Festival fashion runs by its own rules. Regardless of current designer and streetwear trends, there’s boho, there’re coronets, tassels, floral dresses, And? What else? Take a look at my festival looks guide.


Colorful geometric patterns suit practically everyone. XS size girls go for smaller and more subtle ones, whereas plus size girls should make friends with bigger and more expressive patterns. These can be combined with flowers, fray hem shorts or leather jackets. Aztec patterned pareos and kimonos are also a great option (take a look at Rihanna).

1. WRAP Rip Curl | 2. DRESS Zalando


If you know how to crochet, you can create such a blouse or a dress yourself. If not, just get a ready-made one 😉 They can be found in Promod, Tally Weil, or Bershka. Wear them with hats, colorful bralettes and expressive shiny jewelry. Dresses look good with rock ankle boots.

3. DRESS Love Triangle | 4. BLOUSE Navy London


They’re loose, gauzy, and usually with embroideries around the cleavage. Perfect for those with a bigger belly – body types O, Y, and sometimes H. Wear them with Lennon sunnies, fray hem shorts and hats. When it gets chilly, they look great with loose wraps and jackets.

5. BLOUSE Glamourous | 6. BLOUSE Even&Odd


Off-shoulder blouses are a total must have of the summer. You’ll find them in every high street store, the choice is really wide. If you have wider arms (body type Y or X), go for an asymmetric one. Remember to choose a proper bra. A strapless one will be the best choice in this case, you’ll read more about it in this article.

7. BLOUSE Vila | 8. BLOUSE Dorothy Perkins


During the day, when the sun’s really strong, they’ll protect our shoulders from getting burnt, warm you up in the evening, and, on top of that, they’ll be perfect to sit down on when you get tired and feel like taking a break 😉 They need too be handy, multifunctional, and crease-proof – synthetic fabrics are more than welcome. Short models that reach up to the hips, will be best for short girls, longer, even maxi ones – for taller ones.

9. WRAP Wallis | 10. WRAP Desiqual


The heart of festival looks. Even if you wear a regular white or a pink dress, but pair it with a floral coronet, your look will get a totally new dimension. A better and a more hippie one 😉 Let your hair loose and just put the headband on. You’re not that into loose hair? Go for a braid, it’s perfect for a festival look. You’ll find my braid tutorials here.

13. CORONET Lola White | 14. SUNNIES Ray Ban | 15. CORONET Mamaglama


Gauzy skirts and dresses are a great idea if your thighs and hips are bigger. They totally mask the problem, and if you go for a crop top or a bikini, everyone will admire your cleavage and flat belly, and miss your flaws at the bottom of your body. Maxi works great with lavishly hanging jewelry (Indian style earrings, a lot of necklaces), coronets, headbands, and gladiator sandals.

16. DRESS Desiqual | 17. SKIRT Roxy


I’ve already mentioned crop tops, let me elaborate on that. It’s a kind of a bra, yet one to wear on top 😉 It’ll look good if you’ve prepared for the summer and managed to exercise your belly muscles. Wear it when it’s hot – with mom jeans, and maxi skirts, and when it rains, put on a jacket over it.

18. TOP New Look | 19. TOP Topshop


I personally love the wide brimmed ultrafeminine Alexis from Dynasty like ones 😉 I wear them with dresses, sandals, pants, gauzy frilled blouses and puffed sleeves. Yet panama models are also a good festival choice. Go for straw hats and team them with romantic dresses.

20. HAT Zalando | 21. HAT Estilo | 22. HAT Benetton


Cotton Aztec or oriental pattern shorts are a great idea. Fray hem, lace, ragged ones… They’re usually not expensive, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a pair for less than EUR 20. If you like jeans, cut your old ones’ legs and use scissors to make them ragged. It would be perfect if you managed to attach some embroidered flowers on them, like THESE. If you’re not sure which shorts suit your body type, read THIS article.

23. SHORTS Even&Odd | 24. SHORTS Pepe Jeans | 25. SHORTS Hollister