you can live your life, elegantly and classy! You have surely noticed that I’ve been trying to introduce this spectacular elegance to polish street for a few years 🙂 If you are bored with minimalism in different variations, try this! It’s worth it, because this is the style that impresses men and… street style photographers 🙂 The magazines are suggesting that glamcore, the extreme version of glamour may be a hit of the upcoming spring and can stay in fashion even for a longer time!



The space „behind the scene”. In fashion – the backstage of the fashion show, the most mysterious place in the business. Getting there is a dream of many fashion freaks, trendsetter-adepts and…young journalists for whom the report from the backstage is a bigger honour than the place in the first row, next to Kanye West 😉 On the other hand, people who cut their teeth on the fashion would prefer to do a bunk. The models are trying to find the right shoes in the crowd and are drinking water (through the straw so that they didn’t smear their lipstick), stylists are running and checking if everything is all right, so do the designers. The director of the show is watching over the time and the choreographer is telling what the order is. Someone is making manicure and haircuts, someone else is interviewing people. And, of course, the tens of Iphones are recording videos for Snapchat 😉 Poof, a madhouse! The fashion houses are preparing for the whole season for the show that lasts for 10 minutes. The most important thing is the up and running backstage. That’s why the dressers are the stars of the backstage. Believe me, the world on the other side of the courtains doesn’t seem to be as perfect as in our dreams. Well, maybe exept for the backstage of Victoria’s Secret shows: the models there are treated like real princesses 🙂 For this sweet, pink robe I could resign from watching the shows – well, I would just have to have 2 metres more 😀


25. PRINT 

Print is an inscription, a drawing on the fabric or on a paper. This word entered Polish language and now fashion magazines use it instead of polish word. And they do it often, as the trend for the printed T-shirts comes back every season. In 2013 everyone wanted to have a flowery tracksuit from Christopher Kane’s, in 2014, tunics from Celine, in 2015 – Dolce and Gabbana dresses with childish prints. The fashion freaks are saving money for the Mary Katrantzou’s clothes, the queen of prints, for a few years 🙂 However, this trend did not appear only now. The patterns designed by William Morris in the 19th centrury are used now by Valentino. In 20th in the interwar period there were art-deco prints printed on the fabrics and in the 50’s the prints were produced by Finnish brand Marimekko. The animal prints are the absolute phenomenon. The leopard’s prints were worn gladly by Joan Blondell, the actress, in 1930, as well as Brigitte Bardot in 1960 and Kate Moss, the model, in the 90’s and Rachel Zoe, the stylist,  in 2015 😀 There can be anything printed on the fabric: the original collage, the botanical garden and photo-wallpaper. The things with prints you should mix with each other in total look or they could be worn separately, as an addition to the suit. It’s good to wear prints especially now,despite the weather. The adequately chosen print will tell more about you than any official speech. So, are you choosing  romantic roses or a predatory cat? 🙂