You don’t have to be an 8 to look slim. A flat belly is the key to success here, and that’s what both Rihanna and Beyonce are aware of. Check out these simple and efficient methods of getting rid of additional pounds on your stomach. Some of them don’t require physical effort of any kind!


A proper diet is where you should start. You don’t need a kitchen revolution, yet if you want to cherish a slim waist, you should definitely change some of your habits. Above all, try to eat less, but more often (5 times a day, every 3-4 hours) to prevent your stomach from getting pumped up. Eat veggies and fruits, bran, products rich in fiber, and live and active cultures (yoghurts), which accelerate digestion processes. Make sure to eat groats of all kind – these are a perfect source of compound carbohydrates that don’t cause insulin shocks and don’t make you feel hungry after a few minutes. Avoid food that is hard to digest and products that make you bloated (peas, cabbage, beans), which are fat (fried meat, yellow cheese), farinaceous (pasta and rolls), and full of calories (cookies, chocolate bars).


Drink herbs: fennel, pepper mint, chamomile, or ready-made teas that help you digest (like THIS one, or THIS one. It’s the favorite flat belly trick of many models! 😉 Add spices to your meals – cayenne pepper, oregano, nigella, or rosemary, and instead of sugar, have your coffee with cinnamon. Drinking flax meal is also a blast (dissolve a spoon in hot – not boiling! – water and leave for 15 minutes.


Water is perfect for detoxication and boosts metabolism at the same time. Drinking water also help us fight hungriness – it’s great if you have a tendency to snack between meals. If you’re not a fan of the taste of water – you can add a few slices of lemon to your glass 🙂 Drinking such a mixture first thing in the morning is also a great habit, as helps the digestion system start off in a healthy way. Avoid sodas, especially sweet ones, like Coke.


A few exercises will make your belly seem way more flat. Just like with the diet, you don’t have to start off all crazy and enroll in a crossfit course 🙂 Just do some sit-ups, how about starting form 3-4 sessions of 10 sit-ups a day? How to do that? Just lie flat on your back, fold your knees and put your feet flat on the floor. Put your hands on both sides of your head with your thumbs up, lift tour head, shoulders and back at the same time, so that your elbows touch your knees. Simple, isn’t it? 😉


A magical trick of many celebrities – high waist slimming panties or leggings can really do wonders. Even if you reach for a fitted dress, your belly will remain hidden. You can get slimming underwear of great quality HERE, or HERE, for example. Remember to always pay attention to the quality and material of everything that you purchase. It not only has to be invisible under your clothes, but also feel comfy to wear (even when it’s hot!) 😉


If you want your belly to be perfectly flat, don’t forget to massage it from time to time. Not only will it improve your blood circulation, but also boost digestion processes and help you lose weight. Massage yourself regularly, when you’re in the shower, for example. You’ll need not only a scrub, (this one, or this one, for example), but also a special glove, (I like this one). Massage your skin with round moves. When you’re done, pat your skin delicately to soothe it.


When you’re holding up straight, your belly seems to be more flat. Try to stay as straight as possible, keeping your shoulders tight (especially when you’re sitting in front of the computer!). Do a few exercises a day. One of my favorite ones is this one: sit down crossed-legged on the floor or a yoga mat, put your hands on your hips and make circles with your shoulders for 10 seconds. 9repeat 10 times). Lift up one leg, try to straighten it. Raise your arms above your head and put it down slowly.


High heels make the whole body look more straight, which makes the belly seem to disappear 😀 If you’re scared that you’ll start missing ballet pumps after an hour spent in heels already, take a look at my tips on how to last long in heels HERE 🙂