Oh no, a total disaster! You have a job interview, or a date of your dreams scheduled for tomorrow, and you’ve just spotted a giant blemish in the middle of your forehead? Check my ways of dealing with it overnight, and let me know, which one worked out best for you. 

We all know that skin imperfections haunt us all, regardless how old we are. If your acne is severe, visit a dermatologist who will advise a personal treatment according to the type of your acne. If you get a spot from time to time, getting rid of it overnight is totally feasible! BE CAREFUL, though: not all treatments are equally efficient for everyone. Check all of them, and keep track of how they work for you. You’ll see which one is best. Try not to squeeze the spots, as it might cause a bigger problem like scars, which are later very hard to deal with.


White toothpaste (not the gel one) is perfect for getting your spots dry. Apply in for 10-15 minutes, or leave overnight, if your skin isn’t sensitive. Remember tough; toothpaste contains ingredients that in the long run can irritate the skin; baking soda, menthol, or alcohol. Apply it on single spots, and make sure not to do it too often. Everyday use – no way! 😉


Smash a pill of aspirin and mix it with a spoon of water. Apply the mixture on the spot, and leave overnight. Why does it work? Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid which is a derivative of salicylic acid, recommended for oily and acne complexion. Not only does it make the skin more dry, but also highlights afteracne discolorations. You can use this “cosmetic” once a week as a facemask – leave it for 20 mins and wash off with water.


It’s dark and doesn’t smell that great, but is great when it comes to getting pus out of your system. If there’s no way to avoid squeezing the spot, apply the ointment first – it’ll make the imperfection easier to get rid of. Apply the ointment and cover the spot with some bandaid – if it gets on your pillow, there’s no way to remove it. I checked it myself 😉


A method for fans of natural beauty care. The oil kills anaerobes that cause acne. If your skin is sensitive, add tea tree oil to your favorite everyday cream. In case of a spot emergency, mix it with some water and apply directly on the spot. You can also mix it with another amazing cosmetic – honey 🙂


I‘ve mentioned cinnamon a couple of times already in my “Homemade Beauty” articles. It’s your secret weapon in the fight against spots! Use it for facemasks from time to time, and when you have a spot emergency, mix it with a bit of water and apply on the spot. Curcuma also works perfectly.


A tested way of getting rid of an intruder on your face is getting some medicine in a pharmacy. Tea tree oils are great (check THIS one), salicylic acid cosmetics (like THIS one), or hydrogen peroxide ones (like THIS one here). Before using these amazing cosmetics, make sure to cleanse your face thoroughly with a tonic to bring a proper pH to your skin.

1. SPOT GEL Pharmaceris | 2. SPOT GEL Clinique


An old and tested way of fighting acne. The ointment is available OTC in pharmacies, and will make the spot dry without irritating the skin around it. It makes the spot dry, and gets rid of bacteria. And, on top of that, it’s very cheap! 🙂 


Feel something’s “happening” underneath your skin? Put an… ice cube against the spot! 🙂


A multifunctional oil that I’ve already written about HERE and HERE is also perfect for skin imperfections. When you feel that you’re about to get a spot, massage your skin with castor oil for 2-3 mins. You’ll totally see the difference! Don’t be scared of the heavy and oily appearance of the oil – despite appearances, it’s great for treating acne. From time to time you can leave it on your skin overnight, but be careful not to get your pillow dirty 😉



BE CAREFUL, use this method only when the spot is big, and has a visible white “head”. Never place a hot spoon directly on the skin, as you can get burnt! Put a teaspoon in boilng water and place it against your skin. The temperature will make it dry.


A less invasive method, which also has many supporters. When you’re about to get your period and feel that you’re likely to get a spot, drink pansy herb. Killing the spots “from the inside” is efficient as well (so try to refrain from eating fast food in the SPOT DAY as well 😉 )


Boil half a cup of water, and when it cools down a bit, add half a spoon of salt. Wash your face with the mixture a couple of times a day. You can also use salt for a homemade scrub, but be careful not to irritate your skin.


Dissolve a spoon of yeast in warm boiled water (so that it makes a facemask mixture) and apply it on the spot for 20 mins. If you can’t fight acne, make friends with the taste of yeast, which is rich in vitamin B 🙂 Dissolve it warm water, and it’s ready to drink! Cheers! 🙂 You can also go for pills that contain yeast, like THESE here.

4. SPOT GEL Norel