1. What do you like most about spring?
A. The fact that everything is at its blossom.
B. Colors! It’s something that almost makes me cry after a grey winter.
C. I can finally ride my bike!
D. Instead of sitting at home, I can take a book and go to a park.
E. Being able to sit outside in cafes with your friends instead of being stuck at home.
F. Cleaning! 😀


2. If you were to have a tattoo done, what would it be?
A. A floral print, it’d be great if it were big.
B. Some exotic fish…
C. A leopard, a panther, or another wild animal.
D. A chain around my ankle or something equally subtle.
E. My favorite quote that’ll motivate me to move.
F. Something small and geometric with a small number of colors…. Like a star constellation, for example.


3. Which book are you going to read in the near future?
A. Something by Eduardo Mendoza. I love light criminals. And Barcelona… 😉
B. I heard that something new about the history of haute couture is out… I love books about fash-ion.
C. I love being active, but don’t have that much time to read, but I’d like to read something about healthy food, how about „Food Pharmacy“?
D. If it’s spring, then it must be a romance!
E. „The World By Carl” featuring the most interesting quotes by Lagerfeld and his reflections about life.
F. ”The Art of Simplicity” – a bible for minimalists, even if you’re read it already, it’s great to come back to!


4. What would the house of your dream look like?
A. A cabin on a tropical island. Well, OK, I could also go for a bit bigger HOUSE 😉
B. A penthouse on Manhattan! Life wants us to get crazy! 😉
C. A big one with a see view for me to be able to jog there every morning.
D. A house with a garden, faraway from the city. Peace.
E. A Hollywood style villa with a swimming pool, a gym, and famous neighbors 😉
F. A Scandinavian style modern house.


5. Take a look at your room. How would you describe it in a few words?

A. Girly, with a lot of DIY things. (I love knitting, adjusting, and embroidery)
B. Pure glamour! A lot of gold, colors, and ornaments. I love splendor!
C. Modern fair and practical. I don’t spend that much time in there, so I haven’t had a chance to get a wardrobe yet 😉
D. Romantic, cozy and girly with a big dose of pastels and photos reminding me all the beautiful moments from my past.
E. It’s a total artistic mess. Notebooks, books, and newspapers everywhere.
F. It’s always clean, and I don’t have that much furniture and appliances. If my room is clean, my mind is clean as well 😉


6. Your favorite song is…
A. „I try” by Macy Grey
B. „Happy” by Pharrell Williams
C. „Push the tempo” by Fatboy Slim
D. „Thinking out loud” by Ed Sheeran
E. „Isn’t it ironic” by Alanis Morisette
F. „When I grow up” by Fever Ray

Most answers of:


You’ll make best friends with floral trends. And in spring they appear literally everywhere. They’re amazing, girly, brave. Don’t they perfectly match your positive and optimistic nature? Painted and printed – nothing new, as they are in almost every spring season, but this time embroideries and badges follow. You can use them to draw attention away from your flaws. If you want to hide some-thing (your wider shoulders, for example), wear a dark, monocoloristic shirt and combine it with floral jeans, like these here. If you know how to embroider, it’ll be a great occasion for a spring DIY and refreshing a last year’s coat.


We’re both fans of strong saturated colors and color blocking combinations. Fuchsia will rule summer and spring this season. Wear it with red, cobalt, pale pink. If you’re proportional, such a combination will accentuate this fact. If you want to draw attention to a particular part of your body (like your amazing neckline), wear a fuchsia blouse and leave the rest of the outfit plain – navy, white, or anthracite. Run to the store and I guarantee you – spring will come sooner than you’ve expected 😉 At least for your closet!


Fashion likes strong girls who know what they want and know how to achieve it. They don’t get easily discouraged, and take small steps towards their goal. Am I talking about you, fighter? 😉 You love keeping fit, spring means, above all, exercising outside and a vitamin recharge straight from nature 😉 You can’t wait to eat strawberries from the nearest market? Before they appear, find some spring clothes! Go for sports chic. This season we wear oversize hoodies, pastel sneakers, old school basketball players’ shirts. Combine sports and elegance in an original way: jackets with sneakers, sweatpants with stilettos, caps with cocktail dresses. It’ll be interesting!


If I were to choose one top trend of the season, I would say: frills. Every second blouse in chain stores has frills on its sleeves, and it’s hard to find a single streetstyle look without a frill by the shoes or purse. This style perfectly matches your romantic soul. You can combine it, for example, with florals, strong colors (getting a bit of a Spanish look). Such details are also great at masking your figure’s flaws: some additional pounds around the belly, or not such a visible waistline with a frilled pencil skirt. This year’s yours! 😉


The political situation hasn’t been that stable in the world for some time now – we observe many unexpected changes and twists on the highest positions. They all affect the „normal“ people and start discussions about women’s and ethnic minorities‘ rights. Fashion has its way of expressing feelings: signs on clothes. A Dior „We should all be feminist“ T-shirt has become a must have in many celebrities‘ closets; we can even say that it’s become a cult piece of clothing (despite it’s quite absurd price). Do you also sometimes feel like screaming out your mind to the world? 😉 I think so, as you have your own principles, even if it requires you to go on the street and demonstrate! Remember to put not only those quotes on your shirt this season, but also the brilliant and cult ones… They look great with evening skirts, creating an illusion of a rebellious princess.


Stripes, especially nautical ones, are a total fashion classic. We all have, or have had, at some point in our lives, a print like that on our dress. This spring, let’s go a step further. Let’s still go for stripes, but thicker, more colorful, and visible forma far. Combine them with geometric patterns (like a striped blouse with a checked skirt). It can be totally colorful or black and white (that’s when colorful accessories – necklaces and earrings look great). My Dear Minimalist, it’s a trend just for you! You like simple patterns and plain communication. Outfits like that look good even without jewelry. All you need to do is add an interesting bag and shoes. If you’re slim and tall, go for big diagonal patterns; if you’re short – go for smaller, so that you don’t get overwhelmed by them. For plus size girls I recommend vertical lines – they’re the biggest treasures! 😉