Carnival is ahead of us, but so is… the time of PROMS in Poland. I wrote about proms last year in my Party Animal’s Guide HERE, but the today’s post focuses on fashion advice only. Let’s start from general matters:

A. Prom is a party for young people, so don’t be scared of strong colors, refreshing pink on your cheeks and shine on your eyelids. Don’t make yourself look older with a too strong make-up or hairstyles that would survive the Katrina hurricane. Say a definite NO to loads of hairspray and solarium!

B. Remember that it’s a ball. And as it’s a ball, there’re certain rules. Everything should be kept be modest and elegant. You don’t have to wear long dresses (even though you can, of course), but it’s good to cover your knees and not show too much of your bust. Leave very short dresses for a night out at a club; remember – your Maths teacher is watching! 😉

C. You can shine, but rather go for simple details, satin and silk. Sequins should stay in the closet 😉

D. Stay comfy. You have to make it through the whole night in your outfit, so make sure that your dress isn’t too tight, and your stilettos don’t squeeze your toes. Try your outfit on a few days earlier, walk around your flat a bit, sit down a few times. If everything’s OK – that’s great, if it isn’t – you’ll have a while for some corrections.

E. Ask your friends what they’re going to wear. A few years ago everyone wore maxi dresses, now girls go for cocktail dresses. Maybe it’ll be different in your school? Make sure you know what it’ll be like in your school, so that you’re not the only person in a long ball dress 😉


If your shoulders are wide, your bust and shoulders are bigger, then your legs are probably amazing and probably you’re body type Y. Your dream dress should have a V-neck (or at least a big cleavage exposing your collarbones) and as for its length, it should reach your knees. Make sure it has sleeves, or wide straps. If you don’t manage to find such a dress, make sure to wear a wrap or a scarf.

1. DRESS Closet | 2. DRESS TFNC | 3. DRESS Adrianna Papell | 4. DRESS Dorothy Perkins
5. DRESS First and I | 6. DRESS Kaffe | 7. DRESS bonprix


For every girl who has a problem with a smaller or bigger belly, Macademian Girl has an important tip: OVERSIZE! Items that seem too big and too loose are amazing for covering the middle parts of our body without making it look weird. Remember to show your nice legs and thin arms. Chic stilettos, glittery ones, for example, and a couple of colorful bracelets will do great. If you aren’t that sure about this idea, go for empire dresses – ones that are cut off below the bust. Make sure that it doesn’t make you pregnant, though. If you have something to hide, like a few additional ponds, go for ruffles and seams around your belly.


All those lucky girls with an amazing hourglass waistline, if you have it, then most often your body type is an X, but you can also be a petite F. If you’re one of these, remember to ALWAYS accentuate this asset. Wear stripes and fitted types of dresses. The bottom of the dress can be pencil or flared, it’s totally up to you. You’ll look good in 50’s styles, like Marilyn Monroe, with a corset at the top and tulle at the bottom, or in short tight tube dresses.


1. DRESS Swing | 2. DRESS bonprix | 3. DRESS Wall G | 4. DRESS Little Mistress 
5. DRESS Adrianna Papell | 6. DRESS Swing | 7. DRESS Chi Chi London


Another ultra womanly body type is A – you have an amazing top – beautiful shoulders, a waistline, bigger thighs and hips. To even these disproportions, you need to accentuate the top of your body, even by making it look a bit bigger. Wear puff sleeves, big earrings, necklaces, laces, shiny items. Mask the bottom of your figure with trapeze styles – these get wider at the bottom. Don’t forget to accentuate your waist, because if you don’t do it, it’ll make you look unnecessarily bigger, and that’s what we want to avoid. Slim As can wear dresses with many layers of tulle at the bottom – the problem of bigger hips will simply disappear 😉

1. DRESS Little Mistress | 2. DRESS Chi Chi London | 3. DRESS Adrianna Papell
4. DRESS Little Mistress | 5. DRESS Laona | 6. DRESS Frock&Frill | 7. DRESS Swing


Body type H is almost perfect. Nice cleavage, legs, shoulders. The only thing that needs to be done is adding a bit of womanly curves. It can be done by wearing asymmetric patterns, seams, accessories. A long dress that gets wider at the bottom is a good option (so called mermaid dress). Girly tulle, lace, jacquard are also for you. You can wear a flared knee long dress and a tight top – it’ll create an illusion of a waistline.


1. DRESS Mascara | 2. DRESS Chi Chi London | 3. DRESS Mint&Berry | 4. DRESS bonprix
5. DRESS Frock&Frill | 6. DRESS Little Mistress | 7. DRESS bonprix


1. DRESS Adrianna Papell | 2. STILETTOS New Look | 3. CLUTCH Mint&Berry | 4. NECKLACE Aldo
5. EARRINGS Cloe | 6. HEADBAND Anaeme | 7. RINGS Aldo | 8. BRACELETS Only


1. DRESS Swing | 2. STILETTOS Buffalo | 3. CLUTCH Mascara | 4. NECKLACE Cloe
5. EARRINGS by Milla | 6. HEADBAND Yoko Design