Noble people who share their heart with the world exist not only in fairy tales. People who are modest and help others. And you might have not heard about some of them yet! Meet 7 amazing contemporary Santas.


Marcin Gortat is one of those stars who are eager to share what they have with those in need 😉 In this touching interview for TVN24 (you’ll watch it HERE) he emphasized that someone who has financial, or organizational possibilities, or even a popular name should ask themselves a question: “What have you done to help others?” Marcin, who was raised in a family of sportsmen in Lodz founded MG13 – a charity foundation which supports young people in achieving their sports goals. It promotes healthy lifestyle, helps schools and foster care, gives scholarships, organizes Marcin Gortat Camps and promotes PE in schools (among others, by the means of the “Stop with PE excusals”). The basketball player very often supports sick people financially; he also gets involver in other charity events. A big heart in a biiig body! 😀



This popular actor’s childhood wasn’t easy. He admits that when he was a few years old he had to witness the environment of drug addicts and criminals from which he escped to a school situated a few hours away from home. These experiences guaranteed that he stayed normal in spite of all the good that he’s surrounded by. Even though he earns millions he FINALLY has an Oscar on his account, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with capitalism that exploits Earth. The actor supports movie productions concerning the environment and fight with fossil fuels. On the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2016 he announced to be giving as much as 5 million dollars for this sake, and during a charity auction in Cannes he got a Chanel purse for 18 thousand dollars (he says it’s for his mother 😉 ). He also recently criticized the production of palm oil. On his Instagram he explained: “the plantations make it impossible for elephants to pass through their migration routes, which results in whole families not being able to find food and water”. Oh, Leo! 😀


A Polish actress known for her role in a popular trilogy “Sami swoi” (We’re all common) by Sylwester Checinski has been involved in charity help for many years now. She took part in many events organized by Polish biggest charity foundations – Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy, Mam Marzenie and Akogo. She’s also worked with Brother Albert’s foundation orgaznizing theatrical performances with disabled actors. In 2003 she started her own foundation – Mimo Wszystko (Despite Everything). It helps people in need from all around Poland, organizes Marek Grechuta Festival of Enchanted Songs and a Polish Festival of Disabled Theatre Festival. She also helps to build therapeutic centers. Anna Dymna also hosts TV shows in which she puts the needs of others in spotlight. Watch her “Spotkajmy się” (Let’s Meet) talks for example HERE.



She’s known not only from sexy cover pictures of “Playboy” or “CKM”. She also gets actively involved in PETA actions, fighting for animal’s rights. The beautiful activist draws the world’s attention to the problem by showing her body in ad campaigns and giving many interviews in which she very often…. Cries 😉 At the beginning Joanna’s actions were considered a well-thought out marketing strategy, but the model has already convinced everyone that her love for our four legged friends in as honest as it could be. Not only does she take care of a couple of her own dogs, and support a couple of shelters financially, but is also eager to criticize other stars who wear natural fur. She called a model, Justyna Pawlicka, who was advertising her furry items “ a devil in a man’s skin”, and publically asked Kim Kardashian to withdraw luxury “minks” from her DASH chainstore.


Justin was discovered by the world of show business when he was as little as 14 years old. It turns out that apart from partying and getting on top of playlists the musician also does many other things for… others 😉 He supports, for example a foundation, Pencils of Promise which was founder by his manager’s younger brother. In 2012 he became an ambassador of a project of building a school in Guatemala. Not only did he donate a million of dollars, but also visited the venue himself, and later reported in interviews: “My problems are a piece of cake. These kids don’t have anything at all. They don’t have food, water, education, and we care for such stupid things.” Justin Bieber works with, among others, PETA, the Red Cross, The GRAMMY Foundation and the NY Food Bank. He also believes in the power of social media (and uses it not only for promoting his newest singles!). From time to time he uses his Twitter account to share info about charity events, collections and auctions. He’s recently even given up his hair. Who would have thought? 😉



As he says himself, the first organization that planted “the grain of goodness” in him was Amnesty International in 1980’s. U2 took part in projects like Band Aid, a charity group that supported the starving people of Ethiopia. As a part of this initiative Bono sang “Do They Know It`s Christmas?/Feed The World” in 1984. One of the superior goals of Bono’s actions is to minimalize the debts of the Third World. Since 2004 Bono runs a non-profit organization, One Campaign, which fights with poverty and epidemics (like AIDS) in Africa. The foundation is currently supported by over 3 million of members! The Irish musician doesn’t do it all just for the show, though. He spent a few months working in an African orphanage, and when on stage, he very often criticizes politicians who, in his opinion are the ones responsible for the world crisis. He has had the same beloved wife for years, with whom they have four children, As you can see, it’s possible to be popular and stay normal 😉


The actor’s life’s changed in 2000, when her beloved husband died and her 6-year old daughter, Ola, choked while swallowing a pill, fell into a coma, and hasn’t been waken since. Ever since, Ewa helps families with a similar problem. In 2002 she stared a foundation, “Akogo?”, which made it possible for her to open a Neurorehab Clinic „Budzik (“Alarm Clock”) in 2012. Ewa Blaszczyk co-organizes charity concerts and organizes Christmas meetings with Santa for the Clinic’s patients. Where does she take all that energy from? She admits in one of her books “You won’t enter” – “I believe that there’s a point in all that suffering. That it takes us to a goal. I even start smiling at them. I can tell about an amazing path that one has to undertake if they love a sick child. Everyone should have a possibility of giving such love – poor ones, rich ones. That’s what I’d like to give others”. Think about it when Christmas comes…