According to an old Greek saying an individual’s intelligence is reflected in the way they earn money. Their wisdom lies on how they spend it. Well… Let’s be wise and try not to waste money! See a couple of my ways to save money here below. Do you have any of your favorite?


Regardless if you’re going grocery shopping or to Harrods in London – plan! Always have a notebook around and write down what you need (want) to buy. You don’t have to write a book, a few words lie: red ballerinas, shampoo, a transparent lipstick will do. It’s a great method to help you prevent emotional investments. If you like something in a shop so much that you totally need to have it, or you’ll die, leave, go back home, and… wait a few days. I fit doesn’t go away, you’ll always be able to come back, but I guarantee you that you’ll forget at least half of such loves at first sight the next day the latest 😉


We’re lucky to live in times in which we can arrange everything without leaving our homes. Grocery online shopping is a regular thing to do. There’s Piotr i Paweł (first delivery for free), Tesco (you can order and pick the shopping up in a store without having to pay for delivery), or ecologic Rano Zebrano (free delivery with orders above PLN 145). This method makes you save time, and if you also apply the rule of making a list of shopping, money as well. Nothing looks at you and whispers „get me, you won’t survive without vanilla ice-cream till the evening!“ 😉 When you go to a regular store and find something that you like, check i fit isn’t cheaper online. It’s very often the case with cosmetics (like perfume) or books. The second ones can be purchased a bit used on Allegro and in second hand book stores, like this one. They’re very often 50% off. Use prices engines, like Ceneo or Nokaut. Make sure you consider the cost of delivery as well, so that it doesn’t turn out that you overpay in the end 😉


OK, it might not be the same as a regular SPA, but believe me, the outcomes are similar, but way cheaper. I love having such an evening for myself from time to time. I put up some candles, spend an hour in the bathtub, apply a natural cinnamon facemask (you wash it off after 10 mins, read more about it HERE). I regularly use eggs, castor oil, and olive oil to help my hair regenerate. It’s my confidential recipe, take a look HERE. If you prefer to use ready made products, check the new alga peel off masks and the 5 minutes vitamin C ones.


They say that an item needs to serve a purpose, so I‘m not going to tell you that grey soap works for everything, including face washing to toilet sanitizing. That’s not the way 😉 Take body lotion. It can both be a great face cream as well as hand and feet cream. It’s similar with natural oils. One kind can moisturize our face, arms, legs, and even hair endings, just like the dry Nuxe oil. You save money and space on the shelf 😉 It’s good to know that toothpaste is also great for cleaning jewelry, and facemasks put on your hands instantly make them satin soft 😉


Do you remember my article about various ideas of using tea? Apart from its great taste, it can also be used for facemasks, tonics, and eye compresses. It’s the same with active carbon which makes your teeth whiter, or avocado, which moisturizes your skin. Do you know what’s the best way to make your nails lighter? Not an amazingly expensive conditioner from the pharmacy! Just mix some baking soda with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Apply the mixture on your nails for 15 minutes (remember to put it underneath them as well), wash off, and voila! Creativity, my dear is the first step in the way of reasonable saving 😉


Saving can be a great alibi to meet your friends 😉 Do a girls meeting once a month. Watch a romantic comedy (you might want to check out my favorite ones), talk about all the guys you’ve met, and… organize a little SPA at the same time. Ask a friend to do your nails or your roots. Of course I’m not saying one of your friends should dye your ombre, it’s more a suggestion for these of you who prefer one color. Cutting your hair in an even way or applying a moisturizing mask works in the same way. And you really don’t have to run to the hairdressers. During such a meeting you can exchange clothes, jewelry, or cosmetics that you don’t like, but your friend might make a use of it. Your friend might love what you don’t like, and the other way round! 😉


Before getting an item, make sure it matches the other clothes in your closet. The rule also applies when it comes to cocktail and evening dresses. There’s no need to invest in a dress just for one night, if your budget is limited. Go for a more classic one, in one color, that’ll look different depending on the accessories that you wear. It might be red, cobalt, mustard…. Try to choose it according to your seasonal coloristic type. In the evening team it with a shiny clutch and shiny jewelry. If you’re going to work, wear it with a watch and a leather laptop bag. Remember that clothes that you don’t find nice anymore can easily be refreshed. A laptop bag will become completely different if you pin a flower on top of it, and simple stilettos can easily be changed by clipping bows on them. You can have all kinds of tucks and change them depending on your mood. You’ll feel a bit as if you had new shoes everyday 😉


Some clothes are worth investing some more money into. I’m talking about classics like a woolen coat, a one-colored shirt, or a leather jacket. They’ll stay in your closet for a long time, and a higher price often (but not always) guarantees good quality. If something is a seasonal must have, try nit to overpay. Go to Zara or H&M. Chain stores are experts in following trends and streetstyle 😉 Such clothes are way cheaper than the ones offered directly by designers. Go to a second hand store or a vintage store a few times a year. Regular or online ones. They offer numerous amazing patterned shirts, colorful belts, neckerchiefs and plenty of other original items for a very good price.


Do you know that cutting the legs of your jeans is a current trend? And it doesn’t have to be even. Take scissors, and… CUT!!! Colorful badges are another trend. These can be purchased HERE, for example. Add some around the pockets and you’ll have new trousers for spring. For a few euros 😉 DIY works in other areas of our life as well. You can get jam in nice jars and use it to store cotton pads. If you have a child, you can use it for storing toys or pocket money. Glue an animal figure on top of the jar and paint it in one color. I guarantee you, your kid will totally love it 😉 Take a look on blogs with handmade stuff, like this one, and… create! 😉


I know that I’m repeating myself on this, but it’s totally true – they can totally change a look. Just imagine a classic grey coat. Nothing exceptional. Add a huge colorful neckerchief, an Aztec patterned one, for example and pin it with a gold belt in the waist. Isn’t it way more interesting? 😉 A regular red dress without jewelry is just… a regular red dress 😉 Put a big jewel necklace shining with gold on your neck, add a wide brimmed hat, round earrings and the whole look will immediately become incredibly girly, mysterious and interesting. You think that you look boring wearing the same beige sweater and navy jeans everyday, but you’re not that into jewelry? Apply some red lipstick! I’ll refresh your image, and will bet he first step towards wearing colors, and if your hair color isn’t that lively, it’ll vitalize it.