What’s beautiful about winter? Well, besides from snow white sceneries, warming chai tea… the number of layers that we can wear! 😉 Layering (read more how to do it successfully) gives you countless possibilities of combining textures, colors, smuggling some trends in at the same time 😉 An example? Here you go! 😉 A Mark Darcy Bridget Jones’s Diary like sweater (I can’t stop wearing it since Christmas!), pink shorts and tights, and an English blue (cobalt) coat on top. But it’s not the end! A checked scarf (my winter must have) and knee high boots stylishly compete with the saturated color of the coat. I decided to stand up to the task (I was helped by these heavenly heels) and prove that not only black musketeer shoes are crazy. These ones that I’m wearing both catch the eye and emphasize the WOW effect 😉 The look is completed by a yellow beret and „feathery“ XXL gloves, which the Big Bird from the Seasame Street and Rihanna would definitely also like to wear 😉 I hope that such an interpretation of Parisian style will also get your hearts ;*

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1. COAT Simple | 2. SWEATER bonprix | 3. SCARF Reserved
4. BOOTS Eobuwie.pl | 5. BERET No Name | 6. GLOVES No Name 



1. COAT Polka | 2. SHORTS Esprit | 3. SCARF Fraas | 4. BERET Jędrzejko
5. BOOTS Comer