Are you haunted by persistent cough? You woke up with a stuffy nose after yesterday’s walk? Before you go to the doctor or reach for OTC pills, check out home remedies that come straight from our grandma’s notebooks. I chose the ones that my mom and I think to work the most.


  • Gargle your throat with salt-water rinse. It’ll work antibacterial and soothe the inflamed lining of your throat. I always do that when I feel that something might be happening in my throat. I put 2-3 spoons of salt in a glass of water (it can’t be hot!) and use it to gargle my throat. Be careful not to accidentally swallow it! 😉
  • Drink red beetroot syrup. It doesn’t only ease the cough, but also boosts immunity and helps in the red blood cells renewal process. You can prepare it in two ways: 1. Grate two beetroots add three spoons of honey and boil for 20-30 minutes. Cool down, and drink a tablespoon a day. 2. Make a hole in a beetroot, put sugar inside, and warm it up for 20-30 minutes on a pan, making sure it doesn’t burn. When it cools down, drink the stodgy syrup from the inside of the beetroot.
  • Drink onion syrup. It eases the cough and contains plenty of antiseptical and antivirus vitamins (like A, C, B1, B2, PP). How to make it? Peel 2-3 onions and cut them. Put sugar and honey on them, and wait about 5 hours so that the onion gives its juice away. Drink a spoon a couple of times a day.
  • Use cabbage leaves as compresses. This unappreciated vegetable soothes the inflamed lining of your throat. It’s worth a try! Smash a couple of leaves until juice shows up (with a rolling pin, for example, or a kitchen hammer), put on your neck and use some bandage to make sure it stays in the right place. You can easily go to sleep like that. You can also use this method for example in case of a sprained ankle.
  • Rub camphor ointment into your chest and back (it’ll be easier if you ask someone to do it for you). Not to get even more sick, make sure you wear a warm sweater and go straight to bed. It’ll relieve congestion and warm you up making it easier for you to sleep.

1. WARMING OINTMENT Herbamedicus


  • Drink dry oregano brew. This herb perfectly fumigates your sinuses – it helps with the congestion and throat. All you need to do is pour a glass of boiling water and add a tablespoon of oregano. Despite appearances – it really doesn’t taste that bad 😉
  • Breathe in some steam. It’ll help you with nasal congestion. You can do it a few times a day. If you don’t have a special inhaler, just pour some boiling water into a bowl and place a towel over your head. Add some oils that will help you breathe, eucalyptus, pine, or mint. Try to breathe deeply, even if your nose is totally clogged 😉
  • Apply garlic… under your nose. Some people put whole Garlic cloves into their noses. In my opinion it’s safer just to smell them. They’ll relieve the congestion without the danger of losing the cloves in the depths of your nose 😉
  • Use onion syrup. Apply it around your nose – it’ll open up your breathing passages. You’ll find the recipe above, in cough remedies.


2. PASTILLES Verbena z Lipą | 3. IMMUNITY BOOSTER Rutinacea


  • Eat products that are rich in vitamin C. You’ll find it, among others, in acerola, citrus, pepper, potatoes and Sauer kraut.
  • Take supplements. You can help your immune system by taking vitamin C pills, it’s best when they’re with rutin, which’ll help the absorption of the vitamin. Make sure you take a big dose – around 100 mg a day.
  • Eat garlic. It works similarly to… penicillin! It contains sulfur compounds that fight germs and help your body fight the bacteria. If you want to make sure you make the most of eating it, smash the cloves 10 minutes before eating. They’ll work like a natural antibiotic.
  • Place your feet in a bowl with hot water with salt. When you feel you’re shivering, put hot water into a bowl and add a solid dose of kitchen salt. Put your feet inside until the water becomes cold. Put on warm wool socks and go straight to bed.
  • Apply some warming ointment on your feet. Before putting your socks on after you’ve bathed your feet in salt, you can additionally apply some Warming ointment on your feed (camphor one, for example).
  • Drink hot liquids. When you have a cold, make sure you drink a lot of fluids. Tea is a perfect option. The choice is wide, but I recommend cutting some ginger, citrus fruit and adding some honey (make sure you add it when the water cools down a bit). You can also add acerola, raspberry or wild rose juice. Voila!
  • Season your meals with cinnamon and other warming seasonings like chili and black pepper.
  • Apply cold compresses. If you have a fever, use cold compresses – put a cloth into cold water and put it on your forehead.
  • Take care for yourself! Stay warm and rested, avoid stress and stay at home. Leave all addictions aside, cigarettes most importantly. If you drink alcohol, make sure it’s hot wine full of cloves and oranges 😉

Be careful! If you have a high temperature or have been using these methods for a week now and you still feel bad, you should go to the doctor. Ask him or her whether you can combine the medicine prescribed by them with home remedies.


5. VITAMIN C Witamina C-activ