Michalina Wislocka, a Polish sexologist was called a Jezebel by some and a visionary by others, who’s changed the lives (not only sexual) of many women in Poland. Before you go to the cinema to see the story of the famous author of Sztuka Kochania (The Art of Loving), check who she really was.


Michalina Wislocka was a gynecologist and a sexologist. She treated, among others, infertility and was interested in contraception. Her father was a teacher, her mom taught Polish, her niece, Eva Braun, go tan Oscar for interior design in Schindler’s List, and her daughter – Anna Skowronek – won one of the episodes of… The Perfect Housewife 😉 Michalina’s husband, Stanislaw Wuttke (who changed his name to Wislocki after World War II), was a microbiologist and an incorrect womanizer. She was called the „THIS stuff lady”, even though she preferred to be called the „LOVE lady”. 😉


1. Michalina Wisłocka Sztuka Kochania (The Art Of Loving)


Wislocka published a couple of books, including Success in Love, Sex Kaleidoscope, and her diaries Love For a Lifetime. Memories From the Carefree Time. Yet it was The Art Of Loving, published in 1976 that made the biggest fuss and started a sexual revolution in Poland. It turned out that it’s OK to write about foreplay and erotic life of single people in a regular book. As a popular sexologist, prof. Zbigniew Izdebski says, the book was created mainly for women – to help them stop being ashamed of speaking about sex. Wislocka, even though she didn’t find it weird to talk about female orgasm, has always emphasized that love and the wellbeing of the family is the most important thing in life. She’s being accused of allegedly suggesting that rape victims were seducing their assassins by provoking ambiguous situations. Well, while reading the book or watching Marysia Sadowska’s movie it’s crucial to remember that it’s a book from many years ago and our knowledge about sex life has developed ever since. The Art Of Loving has surely helped many women open up, but does it still apply to the modern way of living? I highly doubt that.



Wislocka was far from a regular doctor in a white apron. Her outfits would definitely be more suitable for a crazy Art School student 😉 In the Communist Poland, which is associated with sad grey coats, Michalina surely stood out. She used to wear patterned dresses (that she designed and sewn by herself!), beads and colorful headscarves that she’d tie around her head. As Magdalena Boczarska, the actress portraying Wislocka says “it was a colorful person, and her rich personality influenced the way she dressed” 😉 Even though her life was as colorful as her style, it wasn’t too happy at the same time. She’s been living in a threesome with her husband and a high school friend for many years. Her husband became a father of two children, one of which was born by his wife, the second – by his mistress. Where did this idea come from? Even though Wislocka was a loving person, she stopped caring for THESE matters. As she didn’t want to leave her husband, she decided to arrange some company for him – her own friend. Staś liked not only her fiery temper, but also the love for cooking and caring for the house (which Michalina didn’t do that often). Wanda reminded Marilyn Monroe a bit. “She had golden curly hair, was chubby and sweet” – Krystyna Bielewicz, Michalina’s daughter, says.


It became loud about Wislocka’s life mainly due to a recent movie premiere of Marysia Sadowska’s movie about Michalina. More and more controversies connected to her life are being revealed. It’s true that she didn’t like taking care of children at all. As Krystyna Bielewicz says Michalina didn’t care for the house at all – whenever she could, she stayed away from it. She could be bossy and deadly honest. She always said the truth, even if it hurt, they say that it was because of Asperger’s disease. Even though she had numerous lovers, she’s always been loyal to them – if she fell in love, she was fully committed 😉 What’s shocking is that she is said to have done a couple of abortions, and, when she was dying, she fell in love with a 40 year old handsome doctor. As her daughter says Michalina knew how to love but she had no idea how to live.



Why is it good to remember about her achievements despite all the controversies? It’s also thanks to her that we’re conscious of our bodies, we fight for the ability to make our own decisions and aren’t scared to talk out loud about sex. Michalina proved that it’s possible to talk freely even about the hardest intimate matters. Even though she’d never call herself a feminist (it was mainly associated with fighting men at the time), she’s the one, in a way, behind The Black Protest and other initiatives that women take to defend their rights. Even though it’s hard to approve of all Michalina’s choices, it’s good to know her story and the way she contributed to science. It’s one of these women who perfectly represent the GIRL POWER philosophy 😉