For the last couple of years, they have been a bit in the background, but, luckily, fishnets of all kinds have had their comeback this season. What’s amazing about them is that they have the ability to spice up every outfit. Read the article and find out yourself! 🙂


The trend that took over streetstyle started… in the street, around 1900. It wasn’t street fashion, yet… a work uniform of… ladies of pleasure. Elegant ladies didn’t even dare to look in their direction and thought them to be totally inappropriate. Only 50 years later, when stars like Marilyn Monroe or Marlena Dietrich started reaching for them, fishnet tights have become considered as an interesting piece of clothing. They’ve become a bit like the little black dress, something that every woman should be in possession of. They appear and disappear, but when they’ve never been gone forever, like, for example “pyramid jeans” or polyamide sweatpants 😉 In the 70s they were worn by Twiggy, then have been made the key product of punk era by Vivienne Westwood, only to be featured on Madonna’s In Bed With Madonna cover 20 years later, and be worn by Alexa Chung in her Glamour photoshoot.


The street today doesn’t wear them in a traditional way. Classic black fishnet tights with small loops are rare, if they appear, it’s rather in their sock version. Bigger loops are a total must-have, though. They’re often colorful: red, pink, gold. They’re combined with plain casual clothes – not to make the outfit look daring. They’re a bit seductive by nature, so the rest of the look should ease that outcome. If you go for fishnet tights, team them with plain midi dresses. If you go for fishnet socks, choose moccasins or slippers. If you’re a fan of rock music, just show a bit of your fishnets through the holes in your jeans. Fashionistas feel in love with the Proenza Schouler model, in which the net is a bit more round. You’ll find similar ones HERE.


Above all – it should be colorful, girly, and with splendor! If you find red of violet fishnets, team them with floral cigarette pants. Do you feel like wearing black ones? It’s OK, but go for a colorful dress – how about a pink, or a cobalt one? Mmm, that’s a dream combination 😉 If you go for fishnet stocking, make sure you team them with stilettos. It’s a great option for the day. In the evening go for some original solutions. Who said that fishnets have to be worn on your feet? You can attach a piece to your toque or fascinator during an official dinner, or wear them as long gloves with an evening dress.


Fishnets are easily noticed. If your legs are beautiful and you’re an I, O, H, or Y, make use of it. Wear them as often as you can, and go for a wider knit. Yet if your body type is an A, and you shouldn’t accentuate your legs, or if you’re a petite F, won’t such a wide knit make you overwhelmed? First of all – go for dark shades, similar to your shoes. Second of all – smaller, more classic patterns. “Borrowing” the fishnet texture and copying it to other items of clothing is also a good idea. That’s what I did in my Chanel Like Eclectism look, which you can see here. Remember that there’re many shades of fishnets – choose the one that suits you most! If you have a punk soul, make some holes in i and team them with red leather short. If you’re more of a romantic girl, a floral dress and pink fishnets will be great. If you like to follow the trends, I recommend “mom jeans” and short white socks.


I decided to do some research in Polish stores. Take a look at what I found. If you also came across some interesting models, let me know in the comments below! Remember that international stores also ship to Poland. They offer a lot of fishnet tights of good quality, and the shipping isn’t always expensive. Check, they offer gems like this one here, and the shipping costs EUR 3 only, and if we spend more than EUR 30, it’s free. Shop with a friend and pay less! 😉

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