I still remember those childhood mornings when I had to leave for kindergarten and my mum would pull my tights up to my nose! And it didn’t help at all, as they’d keep falling down after a few minutes. Now there’re better fabrics and lycra which makes it possible for little princesses to enjoy comfort and perfect fit throughout the whole day 😉 It’s good to make friends with tights as early as possible, as whether we want i tor not, tights are one of the symbols of womanhood.


Of womanhood, did I really write that? Everything says that, just imagine an elegant businesswoman from an ad. She’s wearing a two pieces suit, heavenly high-heels, and… tights. The strict dress code requires us to wear them even in summer. There’s been that moment in the lives of all of us that we‘ve found nude ones (totally „sexy“ :D) underneath a Christmas tree or for Woman’s Day (welcome to the communist Poland 😉 ). And who would have thought that not as much as 100 years ago only men were allowed to wear them?! At the end of the 19th century our great grand-mothers reached for uncomfortable stockings, and then tights. At the beginning they were produced from silk, but it was hard to get, and during the war it was more needed for parachutes than everyday outfits 😉 Women would paint their legs to give them a proper shade and look for some substitute. That’s how nylon was invented. It’s prone to stretching, but, unfortunately, not to sharp objects (ladders). With time producers started adding lycra (it shines, but makes the tights less durable), microfiber (lets the legs breathe and makes the tights more durable), wool (thick warm tights). Whatever they’re made of, their thickness is defined by DEN (from the French denier, thickness).

The higher the number is, the bigger the tights are. Let’s start with DEN 3 (total „mist“, thin and almost impossible to spot, perfect for warm days0, 20 is standard, 30 are half-transparent, 40 and more – masking. In winter one can get even DEN 300 – they’re as warm as pants.

It’s good to invest some money in the latter ones, as it’s almost impossible to break them, so we’re likely to wear them all season. When it comes to thinner ones – I suggest getting cheaper ones, as they may turn out to be as disposable as tissues 😉 Make sure you get the same size, so that you don’t end up having to pull them up all the time, like in kindergarten 😉 Most usually you’ll find numbers on the box: I, II, III, IV, V. I is XS, II is S, and so on. If you wear XS, but you’re tall, go for II to avoid having to deal with too short legs. Always compare these sizes to what the producer has written in the table at the back of the pack to make sure you choose the right size.



Remember about a few important rules. The first, and the most important one is that dark (black, navy, grey) tights make your legs look longer and slimmer. If you team them with high heels in a similar shade, you’ll make yourself look a few inches taller. Correspondingly, light tights make you look a bit fatter. If you go for, for example, blue tights and nautical Dr. Martens, you’ll seem shorter and more curvy (a good solution for body type I). Another way to make your legs look slimmer are vertical patterns (stripes, for example) and if your legs are as slim as Alexa Chung’s, you can go for horizontal, big prints 😉 Winter looks with tippets, furs, and down jackets go great with thick tights. Wear, for example, intense red ones with, for example, a cobalt coat and mustard boots. Autumn and spring are a time for all those tights that are above DEN 40. Grey ones worn with violet stilettos, or lace patterned ones with gauzy floral dresses will look amazing. If you have to wear tights in the summer, as you have to respect a dress code in your company, find out, whether spray tights (like THESE) are OK. The boss didn’t agree? Well… Then you need to go for very thin nude ones – but make sure their color isn’t much darker than the shade of your skin. They’ll match all your clothes, as they’re impossible to spot.


The thinner the tights are, the more probable it is to get a ladder. We have to know how to prevent it already at the moment of putting the tights on. Above all – make sure that your feet and hands nails are perfectly smooth. You’ll also appreciate a nice pedicure (rough heels are a real enemy of thin tights!). We all know how we should put the tights on, but to be 100 % sure, see my instructions below on the collage 😉 After you’ve finally managed to put them on, but before you’ve left, the ladder still appears 😉 What now? If it’s small and noone can see it, you can use transparent nail polish. When we don’t have it, a big dose of soap (in a cube) will save you for a couple of hours. There’s only one solution in case of bigger ladders or holes – a spare pare in your purse. When you’re in the shop – always get two pairs – you won’t have to worry later. And, if we’re talking about shopping – I recommend using fabric softener. It’ll protect the tights from electrifying and gluing to skirts and dresses.




If you have to deal with heavy legs, or your job requires you to stand for a couple of hours a day, you should go for pressure tights. They can be thin (around DEN 20) or a bit thicker (like DEN 60) – they’ll not only protect your legs from swelling and varicose veins, but also make them look slimmer. I recommend Sholl, they’re totally masters 😉 If you want to lift your but-tocks up, the choice od tights that’ll help you without having to do 200 squats a day is wide 😉 Take a look HERE, for example. It’s the same with additional pounds around your waist. All you need is a thick elastic belt and smaller silicone belts around your waist that prevent the tights from falling down. If that’s not enough for you and you want to make the whole bottom of your figure slimmer, you can get THESE tights. Gym, yoga, and aerobic – all in one! 😉 If you think that it’s everything that’s available on the market, you’re wrong 😉 how about a feet massage? It’s possibly only for EUR 5 a day thanks to Gabriella tights. Imperfections on your legs? BB cream effect, here you go! Could you imagine that there used to by nylon and only nylon? 😉


4. TIGHTS Gatta | 5. TIGHTS Gatta | 6. TIGHTS Gabriella | 7. TIGHTS Gabriella


Stitches visible through the stripes of sandals. I already wrote about it earlier, but to be totally clear: we wear Open Feet tights (HERE) with open shoes. No decorations, hardenings on the feet, and so on. You can also simply go for spray tights. Before you leave the house in your new tights, walk around the house for an hour or two to make sure that they don’t fall down. In the case of patterned, especially striped ones, make sure the patterns look good. A sexy vertical line in the back of your leg won’t look that sexy anymore if it reminds an „S“ 😉 If you’re going somewhere where you’ll have pictures taken, go for matt models. Shine and cameras don’t go together in this case. Oh, and another thing – even though I don’t think you’d do that, I have to mention it – shave. Do you know this joke? „You have legs like a doe? – So thin? – No, so hairy!“. I think you don’t want someone repeating that while talking about you, do you? 😉