Keira Knightley and Christina Hendricks. Two amazing, beautiful women, who are perfectly aware of their assets. They differ in almost everything, but each of them is beautiful and has this „something“. Let’s take them as an example for what I’ll describe below 😉 Keira’s bust size is A, and Christina is more at the end of the alphabet. Neither of them is sad not to have the perfect „C“ size. They live with what they’ve been given and dress in a way that men adore them and other women envy them 😉 How to achieve tat? Start with reading my guide! 😉



So be sly as a fox! 😉 Who said that the neckline is always supposed to be bigger at the front? Move it to the back! This way you’ll achieve a sexy back and a covered front, which is perfect for little breasts. Or… make sure that you wear a deep cleavage, so that it ends way below your breasts (like HERE) – it’ll look so spectacular that noone will notice that something’s not right. Transparent blouses work the same way. Delicate fabric uncovers a bit of your lingerie and your body in a sensual way. Resign from lacy bras and visible nipples. Simple minimalistic bras are more advised – triangle shaped cups, for example. Take a look at my article about picking the right bra, you’ll surely find something for yourself there. Make use of the fact that dungarees are so in right now – you can even wear them in winter teaming them with thick tights and a turtle neck – they’ll cover the bust leaving it with a bit of mystery 😉


1. DRESS Little Mistress | 2. BLOUSE Oasis


Choosing the types of blouses and dresses make sure you take this advise to heart: they HAVE to have a shape already on the hanger. You can already cross out all the flat shirts and tops on narrow stripes from your must haves list. Unless… You want to enjoy the 90’s trend, and wear a top on a thick sweater or a long sleeve blouse. Something like Alicia Silverstone and Jennifer Aniston in their best times 😉 You can make this trend more modern and add a pinch of glamour by wearing a sequin top or a pijamas style lacy dress 😉 But in other cases, go for clothes that reach up to your neck (turtle necks will be perfect), little round necklines, or with collars (polo shirts, shirts that can be buttoned up). Sleeveless tops set with male jackets are a perfect choice, especially if the top is red and the jacket floral.


3. SWEATER Berenika Czarnota | 4. TURTLE NECK Confashion | 5. TURTLE NECK Ivy Oak  6. DRESS Rosemunde | 7. TOP Missguided


Build volume 😉 It’s the simplest and safest method for making your bust look bigger. I’m not talking only about push-ups, but about ruffles, pockets and pleats. Of course around your breasts 😉 Everything that’s not flat (see the point above ;)) will be OK 😉 Help yourself with wide sleeves and big collars – they’ll make the top of your figure look more curvy. You can go for a faux fur coat or a thick sweater. Remember about patterns: diagonal stripes, big florals and check are your biggest allies. If you like jewelry, wear long necklaces and jewel necklaces that would accentuate your breasts. They should be really big, as a delicate chain won’t be making anything bigger.


8. SHIRT Lost Ink | 9. FAUX FUR Rich&Royal



Even though many men lose their breath when they see you, you have to remember to let your breasts (and the whole cleavage) breath. Don’t cover it, don’t zip yourself on the last button. It might seem that noone sees your breasts them, but trust me – it only makes your breasts look as if they started right under your neck. What to wear? Above all, V-necks (they’ll divide the breasts and make your body seem longer, and all kinds of wide and big cleavages that uncover your collarbones. You can get a corset top dress, just like Sofia Vergara did HERE. Such a look shows a lot of body, so if you want to stay classy, make sure that your underwear isn’t visible, and go for maxi length 😉 You should be sexy, not promiscuous. Do you know what kind of blouses and dresses look better on more curvy women than slender mod-els? The rob like ones! You should have at leat a couple of them in your closet! 😉


All kinds of horizontal lines are definitely for you. Wear loose scarves, unbuttoned waisted coats (not too short, as they’ll make your breasts look bigger), vests. Look for coats and shirts with seams that go through the middle of each breast – they’ll resemble a V letter, which’ll make you look slimmer 😉 When you get a coat, look for models with little vertical collars (the ones that zip up to your neck are not an option). If you feel like showing your shoulders, compromise and show only one. Try to take your bra off only when you’re sleeping 😉 In your case it’s not only about the beauty, but also about health. A well-chosen bra guarantees a healthy spine and your wellbeing.


10. COAT ICHI | 11. SCARF Even&Odd | 12. JACKET Esprit


Do you know what happens when a woman with big breasts wears an oversize blouse or dress? Her breasts become uneven hills, which makes the top of her body look more like a tent next to the lake than a woman of attractive shapes, who you clearly are. Even Kate Upton doesn’t look good in such clothes (take a look at the collage, isn’t the difference huge?). My dear, there’s no way to avoid that! 😀 You have to accentuate your waist. Even if your belly is a bit bigger, invest in a bra that’ll lift your bust up and get stiff clothes that’ll mask your belly, but will be tight on your waist. Strengthen it by ¾ sleeves that draw attention to waist. If you’re looking for stores in which you’ll get clothes especially for big breasts I recommend, and English (they also ship to Poland). They offer real bargains, like THIS dress. I’m already picturing it with pink stilettos – wooow… 😉

13. SWEATER bonprix | 14. BLOUSE Esprit