Every New Year brings along new opportunities! In 2017 you can change your approach towards the world, or… your whole life. Start step by step, doing everything a bit different than usual. What to begin with? Get inspired by my list and let me know what you’re going to do differently next year in the comments below.


Does it seem crazy? Despite appearances, I’m well aware of what I’m saying 🙂 Promise me that you’ll stop overthinking your problems beginning Jan 1st, and you’ll try to get a good lesson out of everything bad that happens to you. Losing your job can actually motivate you to look for a better position; a break-up can be a beginning of something totally new – and who knows, if not more valuable at the same time 😉 Nothing happens without a reason. Think about your problems as if they were a signal of a change. And remember the words of the former UK PM, Margaret Thatcher „90% of what we worry about never happens” 😉


Make a passion out of your job. Take a while to think why you do what you do. List the advantages – it’ll help you remember why you love advising people in picking clothes so much, or how counting rows of numbers calms you down. Your daily obligations will become pure pleasure! If you want to find out how to find the job of your dreams, follow my blog, we’re working on an article for you 😉 If you’re planning to look for a new occupation, you might like my article about making a good impression at a job interview. You can also get inspired by one of autobiographies of successful people, for example #Girlboss wrote by Sophia Amorouso, who started an online store, Nasty Gal, or „Gwiazdy mają czerwone pazury” (eng. Stars Have Red Claws) by a Polish popular actress and writer, Krystyna Janda.


Let’s make a deal – you don’t have to run around the city in your heels, but try to wear them from time to time, on Sunday, for example, when you leave to the cinema with your boyfriend 😉 You’ll notice that not only your body looks better in them? But how to survive on heels for more than an hour? Check my guide HERE. Experiment with your appearance in the New Year. I’m not trying to talk you into any dramatic changes, though. Help Mother Nature and expose what you’re especially proud of, refreshing your image a little bit. Highlight the color of your hair, choose a finish making use of the shop assistant’s advice, reach for a pink lip-gloss instead of for a dark matt one. Who knows, maybe you’d look better as your new self? 😉


How to get new experiences? How to meet the world that has been strange for us up until now? Open up to THE NEW! Instead of, as always, going to the cinema, take your loved one to the opera, or go for a concert a band that you’ve never heard of (it might turn out that rock’s always been in your blood :D). Do you love biographies? Read a crime. Do you read fashion magazines? Reach for a magazine about architecture. Apply this rule not only when it comes to culture. Change coffee for green tea, and black – for gold (see HERE why). Defeat old habits and you’ll feel alive again.


I also love the Internet, and happen to visit gossip websites from time to time 😀 In 2017 I’m planning to reach for books more often. Make up for your reading backlog, visit the library in the search for a new passion, or refresh the classics. Read during long winter evenings, or while you’re…. on the metro. You’ll „sink in” very fast and it’ll immediately make you forget about updating your Facebook status 😉 It’ll make you realize how much of your priceless time it takes you to watch funny movies with cats that your friends share or looking for a proper GIF to reply to your friends with. Well, OK, I also have a real weakness for cats movies 😉


Have you also realized that recently everyone seems to know everything better? 😉 More and more people fight who’s right and… don’t listen to their interlocutors at the same time. Don’t start the game! If someone’s not listening – just let go. Looking for sophisticated arguments, nerves, time lost for proving eachother who’s more intelligent – what for? The next time someone tries to provoke a fight by claiming that your being vegan is dumb, or that red doesn’t match blue at all, or that some country isn’t tolerant, just let go. You can share your opinion, but you really don’t have to force it on everyone else. Try to listen to others and admit your mistakes at the same time – it doesn’t hurt and might convince others that this option also exists 😉


St. Augustine said: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” You don’t have to go on exotic holidays. I’m sure that there’re still plenty of nooks to discover in your neighborhood! Take a train to see the newest exhibition, or have cup of hot chocolate in the nearest town. Feel like a tourist and even if you’re visiting a town in your own country, look for interesting info on the place online. Or maybe there’re some walks organized in your home town? When you start moving instead of sitting in front the TV, you’ll immediately feel some totally new energy inspire you!


Instead of sending a message to the world: “I’m a little girl, who always needs help”, stand up to the task and take care of someone else. Take care of your grandparents (all you need to do is call them from time to time), your sick girlfriend from uni (she’ll be grateful for a warming tea that you bring her) or…. a little furry cutie from the shelter. A dog or a cat will teach you responsibility and let you gain some perspective. I know from my own experience – a lot’s changed in my life since Atena appeared in it 🙂 If you’re allergic, start taking care of as many plants as you could fit in your flat. It’ll immediately become even more beautiful