I. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
A. I’m a multi-tasking person, I’m constantly in motion, and do many things at once.
B. A lovely talkative girl, who gestures too much and loves people
C. I love to shine – fashion and good style are essential
D. A fit sports lover
E. A dreamer, an original romantic
F. Elegant, I have a weakness for good brands and a bit of luxury


II. Which of these stars seems to by your soulmate?
A. A loving mom and a fulfilled businesswoman – Jessica Alba
B. A social family girl, who sees the value in tradition – Penelope Cruz
C. Always stylish, well-dressed and sexy – Sofia Vergara
D. Sporty and active – Jessica Biel
E. A romantic with an amazing smile – Sienna Miller
F. An elegant and innocently classy Cate Blanchett


III. What couldn’t you leave your home without?
A. Without the half of my life ;))) I carry around everything that might be needed in my purse, a pack of tissues, band aids and air freshener 😉
B. Without my wallet and documents
C. Without a lipstick and my credit card. With my lips red and a big limit on my card I can survive a long time out of home 😉
D. Without mineral water and a healthy snack. I love to have nuts around in case I unexpectedly became hungry.
E. Without a good book and sunglasses.
F. Without my phone, wallet and calendar – good self-organization is crucial!



IV. What’s your favorite dish?
A. Tomato soup from my childhood 😉
B. Something that I brought from my summer holidays. I like when my meals remind me some moments from my past: pizza like the one I had in Naples, octopus like on Santorini, croissants straight from Paris…
C. Champagne and strawberries 😉 I always keep it glamour!
D. Baked cauliflower cream soup and nut cake – healthy and yummy, what else do you need?
E. A jam sandwich after a long walk in the park, or tasty ice cream in a small village. The setting is as important as the taste.
F. I like good restaurants, I always pay attention to the way the meals are served. I don’t have my favorite dish, I experiment a lot.



V. What does your „home“ outfit look like?
A. A bathrobe and pajama – totally relaxed!
B. Leggings and a shirt, or a knitwear dress – it has to be comfy, but I keep it chic in case some friends come by unexpectedly.
C. There’s no difference – I always look good!
D. Sweatpants or a loose dress.
E. Maxi dress or a comfy warm sweater and a skirt.
F. It depends on the season and what’s in at the moment. How about a chemise, or velur pants?



VI. How do you imagine yourself at the age of 80? 😉
A. Surrounded by grandchildren, whom I spoil and feed homemade cake
B. A Japanese tourist like globetrotter: with a camera and a backpack
C. As a stylish grandma wearing tones of jewelry, who tells her grandchildren: „you know, when I was young, there was that Macademian Girl. You should see her style! She was as colorful as your grandma!“ 😉
D. As a sports grandma running along the beach with a dog
E. A female counterpart of Woody Allen: a fit grandma sitting at a desk, writing poems and stories for the next generations
F. An elegant lady wearing a perfectly fitted two-piece dress drinking coffee in an elegant restaurant

Most answers of:


A – A handy shopper bag

You’re constantly running somewhere, have a thousand things to do and try to do a few things at once. Work, shopping, home, walk the dog… It’s hard to keep up! Your purse needs to stand up to the task, and, above all, fit everything you put inside. Sometimes it’s only your cosmetics and your wallet, but it also needs to fit grocery shopping. It must be hyper-durable and spacious. A shopper bag is a great option for you. Make sure the handles are strong and the fabric is thick. Natural leather is best for winter (faux leather hates cold temperature), and thick canvas i good for the summer. Go for dark colors – navy, burgundy, violet and colorful patterns (like florals) – it’ll be harder to spot the dirt on them, and you don’t have time to think where you put your bag 😉 If you rearrange your things a lot, carry a big cosmetics bag around to fit the most important stuff – your phone, wallet, keys, wet wipes, etc. In case of a need you’ll just have to move it into a different bag, and you can go running through the world 😉

B – A little shoulderbag

You’re perky and you love life. You’ve got many friends, love being in motion and travelling (have you already taken my quiz about the holiday destination that’s perfect for you)? Your purse shouldn’t restrict you in any way. Schoolbags are the best solution (little purses worn at a shoulder, like THIS one, a bumbag, purses that can be worn around your waist, or backpacks. They won’t fit too much, but being comfortable is your priority. You know what essentials you need and can restrain yourself to taking them. Choose your purse according to the occasion. Sporty models are perfect for holiday adventures, but if you’re heading on an elegant party – go for an elegant shiny clutch on a long chain.

C – A glamour clutch

We could talk for hours about trends and trinkets 😉 You love colors, fashion, clothes, cosmetics, and you’re a woman in 100%! You should go for clutches. Shiny or encrusted with zirconias 😉 The ones that you couldn’t miss. Look for them not only in regular and online stores, but also in vintage shops and on flea markets. When you need to fit something into a bigger purse, you can go for, for example, a patent satchel bag. „Regular“ purses just aren’t for you, unless you carry them wearing a sequin dress, like THIS one, shiny stilettos and eyeliner on your eyelids 😉 You’re destined to be a star! 😉

D – Sports backpacks and purses

Your health, well-being and keeping fit are the most important. You like to move, you’re interested in all fit-novelties. You wear comfy clothes, and a decent sports hoodie is your must have of every season of the year. Such a style goes well with sports purses and backpacks. Of course it doesn’t mean that you have to go to work with a gym bag! Such brands as Larph Lauren or Lacoste produce classic and elegant models of amazing colors and sport style. Look, for example, at THIS one or THIS one. They’ll look casual with sneakers and elegant with moccasins.

E – A boho drawstring purse

You’re a romantic soul with flowers in your hair 😉 You seem to be constantly distracted, deli-cate, and living in your own world. Your style is girly, and, probably, a bit hippie. You like headbands, gauzy dresses and warm sweaters. Your purse – a drawstring with tassels perfectly complements your outfit. It can be made of suede or canvas, and in the evening – make sure it shines! If you don’t like drawstring bags, you can get a shopper bag or a basket (especially in summer). They should be colorful and patterned. If you want to accentuate your independent and romantic nature, attach charms, tassels, or beads to your purse.

F – An elegant satchel bag, or an „it bag”

You love fashion and pay a lot attention to the quality, style and material of your purse. You don’t like tacky items. You’d rather have one good purse than 10 tawdry ones. Go for famous designers‘ classic models, but also amazing family run brands like Sabrina Pilewicz, or Zuzia Górska. You‘re the one the term it-bags was created for. If you start saving already, you’ll have a chance to owe one of these treasures in a few years. What would you say to Dior’s Lady, Chanel’s 2.55, or Birkin’s Hermes? Let’s get down to it! 😉