I’ve recently watched a Youtube video which Ashley Graham, a plus size model filmed for Vogue. I watched three times to be exact, and… one can’t stop looking at that girl! She’s amazing. Check it yourself. She proves with her whole body that sex appeal has nothing to do with your size, hair col-or, or the length of your legs. It more depends on our confidence, the love and respect that we have for our body, and a smile that helps us achieve the impossible 😉 i dedicate the today’s post to all girls who are similar to Ashley. Be fashionable, follow trends, wear colors, and don’t let others convince you that if you’re size 14 you’ll have to wear only boring sacks. Polish shops offer more and more amazing clothes which are made especially for you!


This trend is actually one of my favorite ones. I love blouses and dresses that accidentally reveal a shoulder or two. If you don’t know which bra to go for, let me help you! 😉 Strapless models are a good idea. Remember to visit a couple of stores before purchasing the perfect one. If you’re planning to get only one, go for a nude one, as it’ll look good underneath all kinds of clothes, including white shirts. You don’t feel good without straps? Show them, but make sure they’re so original that men can’t stop looking at you. Take a look at these, for example. You’ll read more about bras in this article. Now run to a store and get your colorful off shoulder dress! 😉

1. BLOUSE New Look | 2. DRESS Dorothy Perkins | 3. DRESS Lost Ink
4. DRESS Dorothy perkins


Many designers (including Kenzo, Dsquared2, Dolce&Gabbana) have been promoting big (sometimes even huge) sleeves. The street has caught that and bloggers and celebrities start-ed wearing them and showing them on Instagram. In today’s times, if a trend is in for a few months, it’s totally enough. So, my dears, we’re off to chainstores and looking for blouses and dresses, which’ll draw attention to our hands. It’s an especially good idea when it comes to an A figure type, as it evens proportions and makes the top of the figure a bit wider. It’s also an option for minimalists. Playing with the style matches the general idea of this trend. Let me tell you one thing – a belt in the waist will be a perfect accessory – hello Dynasty – that’s when women knew what real glamour means 😉


The 90’s are back along with high waist and a’la Beverly Hills 90210 styles. Their opponents claim that it looks bad and makes your figure look bad, their supporters – that they’re amazing and ultra sexy. One thing is for sure – high waist items make your legs look longer. Regardless of whether you go for mom jeans or a classic pencil skirt, you’ll seem slimmer and your hips will become more curvy. Such items look great with short tops and blouses worn inside them. If your legs are slim and your arms are wide, go for wide pantlegs. If the bottom of your figure is bigger, and the top is slim, go for a bit wider and loose legs and a puff sleeves.

1. JUMPSUIT Glamourous Curve | 2. PANTS bonprix | 3. PANTS Persona by Marina Rinaldi
4. PANTS Junarose


Proper choice of colors (have you already tried taking a coloristic analysis?) can make your face and eyes look more fresh, and draw attention away from the drawbacks of your figure. I’m very happy that it’s back in the game and that it’s made friends with red. It’s a beautiful saturated and sexy couple. If you’re a blonde, go for powder shades of pink, if you’re a brunette – fuchsia, if you’re a gingerhead and your complexion is warm – salmon. This sugary color combination isn’t you at all? Combine pink with grey, navy, gold, or white. Apply blush in the same color as your blouse (I recommend Well Dressed by MAC).

1. BLOUSE New Look | 2. JACKET Evans | 3. BLOUSE Zizzi | 4. SKIRT bonprix


Plaid, stripes, dots – all these look totally amazing when they’re featured solo or accompanied by plain areas. Apart from being fashionable, they have an amazing power to even the proportions of a look. If one wants to accentuate a part of the body – all one needs to do is place big and diagonal patterns on it. If you want to make something look smaller – go for small ones. An example? Your figure type is an A, you’d like to make your shoulders look wider, so you go for nautical and vertical stripes. You’d rather mask your hips, which can be done easily with the help of vertical stripes. Other figures should play by the same rule: Os should wear diagonally striped dresses, Ys, on the other hand, should go for big polka dots, and Xes should accentuate their perfect proportions by wearing patterns (like florals) both at the top as well as at the bottom of their looks.

1. BLOUSE bonprix | 2. DRESS New Look | 3. DRESS Anna Field


A thin chain, or a little watch will simply disappear worn by a plus size girl. You need something that will make a footprint on your surroundings, something spectacular. Don’t be afraid of jewel necklaces and big earrings, which are so popular now. You’ll also look great with red lips and with huge golden rings in your ears. Remember that big accessories have the power to draw attention to themselves. If your bust is nice, wear a colorful necklace, if you like your hands and beautiful nails, and your waist is your great asset – a colorful necklace will be a great idea!

1. BELT Max&Co. | 2. HAT Paul Smith | 3. EARRINGS J. Crew | 4. PURSE Benetton
5. SHOES Topshop