Would you also like to have millions of followers on Instagram like Chiara Ferragni, and thousands of likes under each post on Facebook, like Katy Perry? Go on! Get to know the tricks that will allow you to gain popularity and traps that it’s better to avoid.


People can be divided into those who changed their profile pic when they graduated and those who post a news selfie every two days. Wait a minute. Despite appearances, that’s not the end of this classification! 😉 There are people who don’t care about how many „likes” they get and people who keep refreshing their site five minutes after having posted a new pic. Are you one of them? Are you dreaming of having as many followers on Instagram as Kendall Jenner? It’s possible, but not that easy. I need to warn you: there’re a lot of people online who also dream to become popular. The competition gets bigger and bigger – 600 million people are reported to have been using Instagram in December 2016! Even if many of them use Instagram for fun, you need to know that the number of people giving all their free time to getting thousands of hearts a day is growing. No wonder – the techniques of getting followers are more and more advanced. If you really want to hit the jackpot, you need to be professional 😉


Influencers start taking over previous role models. Girls all over the world dream to be as popular as a blogger, Chiara Ferragni or a model and a style icon, Gigi Hadid (see her most inspiring looks HERE). Why? First of all: it’s just nice to wake up and have thousands of notifications on your phone, which can help you feel wanted and interesting. That’s where I need to warn you, though – if social media „likes” influence your self-esteem that much, talk to someone close to you. They should explain to you that not having thousands of followers doesn’t change the fact that you’re amazing and special! If the problem gets serious , see a professional – more and more people with that problem decide to reach for professional help. Second of all: you can earn on being popular in social media. It’s a new way for big companies to communicate their products to their target groups.


  • If you want to stand out, the most important thing you need i san idea. Try to give some characteristic features to your Facebook or Instagram. How about making your profile about the music that you love, passion, cooking, or maybe your kids? People who specialize in one topic gain more and more. Running an Instagram about everything (food, fashion, cars, dogs, and models) is a shortcut to a failure. People need a REASON to come back to you 😉
  • Take a while to think what your target group is and come up with posts that might interest them. Do you run a blog on jogging? Try not to comment on politics.
  • Be consistent. Not only when it comes to the main theme, but also… the form 🙂 Research proves that it’s better not to go crazy with filters or the way we photograph. Followers prefer to like pictures of people they know what to expect of 😉 You can decide not to edit your pics (#nofilter), take minimalistic pics or happy and colorful ones? It’s your decision, but think about your Instagram profile as of a whole 😉 Make sure all pics match and look good IN GENERAL. Remind yourself what a MOODBOARD is.

  • Try to keep some balance between what’s modern and popular. On one hand, try not to bee TOO avant-garde, as you’ll reach only a certain group of people, on the other – don’t copy what EVERYONE else is posting. Who’d be interested in another Eiffel Tower view? Think how to stay individual 🙂
  • Juggle with hashtags. That’s what they’re for! 😉 Try to make them as accurate as possible. Make sure they reflect what the post is about. The way you use them depends on your social media strategy. If you like to flirt with popculture and are good friends with irony, you can go for hashtags like #polishgirl. Avoid them, if you’re trying to run an expert profile.

  • Tag, inform how you feel, experiment with Snapchat filters, the „My Day” option on Messenger or the Boomerang app on Instagram. Your posts should be interesting and interactive! 😉 Remember: if you tag other people, the post will automatically reach more people.
  • Post regularly. Noone will want to observe an account on which something new appears once a month. I learnt that when I started my blog.
  • Contact your followers. Reply, like their comments (now it’s possible even on Instagram), visit their profiles and leave a „heart” from time to time yourself. The rule of mutuality works also online! 😉
  • Have an interesting „real life” it’ll give you new ideas for posts that will inspire others 😀
  • If you really want to be popular, broaden your knowledge. Attend workshops organized by professionals, where you’ll find out what current online trends are. Read blogs (like SprawnyMarketing.pl), reports in the field. Get inspired, and observe what influencers do.
  • Consider yourself as a brand, and your online actions as marketing, not just fun.


If you don’t remember the basic rules, you’ll quickly get a totally different outcome and instead of getting new likes, you’ll start loosing followers, who’ll simply get bored or irritated.

  • Don’t spam! Uploading 15 pics a day and sharing thousands of articles a day will irritate even the most devoted followers!
  • Don’t overdo it with hashtags. It’s better to avoid ones like „like4like”, as they can make you seem desperate. Well, unless your profile is supposed to be all witty – then it’s OK 😉
  • Nudity, provocative pics, vulgar posts? Well, do you really want to become popular by doing THAT? I’d rather delete my account than be forced to take desperate steps like that 😀
  • Don’t even think about buying likes. It’s the worst possible way to get more of them. I’d never do that.