Latino groove flows in my veins and you just can’t disobey your own genes 😉 Regardless of the temperature outside, I recently went out to dinner wearing a look inspired by a Mexican painter, Frida Khalo and the outfits of the Carmen opera Latino dancers 😉 The pencil skirt with a deep cut in the front and a top with a tucked, so called „Spanish” neckline are the base of the look. These items, one in the shade of warming rust, the other – a ripe plum, are connected by a wide belt, zipped in the narrowest part of the waist. The rest is all about KEY accessories 😉 Flowers in my hair make the look even more South like, and the XXL earrings (they’re about to be totally hot in spring – take a look at, for example, Proenza Shouler, or Saint Laurent are totally indispensable in the case of bare shoulders 😉 today I decided to prove that it’s not always about the quantity of accessories; the quality also matters 😉 What proves my statement are the witty pompoms attached to the stilettos, a solid ring and a bracelet, that’d also go great with a… minimalistic look 😉 The shining dark lipstick is the final touch – it accentuates the amazing atmosphere of the Spanish evening 😉


1. BLOUSE Missguided | 2. SKIRT NZ Poland | 3. EARRINGS I am | 4. HEADBAND Parfois | 5. SHOES DeeZee 


1. BLOUSE bonpirx | 2. DRESS SAMODOBRO | 3. STILETTOS Dorothy Perkins | 4. BELT Anna Field
5. HEADBAND Happy Lazy | 6. BRACELET bonprix