Ooops, did you do that again? Don’t worry, a week is enough to get the perfect presents for your close ones. All you need is a good schedule and creativity. I’ll tell you how to do that!


Instead of going for something you’re not sure about, ask your close one what they dream of. If you don’t want to spoil the fun, don’t ask “Mum, what should I give for Christmas?”. Try to keep it a secret, like a detective 😀 Make a casual remark asking which CD launch your brother has been waiting for this year, or which make-up trend of the season your sister liked the most. You can also look for some allies 😉 Ask your aunt what your uncle’s been dreaming of, and take a while with your granddad to think what your grandma would be happy about. If you decide to do it this way, and it turns out that you could use some financial support, you can always get something nice together.


You have exactly two days to get the gifts for the whole family? Instead of going crazy searching for the most surprising gifts of the modern times, go for classic ones that’ll work on every occasion. The list of those evergreen presents is surprisingly long, so you’ll surely find something for everyone on it 😉 Take a while to think how your close ones spend their free time, what they style are. Your grandma will surely like to get some nice coffee that she could share with her friends, and your mom – some aromatic tea in a nice box (see THIS one). An elegant dad will be happy to get a nice tie, or cuff pins, your grandpa – a bottle of nice rum for the cold days 😉 Your sister who lives in student’s hall surely needs a warm bathrobe (she’ll think about you for the whole winter!) and your brother, who likes to look good – funny colorful socks. Interactive games are great for kids, thematic albums (if someone likes taking pictures, about photography, for example), winter accessories (caps and socks), board games, personalized mugs (you’ll order them HERE), fancy sweets (the ones associated with winter are the best idea, like golden bath balls).


There’s no time to run around the city? What’s Internet for? 😉 You’ll get smart gadgets on (from stone drink cubes to lipstick-shaped powerbanks) or on You can also get products and services in a given city on (how about a weekend at a SPA, or a gym membership card?). Look for clothes on On you’ll find a special bookmark with Christmas gifts. Make sure that the store sends your order before Christmas! Remember that couriers are very busy before Christmas – make sure that they guarantee a 24h delivery. If the time’s getting shorter and shorter, and you’re still working overtime… let your close ones decide what they want. Many stores (not only the Internet ones) offer giftcards, which are a great opportunity for your close ones to get what they really want 😉 You can also go for an electric card, yet I think that a nice paper card placed in a decorative envelope is a better option, though. is only one of the stores that offer this kind of a card.


Don’t believe that presents have to be universal and should serve you the whole year. Everyone can get a face cream or a set of dumb-bells themselves. Make sure your present reflects the Christmas atmosphere, but is beautiful and creative at the same time. Everyone loves Christmas, and such presents will enable them reminisce the Christmas Eve dinner for the whole year 😉 Stylish Christmas door wreaths (like THIS one), a pack of self-baked gingerbread cookies, nice star patterned bedding (see THIS one here), a lantern, or a warm reindeer sweater. Charming and magical! 😉


1. NATURAL BODY SCRUB Ministerstwo Dobrego Mydła | 2. BEDDING | 3. SCARF Fraas | 4. HERB TEA Eco Blik | 5. SOY CANDLE Soyoosh | 6. SLIPPERS Lauren Ralph Lauren
7. CHRISTMAS WREATH Pliszka Domowa | 8. COFFEE TEMPLATE SunflowerForHome

5. DIY

If you have a manual talent and a rich imagination, make use of it 😉 DIY gifts prepared by you with love will always be more valuable than the most expensive presents straight from a store. A Christmas wreath or a decorative candle holder can be created in just a one night. All you need is a good idea and a few tools. Look for tutorials on the Internet. They can help you create a funny Nutella case for your younger cousin, a wooden lamp for your dad (in this case you might need the help of your brother 😉 ). How about a decoupage jewel case for your grandma or a self-painted picture for your sister? Look for materials in, for example, or Don’t worry, if your presents aren’t perfect. Your close ones will surely appreciate your creativity and… devotion 😉


And now… the most important part! 😉 Regardless of WHAT you’re giving them, take a while to think HOW to do it. Plan a one evening for that. A beautiful and original pack is as important as what’s inside. It doesn’t only prove your good taste, but also your love to the one you’ve bought the present for 😉 You must be well aware that unpacking the presents is more than half of Christmas fun! 😀 Instead of reaching for ready-made solutions, like cosmetics packed in the store, or bags purchased at the store, think about something creative. I always try to pack my presents thematically. One year I go for a rustical theme, the other – disco colors 😉 My hints? Decorate ecologic paper with a few benches of a Christmas tree and Christmas stamps (You’ll get them, for example, HERE). Attach an elegant handmade tag (like THIS one) to every pack and tie a bow around it (like THIS one). Try to make it as big as possible (HERE you can see how I do it 😉 ).



Even if you don’t have time to think through what you’re going to buy, don’t go for “ready made” presents form the supermarket. Forget about sets of cosmetics which are available in boxes that are signed “Your idea for a present”, crosswords, or quills. Don’t get presents in “Everything for EUR 2” stores and those with funny gadgets. Newspapers aren’t also a great idea (unless you’re on your way back from Paris and you’re sure that your younger sister will go crazy when she sees the newest issue of the French Vogue 😉 ). Surprise everyone, don’t give the same stuff every year. Socks and a tie for your cousin again? Come up with something different even once! 😉 Take into consideration what your closest ones like. Don’t get your dad a turtleneck sweater, if you know he’d rather get a hoodie. Don’t get oriental perfume for your mum, if she’s been faithful to the same citrus scent for many, many years. Show them you care about them! 😉