Do you sometimes look at stars and think „why don’t I look that great? ;(„? If so, you couldn’t be more wrong. Let me tell you one thing – it’s totally feasible! All you need is a bit of imagination and motivation. Let me show you how to spent a few dimes and look like a million dollars. Are you ready? 3,2,1, go!


Nautical patterns are timeless. They can be spotted in almost every season. And that’s great, as it’s something that suits everyone. Blondes look good in navy teamed with white, brunettes in black and white, read heads should go for some gold. Horizontal patterns make you look bigger, so if you’re wearing a Gigi like blouse and have bigger shoulders or a bigger belly, go for a coat or a jacket as well. High waist pants refer to the 90-ies tress. What’s amazing about them is the fact that almost every figure type looks good in them, they make your legs longer, and „lift up“ the whole body (only girls who are of an O figure type should be careful not to put their blouses inside the pants).

What makes you look like a celebrity?

Contrastive combinations make the look original and look great in pictures. Cameras love patterns like this one!

1. BLOUSE Dorothy Perkins | 2. PANTS Rainbow | 3. COAT bonprix | 4. ANKLE BOOTS Parfois
5. BADGES Hafna Haft


Olivia went for a combination that I love, namely florals and stripes – vertical ones, which makes her figure slimmer. Every girl with bigger hips (figure type A and X ;)) should have pants like these in their closet. It’s crucial that they’re loose and don’t get tight on your thighs. Olivia combined them with light stilettos, but the bigger your legs are, the thicker the heel should be. A black and white base looks nice accompanied by a colorful coat.

What makes you look like a celebrity?

Above all – sunnies – big, brave, and making you look mysterious. Don’t leave your home without them! 😉

1. BLOUSE bonprix | 2. PANTS bonprix | 3. JACKETS Figl | 4. SANDALS Missguided | 5. SUNNIES Aldo

3. MALGORZATA SOCHA (a Polish actress)

Stripes once again! Isn’t it an indisputable proof that you TOTALLY need to have a nautical pattern in your closet this spring 😉 Malgorzata wears it in the most trendy version of the sea-son – thick and colorful. You can go for a two pieces suit, which you don’t necessarily need to wear together (like the blouse together with white a la Gigi Hadid pants and the dress with a floral jacket ;)). If you prefer a striped dress, I’d also go for it! During the day wear it with a big leather purse and sneakers, and in the evening with a patent clutch and stilettos.

What makes you look like a celebrity?

A funny clutch proves that you know how to play with fashion, and the simple hairstyle and subtle make-up stress that you know how to keep it simple and don’t have to stand out no matter what. Is there a stylist managing your look? No, it’s „just“ your perfect taste! 😉

1. DRESS bonprix | 2. CLUTCH Even&Odd | 3. SANDALS Missguided


And beautiful red for dessert. You can even the uncovered shoulders with a modest length of the dress. On one hand the outfit represents womanhood and sex appeal, on the other – a message – not to overdo it 😉 Remember – a deep cleavage and naked collar bones always look better with knee length skirts than with mini ones. Marieta very often supports and pro-motes young Polish brands. Her looks are original and a bit artistic. She’s delicate and girly, which she accentuates by modest jewelry. If she was a fiery brunette, she’d look better in big jewel necklaces and expressive accessories, but for blondes – this outfit’s perfect! 😉

What makes you look like a celebrity?

Dear! Can you imagine something more glamorous than red? Only gold, but this color is literal-ly supposed to be teamed with red! 😉

1. DRESS Madnezz | 2. DRESS Top Shop | 3. PURSE Dune London
4. NECKLACE Animal Kingdom