Can you also feel the spring around? We see more and more of sun everyday, it’s getting warmer, and, best of all, more and more colors start to appear. It’s time to look through your closet and take out boxes with lighter clothes. My today’s article will help you combine them with winter clothes, so that you stay fashionable and interesting throughout the „transition“ period, when the mornings and evenings are still a bit chilly, and the middle of the day feels almost summer warm.


A cap is small, so you can just wear it in the morning and put it in your bag during the day. Don’t team it with thick coats and boots in winter – you wouldn’t want to get all sweaty. It’ll look great with a gauzy dress and ballerina shoes. And for the brave ones: with a tulle skirt. You can go for delicate pastels or a little color-blocking – combine an orange hat with a red blouse and cobalt pants. I guarantee you – you won’t be missed in such an outfit! If your eyes are blue, go for blue shades; if they’re hazel – go for violet or green ones!

1. DRESS Closet | 2. BALLERINAS Ted Baker | 3. PURSE Pinko | 4. CAP Even&Odd
5. BRACELET Snoe of Sweden | 6. EARRINGS Cloe | 7. NECKLACE Miss Glow


It must be to most universal accessory of all times 😉 When it gets chilly you can wrap it around you, it protects you from getting all frosty in winter, and is perfect for sitting on during a summer town trip! 😉 It doesn’t have to be teamed with a down jacket. It also looks good with a jacket, a biker leather jacket, an oversize sweater or even a summery dress. A nice and useful 😉 If your shoulders are narrow, don’t wrap the scarf tight around your neck – it’ll make your shoulders look optically wider.

1. JACKETKiomi | 2. SPODNIE Sisley | 3. TOP Top Shop | 4. SCARF Roxy
5. BALLERINAS Faith | 6. HAT Tiger of Sweden | 7. EARRINGS Bcbgmaxazria | 8. WATCH Fossil
9. RING Pilgrim


Our most faithful winter friend deserves to have some of our time in spring as well. A short colorful sweater will look great both with a miniskirt (just imagine powder pink with fiery red, or white with violet). You can wear it instead of a coat. If you’re going to work, wear an elegant shirt underneath, and if you’re going out, go for a top with a half-transparent lace. I love sensual combinations of heavy and thick wool with mist like blouses.


In winter everyone wore them with faux furs and coats with ¾ sleeves. Let’s do the same in spring! OK, faux fur is good only for cold April evenings, but when it comes to coats, all you need to do is go for lighter and lighter ones, with no linings. Or maybe you already have a short sleeved jacket in your collection? Gloves will make it look chic as if it was from the times of the Golden Era of Hollywood. Wear bracelets and watches on top – it’ll be way more original and eccentric.

1. COAT Missu Design | 2. DRESS Ralph Lauren | 3. PURSE Ted Baker | 4. BOOTS Miss Guided
5. GLOVES Banana Republic | 6. BRACELET Cloe | 7. NECKLACE bonprix | 8. FLOWER Bimabejbe 


Both thick woollen tights, as well as DEN 100 (read more on DEN HERE) can be worn in spring. They look great with delicate gauzy boho style dresses. When the weather is nice, you can wear them with stiletto sandals (yes, I’m not joking! ;)), and when it’s cold and rainy, go for wellies. And they have to be colorful: yellow, blue, red! If the shoes contrast with the tights, you’ll make your legs seem shorter; if they’re in the same color – you’ll make them seem longer.

1. DRESS Even&Odd | 2. TIGHTS Falke | 3. WELLIES Viking | 4. PURSE Springfield
5. HEADBAND Expose | 6. NECKLACE Tomshot | 7. EARRINGS Cloe | 8. BRACELET Cloe


That’s where we’ll still be oscillating around boho, but no wonder, as I love it with my whole heart 😉 Boots and a hippie dress are my perfect outfit. If your legs are pretty, you can even go for a mini dress, if you want to cover something (girls of body type A, does it sound familiar?), reach for maxi ones, just like Haley Baldwin did on my collage. Add feather earrings, beads, a cheeky hat, and voila! 😉

1. DRESS Ilse Jacobsen | 2. BOOTS Mai Piu Senza | 3. HAT Vero Moda | 4. PURSE bonprix 
5. BELT Sisley | 6. EARRINGS Cloe | 7. NECKLACE Sweet Deluxe | 8. BRACELETS Aldo 


In winter we team ankle boots with pegs. It’s the best way to keep us warm 😉 We wear tights underneath and are all set to use public transport 😉 I suggest to change it a bit in spring and, Just like Selena Gomez, wear shorts! A Macademian style version? Go for pink ones and team them with an amazingly beautiful frill shirt. And if it’s not enough for you, go for a toque as well 😉 Isn’t it the most beautiful sugary outfit one could ever imagine? It might be, but what if you don’t like to show your legs? Go for culottes! Their wide legs will help you conceal your hips and tights. Combining them with ankle boots is still very trendy!

1. BLOUSE Mint&Berry | 2. SHORTS Top Shop | 3. ANKLE BOOTS Top Shop | 4. PURSE Kiomi 
 Kasia Girtler | 6. EARRINGS Miss Glow | 7. BELT bonprix | 8. BRACELETS Cloe
9. RINGS Miss Selfridge


Such dresses are a great solution for those who like to be super girly. They keep you warm, and teamed with tights and boots protect you from the cold just like pants and a sweater. What to do in order to be able to wear them in spring? Just take off your tights and go for boots instead of for ballerinas. And add a bit of orange, green, yellow, or just a bit of SUN on top 😉 You can lif your sleeves up (showing your forearms makes you look slimmer and lighter) and wear golden bracelets or a watch. If you’re heading to the office, remember about a jacket as well!

1. DRESS Whistles | 2. BALLERINAS Anna Field | 3. HAT Esprit | 4. PURSE Sisley
5. NECKLACE Cloe | 6. EARRINGS Snoe of Sweden | 7. RINGS Aldo 


And I’m not talking about regular ones, but colorful glittery and funny pairs. Make people notice them! Treat them with a pinch of salt, cause that’s how they’re supposed to be worn. My suggestion: a colorful variation about the „university student“ style. Patent Oxford shoes, socks with a tongue print, teamed with a nice collar dress. And a backpack. A colorful and floral one, as, in the end, it’s spring. Remember – such a set makes your body look shorter; if you’re short make sure to make your waist as high as possible. It’ll make your legs seem longer and you’ll seem taller 😉

1. DRESS Vila | 2. SHOES Aga Prus | 3. COLLAR Samodobro | 4. BACKPACK River Island
5. SOCKS 4LCK | 6. EARRINGS Jezka | 7. COMB Mrosoutache | 8. RING Sweet Deluxe 


Please, don’t put these at the bottom of your closet when winter’s over! 😉 A warm bathrobe is the perfect companion for a bath, or AFTER a bath. Just imagine a rainy May evening. You’ve just spent an hour in the bathtub enjoying yourself and now are reading a book wrapped up in your warm colorful bathrobe. Is there anything more tempting? Just a mug of hot tea, and it can rain for ages! 😉 If you want your bathrobe to absorb water, go for a thick cotton one; if you prefer a fluffy one – these are also great for an evening warm up 😉

1. BATHROBE Desiqual | 2. SLIPPERS River Island