Bodies in the sand, a tropical drink melting in your hand…”

… The Beach Boys sing. Have you already found the perfect swimsuit? If not, take a look at my high street swimsuit review. If you have, take a look as well, you can always get a second one 😉


Plain swimsuits are universal and can be teamed with many outfits. You can wrap a pareo over it and change your style depending on what you’re wearing: a boho lover (a straw hat and tassels), a beach dive (big glasses and sequins), a healthy sportswoman (a hat and colorful flip-flops). Go crazy, you have thousands of possibilities. Make sure the color matches your seasonal color type. If you’re going to the beach, don’t put make up on. If your complexion is fair, you’ll look great in navy, cool pine green, and berry violet. If it’s a bit darker, your skin looks great in neon shades like cobalt or fuchsia.

1. SWIMSUIT Oysho | 2. SWIMSUIT Oysho | 3. SWIMSUIT Oysho | 4. SWIMSUIT & Other Stories


Floral swimsuits are as girly as a swimsuit can get, that’s why I love it when they’re worn by girls of a bit boyish figure types – H, I, and Y. The rest can reach for them as well, of course. Body type A should go for a floral bra and plain briefs, body type O – a one-piece swimsuit, and body type X – the same florals on top and bottom, to accentuate their perfect proportions. This kind of beach outfits loves the company of wide brimmed straw hats, cat eye sunnies, and strings of beads. You can go for a plain pareo, borrowing one of the colors that appear on the flowers, a striped one (a nautical, white and navy one will look great) or… some other floral pattern. Read more about mixing patterns here.

5. SWIMSUIT New Look | 6. SWIMSUIT Zara | 7. SWIMSUIT Zara


Patterns are a great tool for fashion tricks. Whenever you feel like making something bigger – just put on something diagonally striped, or with geometric pattern. Figure type A can purchase a patterned bra which will make their buts look bigger, figure type Y with a patterned bottom, to make the butt look more round. Vertical stripes make you look slimmer, that’s good news for those with body type O. Invest in a striped one-piece swimsuit – it’ll make your belly look optically slimmer. Girls with no curves – Hs and Is should reach for asymmetric swimwear models – that will create an illusion of curves. Geometric cuts will go great with edgy 80’s like jewelry, like triangular earrings, for example. Ovals and soft lines go great with coronets and necklaces out of round beads.

1. SWIMSUIT Oysho | 2. SWIMSUIT Oysho | 3. SWIMSUIT Oysho | 4. SWIMSUIT Oysho 
5. SWIMSUIT Bershka | 6. SWIMSUIT Bershka | 7. SWIMSUIT & Other Stories


Chain stores offer swimsuits with numerous „gadgets”. They are so common that can easily be made into a separate category. Frills are a total must have this season, not only on the beach, but also in the street or office. Accept that. If your bust is small, a frilled bra will make it look bigger – and it works the same way with your hips. I’m also totally captivated by lace. Up to recently they’ve been associated only with lingerie, and now you can easily walk in your amazing cobalt gem by the beach. Remember, to wrap a pareo or a shirt around your shoulders whenever you leave the beach – it’s simply savoir vivre! If you’re into embroideries, you’ll also find something for yourself; even in a bit military version, in khaki. It’d totally look amazing with a red lipstick and a safari style hat!

1. SWIMSUIT Esprit | 2. SWIMSUIT Oysho | 3. SWIMSUIT Oysho | 4. SWIMSUIT H&M
5. SWIMSUIT Zara | 6. SWIMSUIT Cubus | 7. SWIMSUIT New Look


Summer is an occasion to chill and relax a bit. We don’t have to be so serious like we are in the office, or during our business meetings. Let your hair down for a while. What would you say to a “Bay Watch” swimsuit? I went for a yellow one, but the red version is also amazing, it looks like Pamela Anderson’s swimsuit 😉 I also love flamingos and tigers, even though I know they’re a bit kitsch. I can imagine them by sunset on a beach party, teamed with golden jewelry and a wet Italian hairstyle 😉 I like food collocations: ice-cream, watermelon, pineapples. They need to bring up summer associations, a pattern with a cup of coffee wouldn’t really be a great choice 😉 When you wear such clothes, remember about witty accessories: neon nails, colorful sequin flaps and tattoo stickers.

1. SWIMSUIT Forever 21 | 2. SWIMSUIT Oysho | 3. SWIMSUIT H&M | 4. KOSTIUM H&M
5. SWIMSUIT Zara | 6. SWIMSUIT H&M | 7. SWIMSUIT Reserved