Dears! Those of you who follow me on my social media probably know that in collaboration with Paese I have created a Macademian Girl lipstick line. I selected beautiful and saturated shades that will accentuate your best features and sex appeal. To make sure they do, you need more information, so my today’s post i sis about choosing a proper lipstick shade for your complexion and coloristic type. Let me give you a few handy tips:

A. Moisturize your lips. A lipstick looks nice when it’s on applied on beautiful lips. Say a big no no to dry skin. Remember about proper nutrition and drinking a lot of fluids. Eat vitamins; A, B, C, D3, E – in the most natural way you can get them – in food. I wrote about them HERE. Use sugar scrub from time to time. 2-3 weeks of such treatment should significantly improve the condition of your lips 😉

B. Find out your coloristic type. In the case of lipstick whether your skin likes cooler or warmer shades is crucial. It’s basic knowledge which gets ups started.

C. Before you choose the lipstick color, think about your look as a whole. If you reach for a nude color, you don’t need to worry, as it matches everything. Red, orange and pink need a bit logistics, though 😉 The hottest combination of the season? Red and pink, so how about a stylish pink dress and a Red Rubin lipstick? Orange looks great with gold, and fuchsia will make a white shirt look more original.

D. Don’t be afraid to mix. Above all, you can apply a transparent lip-gloss on your lipstick, which’ll totally change the way it looks. You can go a step further and combine colors as well. Add a bit of orange to the red – you’ll get a brick shade. If you mix pale pink with a bit of bronze, you’ll get dirty pink. Add gold to aubergine, and you’ll shine like a star! Don’t be scared to create 😉 Mix the colors on your wrist and apply with a make-up stick. Now it’s time to pick the perfect shade:


Let’s start from the most natural and skin like shades. The name speaks for itself – the color is supposed to make your lips similar to the shade of your complexion and deprive them of their natural pink color. Remember not to overdo it, though. It should be a nice beige, a bit darker than your skin. It should be visible; we don’t want a „lipless woman effect“ 😉 If you’re a cool coloristic type (winter or summer), light beige with a bit of pink will suit you great. If you’re a warm one (spring, autumn), go for beige as well, but with a pinch of gold, salmon, apricot. All nudes look great when they’re a bit shiny. Apply a transparent lip-gloss on a satin matt lipstick (like Diamonds). If you’re scared that you might look a bit too pale – try this test. Apply a bit of finish on your lips and cover it with a bit of lip-gloss. Aaand? Are you a nude fan? 🙂


Or are you more of a pink gang girl? 😉 I’m already a member, join us! 😉 I love all the possible shades of pink, even though I feel best in super hot fuchsia. Saturated shades of this color have a power of reviving blondes and giving power to brunettes. If your complexion is of a cool shade, go for fresh and cool shades such as Pink Panther, Chic Nude, Rose Amber, or Art Deco. If you’re a warmer type, go for Pink Amethyst. Remember that some coloristic types like to tease by looking great in colors that are seemingly not from their color scheme. I’m a great example myself – even though I’m a winter, I feel great in gold, or a bit apricot like pink. Just like Emma Stone, who is a total spring, yet looks great in a nice cold shade of a lipstick. If you’re cool, but your skin has a warm tanned shade (or if you’re warm with a pinkish complex-ion), you’ll probably also feel good in such a mixture 😉 How about checking violet out? It’s a bit more risky than pink, but it can give spectacular outcomes. Blondes look great in dark and burgundy shades, and blondes in more fair, a bit more patterned ones.


Red lipstick is so classy that it’s hard to find a more classic characteristic feature of a woman. It’s loved by stars, among others: Dita von Teese, Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani – you can also fall in love with it! 😉 Warm autumns will look great in its brick shade. If you’re a gingerhead and have freckles (oh, how nice!) Red Carpet will be perfect! California blondes with their olive like skin will look great in Hollywood Sun and Red Rubin. All three shades look nice also on dusky, a bit cooler brunettes. If you’re looking for a typically cool shade of red, check Retro Red out. It’s an amazing color that changes its face depending on the light. As you can see, not only women like changes, but their lipsticks as well! 😉 If you sometimes get an impression that your look is too dull and and too sad, red will proudly lead it to the bright side of the force. It just loves the company of navy, graphite, black, and, in this season, (as I’ve already mentioned) pink as well.


I decided to describe orange as the last color, as it’s the least popular from all the colors. Many girls are simply afraid of it, as they say that it makes one’s complexion pasty and teeth look yellow. I have to (or maybe I want to) tell you that it’s simply a myth. If your skin is pasty, go for a lively, almost fluorescent shade of orange. It’ll make your skin alive again. Of course, don’t forget a bit of bronzer on your cheeks. The more olive like the shade of your skin is, the warmer the orange can be. And how about the teeth thing? Well… If it’s not perfectly white, go for orange which is in the shade of salmon, or red, just as in the Champagne shade. They aren’t that yellow and won’t affect your smile in a negative way 🙂 You can also make use of my Homemade Beauty: Teeth Whitening article. Maybe your teeth‘s yellow shade is just plaque that developed due to coffee or tea drinking. Maybe a few „magic tricks“ that you can do at home will be enough and no lipstick will be unknown to you? 😉

*My limited Macademian Girl Makeup for Paese collection consists of six juicy liquid lipsticks, five lively lipgloss shades, four elegant sponge bags and an amazing mirror. The products can be purchased on, PAESE stores, or on their website starting from April, 6th!