The rule is simple: you dress for yourself. Yet if from time to time, you also feel like being admired by men, you should avoid wearing items that they simply… loathe. We hereby reveal the secrets of an ideal woman in a man’s belief.


Fans of avant-garde trends have recently been into rather weird yet undoubtedly very comfy) flats. In 2014 slides inspired by nurse shoes were featured in Edun’s collection, and this summer their Crocs like edition was promoted by Christopher Kane on their catwalk. Faux fur slides have recently become a hot street trend, and fashionistas claim they’re PERFECT for summer 😛 Well, even though Birkenstock shoes are recommended by doctors, and faux fur slides are worn by Gigi Hadid herself, it’s a trend which isn’t appreciated by guys at all. They believe that this kind of shoes simply takes our charm away. What should you wear then, if you’re not a stiletto type of girl? The solution is simple: go for beautiful ballet pumps, which indisputably make the feet look totally sexy 😉


A too strong make-up with detailed contouring has become popular along with the selfie culture 😉 Well, one thing’s for sure: a contoured face does look better in pictures. Unfortunately, what looks good on screen, doesn’t need to look good in real life. The truth is that men aren’t that into strong make-up. Who’d like to kiss a dummy and grieve to damage the perfect make-up at the same time? 😀 A little bit of highlighter and bronzer is all you need to be happy 😉


Men see our eyebrow styling mistakes (SEE THEM ALL HERE) as totally unforgettable. Grotesquely thin ones make them laugh, too dark ones – scared. No wonder – they make your expression seem angry. Would you really like a guy to literally DROWN in your beautiful eyes? Make sure you go for a proper brow shape – after all, the brows are responsible for making our your eyes look special.


Life can be surprising – lips surgeries cause men flee 😉 Let me make it clear 😉 Men love soft lips that they immediately strive to kiss, and are not fans of dinghy like ones 😀 OK, they might fancy looking at Kylie Jenner’s Instagram pictures, but at your friend’s pumped lips – not really. Believe me – I asked them myself! 😀


Soft sindbad pants? Comfy, aren’t they? Gauzy, let you move as much as you wish, they’re perfect for a summer trip. There’s one BUT, though: they totally ruin body proportions, which makes them land on the “OMG, WHAT IS SHE WEARING?” list. According to guys, these pants look simply bad regardless if it’s you or Rihanna who’s wearing them. A skirt isn’t an option? Your guy will surely appreciate a pair of jeans in which your butt looks like a million dollars 😉 You’ll check HERE how to choose them so that they accentuate your body type perfectly 😉


When it comes to a ponytail or a bun at the top of your hair, made only out of some hair on your head, even though it’s comfy and we love it, men associate it with a messy style or simply a person who’s not yet mature enough to pin her hair up. Of course it’s good to be relaxed and stay cool, but you also have to be careful not to overdo it. A man should feel that he’s special and you’re trying to look your best for him 😉


Are the dates likely to end in something more than just a nice dinner? It’s high time you invested in some nice lingerie 😉 Above all, get rid of everything that he shouldn’t see you in: too tight bras, grey underwear, grandma-like panties, tights with ladders (note that you don’t have to get rid of your modelling panties, just hide them deep enough so that he doesn’t find them, and, most importantly, avoid wearing them to a “sleepover dinner” :D). Get yourself a nice lacy set in a sexy color (plum and emerald are a total hit of the season!), retro stockings and a sexy deep cleavage body suit. You’ll see, you’ll really make an impression!


Men shiver at the very sound of a thought that you might owe your beautiful and amazingly thick hair to extensions. All associations with fake or someone else’s hair o your head make them feel sick. They believe it’s vulgar – just as in the case of excessive lip pump. Men also fear that they could “destroy” such a hairstyle, find the pins in your hair, or just accidentally get the extensions off your head 😀


Scratched nail polish, excessive cuticles, an old hybrid manicure? There’s no man that would like that! Not only bosses on job interviews, but also men treat our hands as a namecard 😀 You should ALWAYS care for them, yet a date can be a great occasion to have a manicure done or to do finally do it at home yourself 😉