Do you associate the beginning of spring with grey complexion and constant tiredness? It’s time to organize things a bit! Instead of reaching for more and more expensive creams and living from one energy drink to another, go for natural vitamins. Read on to find out, which’ll help you best.


Complexion problems again and again? Eye shadows, spots, allergies? Before you start to panic, take a while to think whether it’s not your diet’s fault. You don’t even know how true the saying „you are what you eat” is. I checked it myself! Ever since I stopped reaching for fast foods and changed Coke for fresh juices I feel better, have more energy, and my skin looks as fresh as never before. It’s not magic, it’s… biochemistry 😉 Your body is nourished by what you eat. What do you think – how does it react when yet again instead of a healthy meal you eat a burger in a real hurry? 😉


If you want to keep healthy and beautiful, you need to make sure that you give your organism everything it needs – apart from vitamin D, which is absorber from sunlight, there’s no other way! Enrich your diet in veggies, fruit (but don’t overdo it with their quantity, if you’re on a diet – they contain a lot of sugars) and fish (fat ones, like salmon, herring, or mackerel). Don’t reach for white rice, and potatoes, go for grits, like buckwheat, for example. Remember that a diversified diet is the key to success – if you need some help, though, as your life is intense and you don’t have that much time to eat healthy, you can go for medical supplements. Remember to always read the leaflet or consult a doctor before taking vitamins, as they often contain preservatives and can easily be overdosed. Which vitamins have the biggest influence on your complexion and wellbeing?


HOW DOES IT WORK: It keeps the tissues in a proper shape, supports blood vessels, heals wounds, stabilizes your mental state, makes you more immune, and helps you create red corpuscles.

WHERE TO FIND IT: black currant, citrus fruit, tomatoes, pepper, potatoes, sauerkraut, seaberry, cranberry.

A MEAL IDEA: sauerkraut salad, baked skin-on potatoes (most vitamin C is placed under the skin)

SUPPLEMENTS: You’ll get them HERE or HERE. Reach for it when you feel sick. If you overdose it, it might work like a laxative.


HOW DOES IT WORK: a so called „sun vitamin”. It makes your bones stronger, regulates the skin building process, and prevents your skin from aging.

WHERE TO FIND IT: eggs, milk, cheese, and… sunbathing! 😉

A MEAL IDEA: salmon baked in honey and mustard, poultry liver with an apple (and a walk for the desert!

SUPPLEMENTS: vitamin D3 pills and vitamin K ones (like THESE) or with calcium (like THESE). Be careful, if you overdose it, it might lead to calcium accumulation. Make sure to read the leaflet first.


HOW DOES IT WORK: vitamin E, tocopherol, is a natural antioxidant, it nourishes the skin from the inside, strengthens blood vessels, and helps fight minor wrinkles

WHERE TO FIND IT: fat fish, nuts, almonds, grains, oils

A MEAL IDEA: a Greek salad with virgin olive oil based vinegar

SUPPLEMENTS: it’s best when it’s combined with vitamin A (like HERE). To make sure your body absorbs it properly, add saturated acid fats to your diet (vitamin E doesn’t dissolve in water, but in fats).

1. FOOD SUPLEMENT Calvita 1000 Plus | 2. FOOD SUPPLEMENT Vita-miner Energia


HOW DOES IT WORK: improves eyesight, helps cells building, keeps the proper state of skin and nails, makes the skin elastic.

WHERE TO FIND IT: liver, cod-liver oil, spinach, parsley, orange veggies (like carrots) and fruit (like peaches or apricots)

A MEAL IDEA: baked carrot French fries, beet green soup

SUPPLEMENTS: with collagen (HERE). Keep in mind that if you overdose it, the symptoms are as if you didn’t have enough of it (dry skin, weak nails). Beta-carotene, on the other hand, can make your skin orange.


HOW DOES IT WORK: Support the neural systems, treat acne, regulate exfoliation, regulate sebum surplus, help ease blemishes

WHERE TO FIND IT: wheat products, meat, mushrooms, leaf veggies, leguminous veggies,

A MEAL IDEA: spelt grits with dried tomatoes

SUPPLEMENTS: complex B vitamins (like THESE) or with magnesium (like THESE)

3. FOOD SUPPLEMENT Maxivit dla niej | 4. FOOD SUPPLEMENT Aliness