Bodysuits weren’t invented yesterday. It’s a perfect proof that trends have a tendency to come and go like a boomerang. Bodysuits used to be trendy in the 80’s, when they were worn in a sporty style, and yet they’re back in 2017 in a totally different edition. How to wear them now? Read on to find out! 🙂


Sensual lingerie like bodysuits look great teamed with thick clothes (just picture a fuchsia bodysuit teamed with a red sweater). Just make sure only a strap, for example, lurks from underneath your blazer. If you want the outcome to be spectacular, care for your body as well. Get a delicate tan and use some body scrub.

1. BODYSUIT Topshop | 2. BODYSUIT Topshop | 3. BODYSUIT Topshop | 4. BODYSUIT Esprit
5. BODYSUIT Esprit | 
6. BODYSUIT Topshop


An option for the brave ones, but who’s more brave than we are? 😉 Petite girls should go for small prints. The bigger item one goes for, the bigger the patterns should be. Don’t be scared that they’ll make you look wider – you can always opt for a dark jacket. Read here about choosing the right pattern for your body shape. Combine stripes with dots, plaid with zigzags, animal prints with florals. You’ll read more about it in this article.


Well, if you know me, you surely know my weakness for glamour. A glamour bodysuit should shine (glitter, satin, velvet). It can be adorned with an elegant frill, a sexy lace-up or simply be asymmetric. If you want to reinforce the feeling of splendor, wear some big jewelry. Huge golden rings or Swarovski crystals would be the perfect choice! I think I don’t have to mention that you can dress like that during the day as well 😉

1. BODYSUIT Zara | 2. BODYSUIT Topshop | 3. BODYSUIT Zara | 4. BODYSUIT BCBGeneration
5. BODYSUIT Zara | 


Bodysuits often have trimmings, zippers and other interesting details of all kind. They look like regular blouses tucked in the pants, and that’s great! Teamed with pants or a skirt, they’re perfect to be worn to a party or an evening event. They’re neither too elegant, nor too casual. Remember about jewelry. Bodysuits with zippers go great with the 80’s like plastic jewelry. Frilled ones – with boho, if you go for a lace-up one, make sure to opt for minimalistic jewelry, like big round earrings. You’ll also need a nice lipstick, I suggest Retro Red or Pink Panther by Paese 😉

1. BODYSUIT Zara | 2. BODYSUIT Zara | 3. BODYSUIT Topshop | 4. BODYSUIT Forever21
5. BODYSUIT Forever21 | 
6. BODYSUIT Forever21


A bodysuit is a perfect way to hide a protruding belly. Just go for a fitted model and wear loose blouses on top. If you’re plus size, but don’t have a problem with a bigger belly, you can go wild and wear a colorful bodysuit instead of a blouse. Forever 21 offers a pretty wide choice. If you go for a floral top (like the one marked #6 on the collage below), opt for a Spanish style red flared dress, stilettos, and a coronet. I guarantee you, you will totally stand out! 😉

1. BODYSUIT Forever21| 2. BODYSUIT Forever21 | 3. BODYSUIT Forever21 | 4. BODYSUIT C&A
5. BODYSUIT Triumph | 
6. BODYSUIT Forever21