Eyebrows are in the center of attention. Thick ones like Chiara Ferragni’s, beautifully shaped like Kylie Jenner’s, or natural, like Anja Rubik’s, they’re a dream of millions of girls worldwide. Yet some of them have a tendency to overdo it. Don’t want to be one of those girls? Don’t make THESE mistakes!


Do you want to have Miranda Kerr’s or Eva Mendes’s eyebrows? Make sure the color of your eyebrows matches your complexion and hair color. Warm brown eyebrows and Scandinavian blonde hair? Not really! 😀 Reach for eyebrow cosmetics that are designed for various beauty types. Make Up Forever, for example, prepared 4 shades of a gel eyebrow liner. If you go for an eyebrow palette by Guerlain or Sheseido, for example, you can mix fair and dark shades making sure that the cosmetic matches your beauty type! 😉


Dark eyebrows are beautiful, but don’t match everyone. If you’re a fair blonde, black eyebrows may contrast too much which will result in you looking older than you really are. OK, you can say that there’re exceptions; Cara Delevigne, for example. Well, I could give you dozens of examples that show that the British model is an exception 😀 Do you sometimes make this mistake? Make sure that the cosmetics you use are adjusted to the natural color of your hair. Take a look at my article in which I explained how to find out your seasonal color type and check if contrasting your fair skin with dark eyebrows is such a great idea in your case 😉 Remember – if you change your hair color, change your eyebrow cosmetics as well. Habits aren’t always good 😀


That’s where mistakes can be multiplied – you can make your brows either too thin, the tail can be too wide or too thin compared to the beginning of the brow, and so on. If you don’t know which shape suits you, resign from plucking your brows on your own and consult a specialist. If you already have some experience, check this method. Take a pencil and place it against your face so that one ending reaches the flap of your nose, and the other, the inner corner of your eye. Mark where it crosses your eyebrow. Move the upper ending of the pencil so that it crosses the outer corner of your eye. These two spots tell you how wide your eyebrows should be. Simple? 😀


Nicely accentuated eyebrows don’t have to be PAINTED FROM SCRATCH 😉 Be careful not to make your brows look as if they were copied from a template. Focus on their natural line. The endings of your brows should be nicely accentuated (see #5); but don’t overdo it! 😉 Make sure to use a special brush, and use dry powder cosmetics. Such mishaps can happen even to the biggest stars like Angelina Jolie (luckily it was a looong time ago) or Demi Lovato. As you can see, even the most beautiful women’s eyebrows can get out of control 😛


One of the most often committed mistakes while styling your eyebrows is when you style your tail in a wrong way. They’re either too thin and pale (and not visible from afar at the same time), or you’ve given them too much penciling. A brow should be properly accentuated at its whole length, and not too graphic at its tail at the same time. When you learn how to do it properly, I guarantee you, all your friends will literally DIE to be you. Your face will be beautifully shaped 🙂 When you style your brows always remember to keep them as natural as possible. Get rid of excessive hair, yet don’t change the shape of your brows dramatically.