What do the newest Max Mara collection, an actress, Karrueche Tran, and one of the first top models in the world, Jean Shrimpton, and a Brazilian edition of Vogue from 1973 have in common? Stripes! 😉 This pattern is one of the leading trends of the winter season – especially in SUCH an edition. A classic color scheme and the style of the knitwear dress are also inspired by the style of the 70’s. I decided to enforce this association by putting a green coat on, and wrapping a scarf in one of the favorite colors of that decade around my neck – intense yellow. It totally goes with the color scheme of the stripped pattern, just like the other elements that define the whole look: sexy and dark matt lips and maroon boots. I also applied one of my favorite tricks – I made my legs longer by going for shoes in the same color as the tights! 😉 If you fear that horizontal stripes could make you optically „bigger”, try to even the proportions by adding a long string of beads and high heels. If you reach for mirror like sunnies and an XXL ring – you’ll add a pinch of glamour to the whole outfit.

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1. COAT Simple | 2. DRESS Whistles | 3. JEWELRY By Dziubeka
4. SCARF Reserved | 5. ANKLE BOOTS Deezee | 6. GLASSES Knockaround



1. DRESS Tom Tailor | 2. COAT bonprix | 3. SHOES New Look | 4. TUBE SCARF Uniquo
5. NECKLACE Agabag