The wedding season is at its blossom. We all want to look beautiful. Even if it’s not us who’s getting married, we feel like being chic and feel exceptional. How to achieve that without spending all of your savings? Visit a high street store! Take a look how many beautiful wedding guest dresses I’ve found there!


If you have beautiful legs, it’s an option for you 😉 You’re probably a Y, I, O, F or an H, as they’re the lucky possessors of sexy legs. When you choose your shoes, make sure you go rather for slippers than for sandals, you’ll look way more elegant. Take care of your skin as well. Epilation and coffee peeling are your biggest allies when it comes to it. Apply some bronzing cream right before the party (make sure you’ve tested it before, though).

1. DRESS Mohito | 2. DRESS Mohito | 3. DRESS Mango | 4. DRESS H&M
5. DRESS H&M | 6. DRESS Mohito | 7. DRESS H&M


This length looks good on all of us. If, just like me, you aren’t tall enough, make sure to wear high heels, as midi dresses can make you look even shorter. You’ll look classic and elegant. Make sure you go for proper accessories: pearls, an embellished jewel necklace, a shiny clutch. Feel like the stars of the 50’s, as it was a total hit those days. If you’re an F or an X, which are famous for their perfect proportions and a nice waist, you can go for pencil dresses. Bigger tights and hips? Look for an A-shaped bottom! 😉

1. DRESS Mango | 2. DRESS & Other Stories | 3. DRESS Tatuum | 4. DRESS Mohito
5. DRESS Esprit | 6. DRESS Mango | 7. DRESS H&M


An option for a grand ball, yet if you’re not that crazy about showing your legs, you can wear one to a “regular” wedding. If you’re hiding the bottom of your body, make sure the top stays noticeable. Above all, make sure the hairstyle is nice. It can be a spectacular bun, or, if you’re a boho fan, a braid. Use some eyeliner and red lipstick. If you want your make-up to be flawless and last the whole night, use a fixer (like THIS one).

1. DRESS Esprit | 2. DRESS H&M | 3. DRESS Mango | 4. DRESS Mango
5. DRESS H&M | 6. DRESS Massimo Dutti | 7. DRESS Mango


A loose dress is a great idea for those who’ve just had their babies and don’t feel like showing their belly yet. Not only for those, though. Boho lovers, O figure type owners, and all those of you whose legs are beautiful can also make use of this cut. The dress should at least show a bit of your arms and legs, so that it doesn’t resemble a sack 😉 Frills are totally trendy this season, so maybe look for a model with at least one frill on it? I’ve found some, and I’m totally in love, especially with the red one 😉 I imagine it with cobalt stilettos and a clutch incrusted with colorful shiny stones, teamed with beautiful earrings, like THESE 😉

1. DRESS Esprit | 2. DRESS Esprit | 3. DRESS H&M | 4. DRESS Reserved
5. DRESS Mohito | 6. DRESS Mohito | 7. DRESS Zara


You’re slim and men just can’t resist your curves. You’ll surely feel great in a so-called tube dress, which looks great with all kinds of wraps, manly jackets (they can be out of some shiny fabric, if you’re off to a wedding). Make sure not to overdo it with its length (or should I say – shortness? 😉 ) – it’s sexy even if it’s midi. A pencil dress with puff sleeves and a waist belt will be great for A body type girls. If your shoulders are wide and your hips are slim (body type Y), it’s better to go for a classic and tight top, and a flared (tulle, for example) bottom.

1. DRESS Mango | 2. DRESS Esprit | 3. DRESS Dorothy Perkins | 4. DRESS New Look
5. DRESS Mohito | 6. DRESS Zara | 7. DRESS New Look