Dears, thanks for all the great works that I got! Your creativity exceeded my expectations, and the choice was very difficult 😉 Watch the movie to see, which of the ‘N’ & ‘O’ letters are the apple of my eye. Congrats to the winners, and enjoy the following contests!


Your Crazy Tami :*

You pay attention to every detail, have passions that you love to develop, and long for collecting new treasures? You’re a total Macademian Style girl! Now you can make use of your talents: instead of searching for vintage treasures, try to hunt for… letters! Honor’s creative play has just begun.


Ok, I’m sometimes also a bit tired of the noise and traffic jams. But there’s nothing I can do – big cities are still the place where my heart belongs. Their energy stimulates me much more efficiently than a double espresso 😉 I love finding people in the crowd, who are dressed in an interesting way, and watching creative window shops. If one day I decided to change my profession, I’d definitely start designing clothes 😉 I always have my phone with me, just in case something draws my attention that much that I couldn’t survive without taking a picture 😉 I very often tend to stop on my way, as I really really feel the need to take a pic of some perfect composition or texture that inspires me to create a look later on 😀 I treat this gallery as a moodboard – I come back to these pics when I need inspiration. I need to reveal that I’m also totally in love with letters 😉 For example when I’m in London, I can’t take my eyes off the fonts on boutiques’, and cafes’ signs. Instead of looking at my feet, I look around, and all of these wonderful things pass in front of my eyes like in a kaleidoscope 😀 I worked on my Macademian Girl logo (the one that you can see on the blog) longer than the Party Animal worked on her figure 😉 That’s why I’m even more happy that Honor came up with its creative contest, in which you can combine my three loves – originality, letters rummaged your town, and… the fantasy of a real treasure seeker! 😀

Honor’s contest will let you have a fresh look at your own city. Say „no” to boredom and be creative!

Apart from me Pezet, a Polish rapper, and Karol Paciorek, known from his YT channel „Kto Wie Ten Wie” (Who knows they know) , are the ambassadors of the contest. Each of us chose their favorite characters of Honor’s 7 name. I encourage you to take pics of „O”s and „N”s. Why did I choose these two? Well, I really enjoy being „ON” all the time 😉 I love being motion, and using my own, inner (and renewable!) sources of energy 😀 Where will you be looking? Will you go to LONdon, or to your favorite ONline store? Or maybe you’ll get inspired by the video that we made with Honor (and Atena;)).


The rules are simple: just take a cautious look around, and take pics of the letters in the signs that you hunt down. It can be neons, street signs, or even… a sign on your boyfriend’s T-shirt. The next step is to upload your pictures on Honor’s app page, and that’s it! It’s good to give the most of yourself – 6 most creative letters will stand on Honor 7’s billboard. What you can win is one of these wonderful phones. If you don’t know where to start your urban hunting, a little tip: I’ll be in the jury – you know how much I love saturated colors, splendorous glamour style, and original ideas 😀

From the most interesting pictures of the letters Honor will create a creative and modern poster. It’s good to give the most of yourself – you can win one of Honor’s phones!

Honor 7 phones have been designed for young and creative people, who are not afraid to express their own style, and love innovations at the same time 😉 So exactly for Macademian Style girls 😀 If you also are like that, take a careful look around. Maybe you’ll look at the surroundings with a fresh eye, and your discoveries will inspire you to start a completely new adventure? You have time till 8th of February to take part in the contest, and the results will be revealed on the 18th on February. Remember that you’re allowed to post as many pics as you want, but you can win only once. If you have any doubts, check the rules here, and visit Honor’s fanpage. Don’t be afraid to ask me in the comments as well!