After a long day at work you finally have time for yourself. What are your plans for the afternoon?
A – Why are you even asking? I’m writing an article for my magazine, answering my e-mails, visiting an exhibition in a nearby gallery, and then attending a charity event.
B – I’m totally partying with my sister and my girlfriends (or going on a date with my boyfriend 😉 )
C – I’ll try to attend all the top parties in town or go to a basketball match. Well… My head is full of ideas, so you never know! 😉
D – I’m gathering my friends and going on a concert.
E – I’m going to the Cinema with my family. I’m all theirs now! 😉
F – I’m planning a royal bath with rose petals and a glass of prosecco.

If you were to have only one outfit in your closet, it’d be…
A – I’m fine with denim pegs, a top and a jacket. All black, of course.
B – Just one?! That’s insane!
C – Jeans, sneakers and a cartoon print hoodie. OK, some cool socks. And a cap.
D – Jeans, cowboy boots and a hat.
E – A perfectly fitted dress, and a purse that fits EVERYTHING!
F – A sequin dress and crazy stilettos

If you weren’t a model, what would you do for a living?
A – I’d definitely be a politician, an editor-in-chief of a popular magazine, or an artist. Life offers so many possibilities!
B – I’d be a stylist. I love fashion!
C – I’d be an astronaut. Or an actress. I don’t know, I’m full of weird ideas 😀
D – A rock star, like Mick Jagger.
E – A lawyer, a doctor, or a teacher 🙂
F – A pop diva.

What’s your biggest weakness?
A – I care too much about other people’s problems.
B – My boyfriend 😀
C – I find it hard to focus sometimes 🙂
D – Wild parties 🙂
E – Family only! 🙂
F – I get irritated too fast 😉

How would your friends describe you in just 3 words?
A – Ambitious, passionate, committed.
C – Crazy, honest, creative.
D – Charismatic, mysterious, nonchalant.
E – A reasonable family person.
F – Rebellious YET lovely.
 Your favorite holiday destination is…
A – An annual human rights meeting held by artists and people of fashion.
B – A romantic getaway. The farther the better.
C – Hitchhiking, or… bungee jumping.
D – A music festival.
E – A family seaside holiday (and a few moments only for myself).
F – A Caribbean yacht trip.

Most answers:


Multitasking is your virtue and you’re not scared of new challenges. You can have your professional career, get involved in charity events, be into politics, run your own business and have fun at the same time – no problem 😉 You appreciate being a woman and love to look good, yet you tend to focus too much on other people and finding solutions to their problems. You support your friends and get along with your family very well, but self-development is equally important to you. You know that if you feel good with yourself, you’ll be better at helping others. You’re a real gem! 😉


Your friends describe you as a person who’s perfect at defining current trends. You’re first to reach for items that are likely to become the trend of the season and like to fight for the title of the biggest icon in town. You stay classy at the same time, that’s why people always (regardless of what you’re currently wearing) treat you like their friend. You like to laugh, enjoy yourself, and could give everything up for love. Deep inside, you’re very romantic 😉


You’re very sociable, it’s hard to get bored around you. You could do literally everything for a living – nothing that scares you. If you have a problem, you go dancing with your friends, or listen to music. You know how to party, but when it comes to work, you’re always focused and reliable. You’re honest and joyful – wherever you go, everyone else follows, eager to hear your story 😉


You’re an interesting person who likes to play mysterious. You’re charismatic and like it when others take you into consideration, but you also know how to relax. You love dancing till dawn (provided the music’s nice) and can’t imagine not going to a music festival during the summer. 70’s rockmen are your idols. Everything that you wear, even your boyfriend’s too big shirt, is immediately copied by your friends. You’re a real party animal, but know when to stop and get down to work. If only you keep the right balance, everything falls into its place 😉


You’re a wise and reasonable woman who likes to fulfil her professional dreams, but never puts her career ahead of her family. You’re into yoga, Eastern philosophy, and start every morning with a few minutes of meditation, which gives you energy for the whole day. You don’t like being looked down at – you’re pretty, OK, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to say 😉 You like being around people who take life as seriously as you do. You don’t feel that great around younger friends who don’t see the world apart from partying 😉


You’re a real diva 😉 You always reach for the best and can’t be satisfied by leftovers. Your food and clothes need to be of highest quality. You know your value and don’t like to compromise. If someone or something isn’t going as planned, you get angry pretty fast, but it’s also easy to calm you down 😉 Regardless of the situation, you’re elegant and could sleep in your heels. Some people claim that you tend to have whims, but let’s not forget one thing – YOU’VE EARNED everything you have and you simply deserve it 😉