Do you envy those who do what they love and, on top of that, get money for it? Turning your love into passion is totally feasible, but despite appearances, it requires resigning from a few things. If you feel that you have what an entrepreneur needs, and are patient at the same time, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out what to do to turn your hobby into a full-time job.


Do you have a „Do what you love and you won’t work through a single day” poster hung above your bed? Do you envy those who ditch their studies or a safe company job to do something they truly enjoy? You need to know one thing: only a few of them will admit how much it cost them. I’m a great example. I started my blog a few years ago and am still working very hard, so that you could read this post today 😉 Above all, you need to know that turning your passion into your job isn’t always a great idea. If up to now you’ve been practicing yoga for your own pleasure at home, you need to know that you might feel frustrated as an instructor who needs to translate the same thing ten times a day 😉 When you know that selling a few bracelets a day defines your being, your hobby might stop actually being your hobby. Earning money on your hobby means a LOT of hard work. You’ll have to convince the whole world that it NEEDS your baking, tattoos, DIY notebooks, or SEO knowledge 😉 It doesn’t discourage you? Move on to the next step!


Carefully select your biggest passion, what you’re the best at, what makes you stand out. It doesn’t need to have anything to do with your education! Maybe besides studying economics you make amazing bracelets, create beautiful jewelry, bake amazing muffins, or know the surnames of all the players of Bundesliga? 😉 What do your friends associate you with, what is your characteristic feature? Do you make the best parties ever, know how to advise what to buy, do you knit? Think how you could turn your hobby into your job: i sit better to start your own company, or just to do some freelance job at the beginning? Consult your idea with a professional – during some entrepreneurship workshops, or in some foundations. Look for information online, sign up for newsletters, read magazines like „The First Million” (yes :D) and „The Success Magazine” and talk to experienced people who could support you. Write down how you imagine your professional career and start developing it! 😉 Sky is the limit!


If you love writing about politics, you don’t have to start your own newspaper! You can easily work for someone who already has a safe position on the market 😉 Think about the possibilities that you have, where you could apply and whom to ask about recommendation? Look for directions in my How to Find the Job of Your Dreams article. Prove to your boss that you’re the passionate one! 😉 Emphasize it on your job interview (you’ll find more about it HERE). Can you imagine a better employee than the one who loves their job? 😉 Even if you’re dreaming about starting your own business, I recommend to find out what it’s like to have a regular job at a company first. Working for someone has a lot of advantages: you’re not hiring your co-workers and don’t have to worry to find new clients. You’re developing your skills and gaining experience while you’re supervised by the best.


Everyone knows that it’s easy to learn on… everyone else’s mistakes 😀 Read blogs and interviews with people who managed to succeed. Draw conclusions from their stories, get inspired. It’s crucial that you know that EVERY hobby can be turned into a job, if you have a proper plan. Two sisters from a little village in the north of Poland were interested in making soaps – today the Ministry of Good Soap is a successful online and regular store with many faithful clients. The owners of Mo61 (read about them in my Places Review HERE) have successfully started a niche perfume shop. Maciek Sieradzky took part in Project Runway and now became a fashion designer with his own boutique. One of the most famous popstars worldwide, Taylor Swift, kept running in various contests and writing songs. She’s always known that music was her passion and that sooner or later she’ll HAVE TO start earing on it 😉


How about you start earning money on your hobby by… teaching others? 😉 there’re surely a lot of people who’d love to pay to find out how to use the crochet, fix the bike, sing, style, play the guitar, cook, and so on. Yet before you design your namecards and start a fanpage, look on or for people who’d be eager to participate. Satisfied customers will tell their friends about their experience – that’s how WOM – word of mouth works, and, despite appearances, it’s one of the most powerful ways of getting a base of clients for your products. If you’re good at, for example, playing an instrument, ask the local center of culture, if you could organize weekend lessons for beginners. Are you interested in fashion illustrating? Team up with an artistic friend of yours, and organize some workshops in a cozy café run by your other friend. The world is your oyster!


If you love painting, you train karate, or sew, it doesn’t mean anything. If you want to start earning money on it, you have to devote a lot of time, energy, and money to your passion. Gain certificates, attend workshops, become a professional. Knowledge and experience will make you stand out from the crowd. In the times in which EVERYTHING’S possible people trust those who can prove their qualifications. Make sure you bear that in mind, especially if you want to get involved with sports or health. You can start implementing the changes gradually – you don’t have to leave your current job and focus on producing natural soaps the next day. Your strategy needs to be… consistent 😀 Work and put some money aside for “the worse times”, and in the meantime find out how to run an online store, attend DIY workshops, and experiment in the kitchen 😉


If you dream about being your own boss, and there’s pure entrepreneurship flowing in your veins, you’re surely aware of the fact that every business starts with a strategy. Make a SWOT analysis with a professional around (like on a job fair, for example), which’ll define the strengths and weaknesses of your business plan. What do you need to get you started? Think where you could get the funds from – your local government, a private investor, your savings and if you’re able to start it all on your own. Remember, though – if you think that working as your own boss means lazy mornings with Vogue and a cup of coffee – let me tell you the truth. You’ll surely have to work much more than in someone else’s company – it might turn out that baking cakes at home isn’t exactly the same as baking muffins for a thousand of clients a day 😉


Earning money on your passion is a dream of many, yet only those who are talented, creative, and… persistent at the same time manage to succeed 😉 Make sure that even the thought of looking for your own place makes you happy 😉 Don’t force anything, don’t let your ambitions take over your mind. If it turns out that there’re no customers for what you’re doing, don’t get discouraged. There are many people who started from scratch when and manager to build a successful business. Ask your friends, but also strangers about the ideas that you get – it’ll help you gain a new perspective – maybe you forgot an important detail that makes you fail? Be open to change. Sometimes it’s all about a new website, an interesting namecard, a fancy pack, or social media marketing.