My Dears, I love getting messages from you, so if you need advice of any kind – don’t hesitate to write. We’re going to publish the most interesting letters and send amazing and colorful Macademian-gifts to their authors 😉

1. How to feel like a woman when you’re a young and busy mom?

Dear Tamara!
I’m stuck with my sweatpants!
After 2 pregnancies within 2 years (I gave birth 5 months ago) I stopped caring for myself. Starting from my body, which was perfect 7 years ago. Now I wear size 42 and was 10 kg more two months ago. I decided to start dieting, as I don’t have time to exercise. And fashion has never been my strength either.
I’m 175, my bust is huge – 75I, and I’ve got a bit of a belly. I’ve always had problems choosing proper clothes. If it was up to me, I’d wear sweatpants, leggings, regular T-shirts and flats, but at this point of my life, I’d like to look more feminine.
I don’t know which colors suit me as I have freckles but I’m far from behind a redhead.
I’d be thrilled if you could help me find my own style or even a style that would match my figure. What colors suit me?
PS. My legs are very crooked.
You can see my younger son, Oskar, in the picture with me.


Above all, don’t let yourself get depressed! Girls who are a 42 (size 12, or even bigger) are totally attractive! Take a look at Ashley Graham, whose career in modelling in gaining momentum, and her size is way bigger than 12 😉 Eat healthy (read about spring vitamins here), use highlighter and blush (I recommend Well Dressed by MAC, your face will look as if it’s touched by wind). Your eyes are amazing, and you know how to accentuate that – and that’s great! When it comes to clothes, you can continue wearing soft fabrics, but try to avoid sweat-pants. Go for envelope dresses (like the ones on the collage below), as they let us adjust their size in the waist and beautifully accentuate your breasts. You can wear them with ballerinas or colorful sneakers. Go for over the knee shoes, as they mask crooked legs 😉 Your jewelry should be safe for your kids. Try headbands, colorful earrings, watches, rings. You’ll look good in jackets and simple coats. Wear them unbuttoned and combine with sports shirts and pants. Try so called jeggings (to be found in KappAhl or H&M, for example), and wear them with loose colorful blouses (a deep cleavage is a must have!) and a big flower in your hair (or a coronet like THIS one). You’ll immediately feel more spring like! You’re the best mom in the world, remember to be equally good for yourself! A happy mom means happy kids! 😉
Kisses for you, sweet Oskar and the rest of the family!

1.COAT Benetton | 2. DRESS Topshop | 3. PURSE Paul’s Boutique | 4. BALLERINAS Anna Field
5. WATCH Ichi | 6. HEADBAND Expose | 7. EARRINGS Ted Baker

1.BLOUSE More&More | 2. JEANS Missguided | 3. JACKET Even&Odd | 4. SNEAKERS Docers
5. PURSE Even&Odd | 6. HEADBAND Bimabejbe | 7. BRACELET Sweet Deluxe | 8. RINGS Aldo

2. How to turn your passion into your profession?

Hi Tamara,
I’m writing to you to get a more of a life advice than a clothes one. I’ve been following you since I once saw a picture in the Polish Elle. I’ve watched you develop and achieve more and more. Last summer I read all your blog posts. And that’s when I decided to start my own blog. At the beginning it was only about clothes, but then it became addictive. Today, when there’re thousands of blogs, I’d like to run my own fashion online service. Take pictures of people, style them. I’m also interested in developing webpages. Writing about fashion is my passion, that’s why I’d like to ask you about your way to success? How much time and devotion did it take?
Your faithful reader
PS. I’m attaching my pictures so that it’s not boring 😉

Above all, big congrats on having the guts to follow your dreams! You’ve taken the first step, and that’s a really big deal! The best is yet to come! First of all, I encourage you to read my articles about earning money on your passion and being a social media ninja 😉 and to watch a video in which I say a few things about my work and career. You have many interests and many inspirations. I can suggest you focus on one or two things and start developing it with your whole heart. Don’t try to kill two birds with one stone. It’s better to develop your skills in the area of your interests 😉 My success is an outcome of hard work, but great passion as well.
I’ve had many sleepless nights spent in front of the computer. Believe me, I have avoided crying many times, but that made me even stronger and more satisfied. Prepare yourself – running a blog or a fashion website is a full-time job. Only those who do it with passion will succeed. And you surely do have it. Don’t give up and don’t get discouraged by failures, think about the goal that you’d want to achieve (always have a clear goal) and fight! Broaden your knowledge, tread a lot, talk to experienced people. Remember to rest as well. A good business woman also knows how to rest and has time to recharge her batteries. I keep my fingers crossed and believe win you!
PS. Great dress 😉

3. How to accentuate a strong and intense seasonal color type?

Hi Tamara!
I’ve got a huge problem to define my seasonal color type. I’m a relatively new reader of yours, I started following you after you took part in „The Mole“ on TV. I got totally captivated by your devotion to every task 😉 Now I visit your blog everyday and it’s my total MUST HAVE! 😉 :* I can see that you totally love what you do :* All of your posts are very positive. If only there were more people like you in this gloomy world! 😉 :*
When it comes to my seasonal color type, I’ve already read your post on the blog, and I thought I was a contrastive autumn. My eyes are green, my hair is brown. In the attached picture I’m only wearing mascara, nothing more 😉 And as for my figure type – I’m 162 tall, I’ve got big thighs and a belly. I’ve lost 9 kg already 😉 :* I hope that the attached pictures are of good quality 😉 :* It would be great if you could also advise me which patterns and colors I would look good in :*
I’m sending you huge hugs and kisses 😉 Even though I’m a relatively new reader of your blog, I’m sure I’ll stay for a veeeery long time…. 😉
Thanks in advance :*
Kisses, Sandra :*

My Dear,
Thanks for these nice words, they’re totally motivating! When it comes to your seasonal color type, I see that your eyelashes and eyebrows are dark, the color of your iris is saturated (to-tally hypnotizing!!!!, by the way 😉 ), and your hair is dark. You’re expressive and need strong, rather cool colors. They can be contrastive, but not really. When it comes to patterns, take a look at the first collage below – I prepared a look with a lot of geometry and bravery. Get in-spired by the Aztec, African, and Indian culture. It’ll accentuate the power that is within you, and give a nice exotic touch to your looks (take a look at Solange Knowels’ looks, she’s great at mixing exotic vibes with classic items). A looks blouse and a simple coat mask additional pounds on the belly, and leg irons make the legs look slimmer. The next collage is a bit more calm, not as contrastive as the previous one, but equally colorful. Take a look at the dress. One can adjust it in the waist and its A-shaped bottom covers curvy hips. Try to tie a turban on your head – it’s a great and cheap way to „liven up“ a look. You can find detailed tutorials HERE and HERE 😉
Colorful kisses,
PS. 9 kg is a great success! I’m totally impressed by your strength! 😉

1. PANTS Banana Republic | 2. BLOUSE Wallis | 3. PONCHO Tom Tailor | 4. ANKLE BOOTS French Connection
5. PURSE Glomourous | 6. JEWEL NECKLACE Pins Jewelery | 7. EARRINGS Cloe | 8. BRACELETS Tamaris 

1. DRESS Topshop | 2. BALLERINAS Only | 3. PURSE Topshop  | 4. NECKLACE Cloe
5. COMB Mrosoutache | 6. BRACELETS Cloe