The hottest trends of the season are not always in line with the dresscode. You can always spot people who really know what fashion is about, as they have a natural ability of dressing according to the occasion. Check what to do to avoid being underdressed! 😀


The circle of jeans lovers (especially those with holes) is getting bigger and bigger every season. They’re worn, among others by Bella and Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner, and even the queen of retro elegance, Olivia Palermo. They look great teamed in a casual way with a comfy T-shirt, a jacket, or a rock biker jacket, yet they won’t look that great on an important event. You like pants? Change your so called relaxed jeans for elegant cigarette pants that you can wear, for example, with a bow neck blouse or an elegant top and heels.


A dress or a skirt that is elegant enough to wear in an important occasion has to be knee-length. Leave mini ones, even those that make your legs look amazing for less formal occasions. This is a rule that even biggest stars, like Selena Gomez, forget to apply. If you’re attending a business meeting, it’s safe to go for a pencil skirt, or a trapeze chemise dress, if you’re going of a christening or First Communion – go for a 50’s like flared model. It’ll make you look girly and comfortable 😉


A so called crop top that uncovers your belly is another hot trend that works much better on a party or a walk (of course as long as you have a body to brag about ;)). If you have something big planned, try to go for something less controversial. If the top that you got to wear to an important event is short, wear it with high waist pants or skirt. That’s how Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel wear them. Just like they did, show only a bit of your body – showing your navel on an elegant event is a total faux pas!


Staying comfortable is the most important matter, but… everything has its boundaries 😉 Even though such stars as Rihanna or Kylie Jenner, so famous for her experiments tend to be seen in their sweatpants of yoga leggings regardless of the circumstances, try not to take them as an example. An important event needs elegant features. You can compromise and wear canvas superwide pants decorated with stripes “borrowed” from the world of sports (like THESE here).


Jeans shorts, tropical print Bermuda shorts? It’s the last thing you should wear to an elegant party (unless it’s a pool party, and the invitation said it was a Hawaiian theme party 😉 ). Elegant high waist pants are an exception, as long as their legs don’t show to much of your precious body. An example? Lily-Rose Depp wearing Chanel shorts in Cannes or Kristen Stewart in a short jumpsuit on a movie premiere in LA.


Even though the trend for wearing sports shoes with a suit or an evening dress has been with us for quite some time now, if you’re heading for a really big event, wear elegant slippers or sandals. Sneakers and sports shoes – even the plain ones (fashionable pastel or white) can seem a bit to brave for the other guests. Especially if you’re attending a fashion show afterparty and the people that you meet might not know that such outfits are a trend promoted by Bella Hadid herself 😀


Military associations look good with everything casual in an urban edition. In the evening, or at a job interview… They might look a bit controversial. Loose jackets, grunge ankle boots, ARMY signed T-shirts… Not such a good choice. I can give a pass only to items inspired by the Emperor’s suit or a navy jacket (like in THIS LOOK) – gold buttons, a perfectly shaped jacket, a plain color scheme with navy and red.


Remember that stars have their own rules 😉 Beyonce, unlike you, can easily make a MET gala appearance wearing a transparent dress. If you’re getting ready to go to the opera, on a business dinner, to meet your boyfriend’s parents – forget the lingerie trend and all kinds of lace and wraps that reveal too much of your body. Leave them aside for a date or less official occasions 😉


Colorful flip flops or ethnic sports style flaps on an elegant event? Unfortunately, it’s not such a great idea, even if you are… Cameron Diaz 😉 If you have an important meeting in the summer, go for stiletto sandals (they don’t have to be very high). Find out HERE what to do to last long hours wearing them 😉 An emergency option? Elegant ballerinas or flat sandals – they should be official, though. Look for those decorated with stones of embroideries – they’ll be totally trendy this season! 😉


The make-up that you wear to an important even can be a bit stronger than the one you usually wear, but make sure not to overdo it. If you accentuate your eyes, resign from a strong lipstick, and the other way round. Why? Take a look at stars beauty mishaps 😀 Tyra Banks, a model, Leighton Meester, an actress, or a designer and an ex-singer, Vicoria Beckham won’t make the same mistake ever again 😉