It was a month of intense emotions and living as a part of the game for 24/7. The adventure is over, but there are many more new challenges yet to come. Take a look what I have planned!


Let’s be honest: the „Agent – Stars” show (The Mole) didn’t have a lot to do with real life. We got into a fictional world of games, in which, just like in popular RPG games – each of us played a different role. Apart from the Mole there was, among others, a joker, an athlete, a nerd, and me (who, surprisingly for many, played the role of a brave lion ;)) We had to obey some rules – confidentiality, loyalty, but the cameras and opponents didn’t take their eyes of us ever for a second. Even though you saw our struggles captured in 40 minutes episodes, the game lasted the whole day for four weeks. I sometimes even had an impression that if I kept using my memory to that extent, I finally won’t be able to memorize anything at all! 😉 But well, if the trip to South Africa was supposed to be something more than an exciting holiday in front of 2 million watchers, it had to be approached seriously. My suitcase was a living proof of my attitude towards the game. I went to Africa armed with mosquito nets, SPF 50+ sunscreens, umbrella, waterproof coats, trekking shoes, hats that protect against sun, and airy cotton clothes. One item that turned out to have been redundant was the bathing suit. After many hours of fighting with the tasks, I didn’t even think about swimming 😉

Even though you were able to follow our struggles only once a week for 45 minutes, in reality they lasted a whole month, 24/7!

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Recording the show, what I have already informed you about many times on the blog, required a lot of physical and psychological effort. All my senses were ready at all times, my eyes wide open: I had to observe the Mole’s every move. And I succeeded – I was able to catch a false lining in his voice perfectly, right after a few days! I took notes down in my notebook (and phone) of everything that I found useful – from his culinary likings to outfit details. So it won’t be a surprise for you if I told you that every evening, instead of resting with a drink in our hands, we were learning the answers together, using my notes. It was like studying for „Agent” school leaving exams, and I was equally committed. Before the test we felt like before an exam – we didn’t go to sleep until all of us memorized all the information there was to memorize. I still remember how sad I was when Tomek had to leave the show right after the day that he didn’t learn that much. Unfortunately, knowledge doesn’t appear out of the blue, and even the best memory has to be practiced. I was very proud that the system that I developed turned out to be successful and let me get to the finale. Right after we came back, until the last episode I had to hide from everyone, even the closest ones, the truth. Even though everyone asked me – the cashier at the grocery store, taxi driver, and dozens of friends, but, as I’m a perfect spy, I didn’t even say a word! 😉

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A South Africa trip? For a month? When I was offered to take part in the show I thought that such a long trip, and to a place that I could have a problem with Internet in was a… mission to Mars for me. Being online is my work – I couldn’t let myself to leave the blog, and freeze my Instagram and FB accounts until I came back. After all, I can’t disappoint my readers! Three weeks before I left I was literally doing the impossible. I had pictures taken, divided the work between my employees, proofread the materials, and made sure that everything was approved by me before I boarded the plane. It was a great success, when I finally managed to organize everything, and I was able to focus on the game.

Even though at the beginning taking part in the show seemed like a mission to Mars for me, I finally did great in my new role, and the blog… gained new readers!


Facing the challenges I had to involve all my (sometimes even the ones that stayed hidden up to now!) skills. And I think that’s what I value most in this adventure: I realized that I was stronger than I could’ve expected. I proved to myself and to others that even a fashion blogger with an elegant manicure and wearing a colorful dress can do bungee jumping and be a woman version of Sherlock Holmes 😉 I managed to let go of the childish „clothes girl” that cares only about the newest model of Prada stilettos. I showed that even though fashion and style accompany me wherever go, they’re a perfect tool for me. A tool that I love, but a tool that doesn’t define me, I do.


When I agreed to take part in „Agent – Stars”, what really counted for me was that it wasn’t a show for 14 picky stars, who don’t really care about the games. All the more that it was all about a very big amount of money, and taking into consideration how much an average salary in Poland is, I knew that if the winner was to get all of it, they have to be both skillful, concentrated, and motivated. I was 100% focused in all the tasks and tried to make use of every situation to earn money for the group. That’s how I was learnt to behave in life – when I do something, it all has to be 100 %. The task in the stream was the only one in which I didn’t succeed, but well, nobody’s perfect 😀

Real support? The kind words from my fans, and new readers. Thanks to you I have the motivation to develop my blog, and in the future – who knows – maybe even host a fashion TV show?

In the end it was only one question that made me lose the show, but I can say for Edit Piaf – I don’t regret anything! 😉 I always am very open about it: my life is 10% success and 90% of defeats, but I’m very faithful, as it taught me how to stay humble. It also taught me that even though you can’t always be the winner, you should never give up, and that the ability to lose with class is more important than the first place. It’s important to stand up again tomorrow and continue fighting. The absolutely amazing people that I got to know better in the show are the best prize: Maciek, Tomek, Antek, and Kamila. And, also, the warm words of faithful readers and attention from those who visited my blog for the first time, just to check what the one who managed to stand up to the Agent represents with herself. Thanks to the show I could make others aware of what I’m occupied with, show them, that besides looks there are many more motivational and guidance posts, stylish stars characteristics, or homemade beauty articles. That’s the most valuable prize for me!



What are my further plans? I’m still going to run my blog, share my energy with women (men, well, as well, you’re very welcome to visit as well 😉 ) and convince them that they’re amazing and can look beautiful regardless of their size! It’s for you that I constantly keep developing my Snapchat account (check it out @tgonzalezperea), Instagram, and Fan Page. Even though I’ll always be „from the Internet”, I’m not hiding that I’m really dreaming about getting a possibility to host a show on TV, in which I could help Polish women to change their style and work on their self-confidence. After all, as Walt Disney said „if you can dream it, you can do it!” Now, when the blog is slowly evolving into a complex fashion portal, I’m planning to visit international fashion weeks more often and prepare reports from them.
Wish me that, as everything I do, I do it for you! Thank you for your support before, after, and during the „Agent – Stars” show was aired. Macademian Girl wouldn’t exist without you. I hope that I’ll soon surprise you with a new challenge 😉

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