Hybrid manicure, eyelash extensions, chemical peelings? Dears, such treatments have already become popular. Now it’s time to fight with sweating and… eyebrow extensions. Even if you don’t need any improvements, take a look at the treatments below. Have you heard of them? 😉


You’re an active person, you do sports, keep fit, or get all sweaty when you’re in a stressful situation in just a minute? I have a solution for you – laser hyperhidrosis treatment. I have had it done a couple of months ago and I’m VERY satisfied. MiraDry in the Beauty Skin Clinic uses microwave energy that destroys glands that cause excessive sweating. The head of a special machine that releases light is placed against the skin under your armpits. The treatment takes 2-3 hours and needs local anesthesia. Recovery lasts about a month. The swelling goes away completely after about 6 weeks. The first 2-3 days hurt a little, so it’s best to rest during that period (or not leave the house at all 😉 ). Choose that method and you’ll never have to use any antiperspirants any more! 😀 The treatment costs around EUR 1200 (there’s a discount for you to use in Beauty Skin – the treatment costs EUR 1000 😉 ).


If you’re dreaming of Cara Delevigne like eyebrows, check if it’s possible to have an… eyebrow extension treatment done in your city. There’re two methods of eyebrow extension: building and sculpting. In the building method a beautician attaches small hair to your natural eyebrows. When it comes to sculpting, the brows are… painted with a special wire and paint that stays on your skin (just like the hair) up to 4 weeks. These treatments aren’t painful and do not need special preparation. How much does it cost? It depends on which method you go for. Building costs around EUR 20. Building and sculpting – EUR 40. Visit The Girls Beauty Bar in Warsaw or the Lodz One Million Lashes and check their offer.


You’re dreaming of the perfect body but don’t have the time nor the energy to go to the gym? Well, there’s no better solution than to FREEZE your fat tissue. Sounds weird? 😀 Well, we all know that cool temperature is good for our health. The treatment uses a modern machine with a head that massages the fat tissue. Low temperature (ranged between +5°C to -10°C) destroys fat cells without damaging the tissue at the same time. The difference can be spotted after 2 weeks, but the whole outcome is visible after 3-4 months. The treatment results in 25-45% of fat tissue loss. One touch of the head costs around EUR 70, six touches per visit – around EUR 300. Ask for the treatment in Poznan in Laser DeLux, or in Opole in Piekne Cialo.


Even though beauty salons have been offering this treatment for some time now, vacuum massage is still a niche method of fighting cellulite. And it’s a great pity, as it makes your skin more elastic and shapes your body. The machine creates a part vacuum (sucks the air in) and that makes it good for blood circulation. The treatment should be repeated 10 times. Vacuum massage can be combined with other anti-cellulite treatments that boost collagen production. The cost of the treatment depends on the salon and body parts that are to be massaged. Yasumi salon in Warsaw offers massage for one body part for EUR 30, if you’re based in Gdansk, check out ArkadiaSpa. A massage of the whole body costs EUR 20.


What does it mean? It’s even hard to pronounce the word, right? 😀 It’s a treatment that reduces cellulite and stretch marks. Carboxytherapy uses the beneficial influence of dioxide on blood vessels and collagen strains. The treatment itself? Dioxide, which boosts metabolism, improves blood circulation, and stimulates the process of cell reconstruction is injected under the skin. It’s almost painless – and, like plastic surgeons convince – doesn’t have any side effects. The patient can go back to their regular every day activities right after having left the salon! 😉 What’s interesting, it can be also helpful if you’re struggling with shadows under your eyes. Prices differ according to the part of the face – carboxytherapy on your face costs around EUR 50, on the thighs and buttock – EUR 100. To achieve a spectacular outcome, the treatments should be repeated. You can book an appointment in Pila in DermaPlus, for example, or in Krakow, in Salon Odrodzenie.