Bad beauty habits. Make up mistakes. We all make them but we’re not always aware that we do. Today I decided to list the 11 worst ones for you. Which of them do you make? 😉


Everyday evening, even if you’re totally dead on your feet, you HAVE TO remove your make up. Forgetting to do that leads to make-up, sweat and dirt clogging the pores and stopping the skin from breathing, which accelerates the ageing processes. If you’re really tired and don’t feel like going through your complex cleansing routine, just use some oil, like this one, for example. Simply massage it into your skin for a couple of seconds (also around your eyes) and wash off. The oil is no longer oily after you treat it with water. Use some toner or micellar water afterwards. It takes just a few seconds and your skin will surely be thankful 😉


Everyone talks about it, and still we so often forget about proper hydration, which results in dry and tired complexion, swollen eyes, and general tiredness. Drinking water is OK, but if you drink it without anything, it washes through the body and gets out of the system pretty quickly. If you really want to hydrate your body, add a bit of lemon, orange juice, or chia seeds to your glass of water. Your stomach will get a signal to digest, which’ll keep the fluids in your system for longer.



Girls with oily skin (I know something about it, as I have it myself) love the feeling of „clean” and dry skin. Therefore they often use regular soap or alcohol containing toners, which is simply a mistake. Don’t do that! The results might seem satisfying at first, but you can totally make it worse in the long run. Your face will become red, irritated and the spots will start appearing faster. Consult a dermatologist, but I can already tell you that oily skin needs moisturizing. Go for “light” creams and use black soap – its properties reduce sebum production – you’ll read more about it in this article.


An opposite case to oily skin. Girls with dry skin feel the need of constantly moisturizing it. That’s great, but remember to observe the skin and adjust the creams you use depending on its condition. If you get a rash, it might mean that the cosmetics you’re using clog your pores and you might need to switch for “lighter” ones. Go for serum instead of for oil, and apply oily cream only on specific areas of your face. One thing is for sure: your skin needs care, try not to leave it unmoisturized. After you’ve had a bath, when it’s still wet, rub some olive (jojoba, or raspberry seed, for example) on your body, which’ll create a layer and stop the skin from drying 😉


Cleansing and washing your face everyday doesn’t guarantee a beautiful baby face. Micellar water, toners, and lotions are essential, but in the long run, the skin needs more. It needs scrub. When it comes to the face, go for enzymatic ones, intended to remove the outermost layers of the skin. Organique offers an amazing one, but you can also visit a regular drugstore and get this one, by Lirene. I also recommend coffee peeling.

2. ENZYMATIC PEELING Yoskine | 3. FACE MASK Holika Holika


The rule is simple – if you want to enjoy beautiful skin for a long time – don’t sunbathe! Avoid exposing your face to the sun as much as you can, apply self-tanning creams, wear a wide-brimmed hat, and cover your body even when you’re at the beach (wraps and pareos). Use high protection sunscreen (SPF 50 or higher). If you get burnt, ease the pain asap; you can make use of the tips that I gave you in this article.


If you want your brows to be trendy, it’s best if they look natural. Accentuate them with a pencil or a shade – read more in this article. If one overplucks their brows, the face loses its character and makes them feel the need to darken the brows. Dark and narrow brows make the face look angry and serious. So, My Dear, try to stay as close as possible to what Mother Nature equipped you with 😉


We all dream about having a fan of lashes. The secret is proper care, and not too many layers of mascara. Trust me – castor oil can really do wonders! Get a bottle and rub it into your lashes everyday (you can use an old, cleansed mascara brush). You can also use it to moisturize the skin around your eyes from time to time, which’ll make the it look revitalized, as castor oil has highlighting properties.


OMG, a spot? Why today? ;( I have a great hack for you: simply apply some toothpaste on it. It’ll kill the bacteria and stop the spot from growing. Drink some herbs, read my article about treating such cases and go to sleep 😉 Do your make up in the morning and apply some concealer over the imperfection. You don’t need a double layer, though. Ironically, the more one tries to conceal the imperfection, the more visible it becomes.


Beautifully shining long straight hair or romantic curls look amazing. If I could, I would wear them everyday. I like my hair and I know that it’s not best friends with curlers and straighteners. I tie a bun, braid it, or simply leave it to dry. I rub moisturizing oils into the endings (like this one) and that’s what I also advise you to do. Avoid high temperature exposure, as the hair will get dry and matt, especially if it’s also highlighted.


The skin around your eyes is delicate and gets wrinkled very fast, that’s why you need a separate product to care for it. Go for a lighter formula. I’m a huge fan of Reisbo. If you spent a lot of hours in front of the computer, you’re tired, but have a date or dinner with your friends planned for the evening, apply collagen eye mask. 15 minutes is enough to see that it really can do wonders. In the evening, before you go to sleep, apply some lipbalm or a bit of honey over your lips. It’ll moisturize them and make is easier for you to apply lipstick in the morning.

4. STRAIGHTENER Philips | 5. CURLER Bosh | 6. LIPBALM Delia