We all commit these little crimes from time to time. We have all worn a blouse in the worst color in the world, gone too crazy with party make up, or got too tanned. Yet it’s good to be conscious of the array of beauty sins, just to be able to avoid them in the future 😉 Check them out!


Your suntan looks best when it’s two shades darker than your natural skin. Touched by a bit of blush, it makes your face look young and natural. It’ll be a different color for each of us, but it’s great, we’re all different in the end. Don’t worry that your neighbor’s complexion is darker and don’t try to achieve the same outcome. There’s nothing worse than dry and sunburnt skin. Not only it’s more prone to illnesses, but it also makes you look older 😉 Mother nature knows what it’s doing. If she gave you fair skin, that’s the way you look best 😉 Use self-tanning creams, and when you go out, remember to use sunscreen. When you see a solarium, go in the other direction. Make sure not to be in strong sun for more than 20 minutes. Use moisturizing facemasks in summer, a cinnamon one, for example. Read my article about what to eat to have beautiful skin, as as we all know – you are what you eat! 😉


Make-up, even its evening edition, should always accentuate our natural beauty, and correspond with „our” colors. Choosing the foundation, make sure its shade is as close to the color of your complexion as possible (if it’s too dark, it’ll make you seem older). Don’t test it on your hand, but on your jaw line. Don’t use a bronzer instead of a blush. Bronzer is supposed to shape your face, add a bit of shine and a new dimension. When you choose the blush, go for a pink one (if you’re a warm seasonal color type, go for a peach or a salmon shade, if you’re a cold one – frosty and watermelon like), apply it on the top of your cheeks – it’ll make your face look fresh 😉 When you’re getting a mascara, think whether you really want another black one. It’s best for brunettes. Blondes look great in brown. If your lips aren’t wide, use fair and a bit shiny lipsticks, if they’re big and sensual, play with juicy shades like Pink Panther.


You’ll find more about brows, styling them, and most common mistakes in this article. Let me now mention what makes you old. Too strong brow color. When our grandmas were young, black penciled brows were a total hit. They made them look not that friendly and a bit strict. Luckily, the trend is over, but black doesn’t look good anyway. Make sure to pick a cosmetic which is the closest to the natural shade of your brows. What do you find it best to do your make-up with? A pencil, a shadow, or maybe a special liner? Consider a henna treatment, or maybe a perm – a beautician will help you choose the right color and will free you from the problem for at least a year.


We all have these occasions when we want to look flawless: weddings, receptions, anniversaries… We do our make-up, wear a new dress and book na appointement at the hairdresser’s. We give them some clues, and after na hour… It turns out that we have a Peg Bundy construction on our head. Oh nooooo! Don’t even hesitate to go back immediately and ask for a redo. The more backcombing, complicated constructions and small roses, the older you look. You can do a beautiful bun, or romantic waves, but your hair needs to look healthy and shine from time to time without the need of using a tone of hairspray. If you don’t have an idea for a hairstyle, just go for straightened plain hair. It always looks chic and elegant!


Some time ago I wrote about seasonal color analysis and gave you some hints on how to find your seasonal color type. Take a look HERE, if you haven’t read it. Every stylist will tell you, and I’ll agree – it’s absolutely crucial if you want to create your image consciously. A proper choice of colors doesn’t mean nice shades of clothes and jewelry, but also the perfect haircolor and make-up. Everyone can wear colors, there’s not a person that’d look bad in them. It’s not true that you look bad in red. You just need to find out which shade of red is yours. I love its bloody and intense shade, and feel terrible in a bleached raspberry one. Which one is yours? A firemen, or tomato one? 😉 You simply need to check it out, as if you go for wrong colors, your complexion will look tired, your eyes will loose their sparkle, and your beloved one won’t compliment you that often. Isn’t it nice to hear “You look great today!” once in a while? 😉


They say that nowadays everything can be hot and trendy, as long as it’s well teamed with other items. It might me true, but noone’s will convince me that ultracomfy beige slippers on a wide cone with massive toes can look good on anyone. Even if we wore the most beautiful dress in the world, the bottom of the look would always make us older! Instead of these orthopedic “beauties”, go for comfy ballerinas. They’re equally timeless and universal, yet look a whole way better, especially if they’re sapphire, orange, or fuchsia. Make sure to be careful with “safe” and shapeless, at the same time, midi dresses (use a belt, at least), high waist suit pants and brown moccasins. There’re no point in filling your closet with items that have already been passe in the ’90.


Don’t fall into a „It’s a classic, it’ll match everything” trap. Of course, it’s good to have a nude trench in your closet, yet try to complement it with fashionable, and even sometimes crazy accessories. Avoid having only classics in your collection, as you’re not going to rule the world wearing a grey pantsuit and a beige trench 😉 Have a colorful jewel necklace, a floral dress, and a crazy off-shoulder blouse prepared. Mix, create. Don’t be scared of trends. If one reaches for them in a reasonable way, they can have the power of making you look younger and refreshing the image. Everyone will notice that you have a sense of fashion. You can get items in chain stores; they always have what’s the “hottest” – take a look at this article.