I once read an article about J Lo, which described her numerous talents and achievements. I found one sentence extremely inspiring. It sounded like „If something can be achieved with hard work, Jenny will surely get there“. Motivating, isn’t it? And what’s more motivating, is that we can say it about everyone of us! If we get a goal, think of a strategy, get through with it, there’s no other way but to succeed 😀 Let’s start with little things, like getting a spectacular waistline. May J Lo be our styling guide today 😀


That’s what comes up to our mind first when we think of a waist. We put on a dress, a coat, or a cardigan, and put a belt around it. Perfect! It’s a great method, and it’s also a great way of accessorizing for those who are not that crazy about bracelets or necklaces. If you have a visible waist-line, you’re an X, an A, or an F (take a quiz on what your body type is here), and just a thin belt is enough to accentuate your curves. If you’re an H, Y, or I, and you have other amazing features, but rather not a noticeable waist, get a belt that’s a few shades darker than the rest of your outfit. What’s darker seems smaller, so you’ll look as if you had an hourglass waistline 😉 Wearing a very oversize sweater with a belt in the waistline is also a great option, especially if you’re slim. Remember to raise your hands above your head after you’ve put it on, it’ll make some of the fabric nonchalantly fall out like in this picture.

1. BELT Even&Odd | 2. BELT bonprix | 3. BELT Anna Field | 4. BELT bonprix | 5. BELT Simple 


If your figure type is an O, and you have a bit more in your waist, you might not like my tip #1 that much. You don’t feel that great with something around your belly. Check out waisted jackets and coats. Go for models that fit you in your shoulders and wear them unbuttoned. You’ll get a waistline illusion and two vertical lines in the middle of your body, which’ll make you look slimmer. Of course other figure types can also reach for these types of clothes. Hs and Is will get nicely curvy, for Ys, it’ll even the proportions provided you go for a plain model. If you’re an F – don’t wear too long jackets, as they might shorten your whole body!


This type of a dress was very popular in the 80s. That’s also when everyone was crazy about fitness and aerobic, and their bodies were fit. Today everyone also wants to keep fit. Apart from huge earrings and blouses with accentuated shoulders we wear tube skirts. If you’re a petite types, and have an amazing waistline, get at least one for spring! Nothing, let me say it again, N-O-T-H-I-N-G will accentuate your assets better than this dress. I guarantee you, all men will look at you, and all your girlfriends will start exercising at home 😉 To slim girls who don’t have an accentuated waistline, I recommend tube skirts worn with jackets.

6. DRESS Paper Dolls | 7. DRESS Ivyrevel 


A tube dress for the shy ones 😉 More elegant, less tight, but still ultrafeminine. Pencil dresses accentuate round hips – if you have them, and if you don’t, they’ll make them look more round 😉 All you need to do is go for a model with big prints or diagonal stripes. And if the hips look more round, the waist is automatically slimmer. You can strengthen the effect by adding a belt. Make friends with pencil dresses, especially if you work in an office. They’ll be perfect when you need to respect a dress code. Amal Clooney is perfectly aware of that, as her business elegance has been appreciated not only by me 😉 If you’re a Y and your thighs are really slim, go for a kind of dress with visible pockets, like this one.

8. SKIRT Missguided | 9. SKIRT Dorothy Perkins | 10. SKIRT Paper Dolls 


The stars of those times were amazingly curvy, even if in reality they were very slim 😉 Take a look at the old pictures. It’s the magic of folds, pockets, and, above all, FLARED BOTTOMS! Corset tops were very often worn with A shaped bottoms. And that wasn’t enough. Girls would also add many layers of tulle so that noone could see what they hide underneath. It’s a perfect solution both for curvy As (who’d even spot that you have a few additional pounds around your hips?) and boyish Hs (in the morning you didn’t have a waist nor hips, and in the evening you totally do 😉 ). Such dresses look great if they’re a bit shiny and cocktail. All you need to do is wear zirconia earrings and a clutch with a floral silk dress. And the night is yours! 😉

11. DRESS Chi Chi London | 12. DRESS Chi Chi London | 13. DRESS Chi Chi London