You spent a month biting your nails in excitement? You have to wait a while longer. If up to now you’ve been paying attention to details, you surely know who’s the one who’s been pulling the wool around our eyes, who can get the money, and who… willl have to come back home richer in experience. There’s only a week left for the mystery to be finally solved!




On day 21 we stood up to an unusual task which was supposed to test our sense of weight, length and time. The first half of the task constituted of three parts. First, we were to estimate 70 seconds without using a watch. Even though no one got it perfect (Hubert was the last one – 78 seconds), I managed to be the closest to 60 seconds. The next task was to weigh 7 kilos of sand in a sack by using shovels and putting the sand into sacks, and relying on our intuition. As I said in the show, I most often deal with weighing stuff at the airport, where I have to meet very tough restrictions (e.g. smuggling 15 kg of jewelry in a handbag :D). It turned out that I could use my experience in the field – I exceeded the limit only by 600 g and was the one who was the closest to 7kg. In the next part I had a chance to make use both of my interior design knowledge, as well as fashion skills. Many commandos could make use my method in field! Thanks to the fact that I’m well aware how many centimeters my shoes are (which woman hasn’t checked that a thousand times while getting stilettos online ;)), I estimated the 70m distance with a few centimeters accuracy.

I don’t treat my allies like objects. Even if I lose, I’m loyal till the end and would rather share my information and be able to walk with my head up high, knowing that I didn’t fail anyone.

Drukowanie Drukowanie

As a reward for the three best results, in the second half of the task I got a chance to start 5 minutes earlier than my competitors, 0,5 km closer to the goal, and what’s most important – without any stuff on my back. When I got to Nelson Mandela’s Square as much as 20 minutes before the time, I had to wait for a long time for the others. My reward was an envelope that contained priceless info on the Mole. I shared it with Antek, what was obvious to me even at this stage of the game. I knew from the very beginning that the news that I got might decide on my winning the show. But as you could have already spotted in this show, I’m loyal till the end, when it comes to my allies and friends till the very end. Kinga tried to find out why I didn’t share this news with Hubert, but I decided to keep it for myself. I wouldn’t want to reveal the tactic that I’ve been improving for a month now right before the end of the finale. Antek, as always, used his knowledge to play a double Mole, but also for the sake of our alliance – he told Hubert what was inside the envelope, but… the information he gave wasn’t true 😉


Well, anyway, I’m proud that I managed to get all there was to get in today’s task. Especially that it was only men that I competed with. Just like Hubert, I also appreciate both my finale rivals. Noone got that far by accident – everyone of us is an experienced player! In this episode it was great to hear from Hubert that I’m clever, know how to interpret the situation of the group, and he also added that I’m also very attractive! I also value him a lot, and that’s why, just as I wrote the previous week – our loudly commented on fights from episode 11 – have long been forgotten. What happens in the game, stays in the game. Maturity and class is all about not treating the show personally, but, on the contrary – drawing conclusions and not forgetting about good fun! 😉



The finale test, according to what Kinga said, rally turned out to be a school leaving exam, compared to the previous ones, which were only tests. On that day everything reminded me of old detective movies: stylish interiors of the retro train, mysterious people, who carefully observed us, and mysteries, hidden everywhere. The questions were even more detailed than always. A serious and elegant ticket inspector asked me how many times the Mole was given a green screen during the show (luckily I also had it in my notes), and then a young passenger wanted to know who was navigated by the Mole in the paintball task. The bar attendant, on the other hand, asked us about the prophecies that a shaman gave to the Mole in the 1st episode (my hint is that the Agent heard as much as two!). During the luxury train trip to nowhere, we have also been asked about the number of jokers that the Mole got, and how many pieces of gold they found in the 6th episode.

Drukowanie Drukowanie

Just like I’ve been emphasizing from the very beginning, in the „Agent – Stars” show e v e r y, even the most trivial detail had a meaning, and one could make it to the finale only by being amazingly observant. Just like Antek suggested, if someone left the shop, they could only blame themselves – for not being deductive enough, and not applying the techniques that Antek, Hubert and I have perfectly mastered. Nut which of us is actually the Mole? That’s what you’ll find out in the great finale, just in a weeks time 😉

Even though the adventure is coming to an end, it’s not yet the time to be sentimental. Who gets the money, and who lacks luck will be revealed in the great finale.


A month of emotions, nerves, and exciting experiences is behind us. When we met at the Warsaw Chopin airport, no one could predict the flow of events, nor the relations in the group. I’m very sad that the adventure ends in a week, but luckily no one can take what we learnt away from us. I’m really going to miss the variety of interesting people, with whom I wouldn’t have spent so much time, if the circumstances were different. Some of them surprised me in a positive way, others – made me think, but surely everyone brought something into my life. And I think that’s the biggest prize for me in this show!


Drukowanie Drukowanie Drukowanie