Have you ever wondered why the legs of celebrities look great and slim on one event and a lot bigger the next day? Is it due to the length of their skirts, the width of their pantlegs, ort he color of their shoes? Read on, it’ll al lbe clear in a sec 😉


Horizontal lines make us look wider, vertical ones – slimmer, I wrote about it HERE. Well, when it comes to legs, it’s normal that we want them to be as long as possible, that’s why the first thing we think about are vertically striped pants. They have the power of optically taking away a pound or two. My favorite way of making my legs heavenly high is wearing heels that match my legs (nude), tights, or pants. Just imagine yourself in red pants and black ballerinas shoes. These colors contrast ruthlessly making your legs a few inches shorter. Now try to wear the same pants in your imagination, but with red or cherry stilettos. Bravo! You’ve just created vertical lines that make you taller and slimmer 😉 Now, introduce these changes into your everyday looks!

1. PANTS Banana Republic | 2. STILETTOS New Look


The easiest way to find the perfect length of a dress is to do a so called „pareo test“ 😉 Take a big scarf, a headkerchief, or a regular towel out of your closet. Place it on the floor, just as if you were on a beach. Stand in front of the mirror in your lingerie. Make sure you can see your legs. Place the pareo against your legs and lower it to the point your legs seem to look best. For some of you it’ll be right below the knee, for others – the midsection of their calf (for tall Is, probably). Which length suits your legs best?


Nicole Kidman’s and Emma Stone’s pale legs look great, but when it comes to us, we prefer when they’re a bit tanned. They seem to be slimmer and more attractive. I’m not trying to convince you to sit on the sun for hours, though (even though 15 mins a day won’t do any harm 😉 ). Cosmetics today have the power of turning even the most pale person in the world a Miss Blondi Beach in just a few moments 😉 Check self-tanning creams. Which one is the best for you? Foam, gel, oil, balm, or maybe cream… Get a special glove that helps you apply the cosmetic and prevents you from getting uneven stains and spots. See the glove on the collage below. If you’re not that into self-tanning products, maybe you’ll be into spray tights? You just need to massage them into the body in the morning, and all you have to do to take them off is use soap and water to wash them off. They’re a perfect solution if you’re attending an official event like a christening, or first communion. I can also recommend Face&Body foundation by MAC. Apply it on your face, it doesn’t go off with sweat, it moisturizes the skin, is waterproof and provides a nice satin feeling against your skin.

3. SELF-TANNING CREAM St. Tropez | 4. BALM Dr Irena Eris | 5. SPRAY TIGHTS Sally Hansen 
6. GLOVES St. Tropez


Wearing hipsters optically makes the legs start where the pants do – in the area of your hips. If, at the same time, the pantlegs are short (like 7/8) and you’re wearing flats – you’re making your body seem shorter. As far as those who’re over 175 will be happy about it, I believe that most of us would prefer not making their legs so painfully shorter. Let’s go back to the beginning. Instead of hipsters, go for high waist, which is very fashionable recently. These trousers start right in your waist and the leg goes and goes until the very bottom, hiding the heel at the end. Voila! You’ve just gained 10 cm! 😉 If you need better proof, take a look at this picture of J Lo, and then compare it with this one. And? What do you think now? High waist is nice, right? 😉 If your waist and hips differ in width, your pants may be a bit too big at the top. That’s where you’ll need a belt, and in extreme cases – a tailor. Visit shops that offer models for ultrafeminine figures (KappAhl, Levi’s, Evans).



Every figure type’s legs are different, that’s why everyone should wear different kinds of pants. Petite Fs need to apply the #4 rule (high waist) and go for tight legs at the smae time. Tall Is look great in flares, cullotes and chinos. Hs need soft fabrics and high waist to create an illusion of curves. Os can wear tight legs, even pegs, but need to pay attention to the waist – jeggings and side zipped models are highly recommended, as they both make the belly flat. As look great in wide (narrowing or not) legs, and, Ys, quite the opposite – in tight pegs, best if they have attached pockets, as, my dear Y, your legs don’t have to be made slimmer at all 😉