And finally, after a few seasons of subtle minimalism, fashion is all about splendor. Splendor of forms and colors, of course 😉 Window displays show florals, glitter, straps, bows and frills. Total craziness! What more can I tell you? Take a look yourself! Today I’ll tell you a bit about shoes, or should I say: „feet jewelry“? 😉


Everyone who’s been to, or seen pictures from Coachella knows that pompom sandals are a total must have. All fashionistas and celebrities just have to have a pair. So do I! 😉 You know that I only support following the trends that agree with one’s lifestyle, preferences and the way one simply is. I don’t get everything that papers promote, but those sandals… it was love at first sight! I wear them with colorful dresses, and patterned (Aztec, for example) shorts. If you’re not into such a mixture, go for a more calm outfit – blue dress and sandals with one of the pompons in its shade. If you have old gladiator shoes at home, you can practice some DIY and attach pompoms (you’ll get them here, for example). Watch the instruction in Red Lipstick Monster’s video.

1. SANDALS Loft37 | 2. SANDALS Katy Perry | 3. SANDALS Vero Moda | 4. ESPADRILLES Replay
5. SANDALS Les Tropéziennes par M Belarbi


Well, all tricks allowed here. Combine plaid with florals, leopard with stripes, colors with black and white and add a couple of zirconia 😉 Such shoes really catch the eye, and that’s why they’re perfect for body types Y and O, who have beautiful long legs. How to create a look with them? I suggest you start from shoes. „Borrow“ one color and transfer it to your blouse or your dress. An example? Wear a red dress with navy-red-green sandals, and if you want to make it look more interesting, add a bit of gold – earrings or bracelets. A floral shirt will look great teamed with… other florals and striped stilettos 😉

6. SANDALS Madden Girl | 7. SANDALS Office | 8. SANDALS Cassis Cote d’Azur | 9. SANDALS Aldo
10. ANKLE BOOTS Carinii


Let’s slow down a little bit, as my previous suggestions might seem a bit crazy. Take a deep breath and enjoy the amazing shades of blue, cobalt, azure and fuchsia. Go for whichever col-or you like, as long as it’s not black 😉 Pay attention to the style of the shoe. Total look outfits definitely need original ones. How about bows, buckles, frills? Simple and classic stilettos can be worn with patterned and colorful clothes – go for red, yellow, or blue ones… If your legs are short, your shoes should make them look longer. Wear nude ones if your feet are bare, violet ones with violet tights, grey tights with grey boots, and so on.

11. SANDALS Faith | 12. SANDALS Mint&Berry | 13. FLAPS River Island | 14. SLIPPERS River Island
15. SANDALS Katy Perry


Espadrilles are a perfect alternative for sandals. If you don’t like to show your feet of if you’re going somewhere that it’s very likely for you to get your feet dirty and damage your pedicure (like a walk in the forest) – don’t hesitate, go for espadrilles. They’re Light, gauzy, don’t make the feet sweat even during a hot summer day. They can be purchased at a reasonable price – even for EUR 10, but in that case be prepared that they might not last longer than one season. You can always in-vest some more, then you’ll be sure that the sole is of good quality. Go for timeless models and colors, like fuchsia or navy, which’ll make them trendy not only in this season, but also in the up-coming ones 😉 Espadrilles look good both with jeans and a fashionable frilled skirt, as well as with a beach like dress and a straw hat. They’re simply summer essentials.

16. ESPADRILLES Even&Odd | 17. ESPADRILLES Buffalo | 18. ESPADRILLES Pedro Miralles
19. ESPADRILLES Superdry | 20. ESPADRILLES Even&Odd


You might be wondering what mules actually are. Well, who else can explain it better than Macademian Girl? 😀 The name comes from French and means backless slippers. At the beginning the word was used to describe flats, now it refers to all kinds of flaps 😉 This season totally belongs to them, there’s no brand that wouldn’t have at least one pair of mules in their collection. If you decide to get your pair, make sure you go for a reasonable heel. It needs to be comfy and stable, other-wise you might break your leg, and since summer’s almost here, we wouldn’t want that for you, would we? 😉 The strap on flaps are most often wide, which makes the feet and legs look shorter. If you’re tall, it’s not really a problem, but if you’re tall, try to look for colors that are as close to your skin, and you’ll be all great 😉

21. FLAPS Tamaris | 22. FLAPS Miss Selfridge | 23. FLAPS Missguided | 24. FLAPS Topshop
25. FLAPS Sam Edelman