Summer isn’t a bed of roses: long hours in the sun tend to cause serious sunburns. How to avoid them and what to apply if they occur? Read on to find out the treatments that work for me!


Above all, treat sun like your favorite dessert – remember that enough is as good as a feast 😉 When you go out, make sure to apply a high protection sunscreen lotion (I use at least SPF 50+, even when I’m in the city). Protect the exposed parts of your body by wearing gauzy items made out of natural fabrics (silk, cotton, linen). Remember to drink a lot of water, but not only while you’re in full sun! Never fall asleep while you’re sunbathing.


FIRST DEGREE BURNS: cause mild pain and redness but affect only the outer layer of the skin and don’t result in blisters.

SECOND DEGREE BURNS: the skin’s irritated, red, blisters appear.

THIRD DEGREE BURNS: rarely caused by sunbathing; serious damage of inner dermis, third degree burns result in tissue swelling and blackened skin.


Especially in case of second degree burns. If some of these symptoms occur: irritation (on more than 15% of the skin surface), blisters, low blood pressure and body temperature, or – quite the opposite – high fever, shivers, fainting – contact a doctor immediately. Even if you’re on holiday, you can always call an ambulance. You’ll probably need to spend some time in a hospital and some IVs. Homemade remedies are a good solution in case of less severe burns. How to check how much of your body is burnt? It’s simple! Assume that the surface of your hand is 1% of the whole body.


  • Above all, you could use some cold water (ice can cause thermal shock). Apply delicate compresses, don’t shower – the pressure might irritate the skin even more.
  • Drink a lot, to moisturize your skin from the inside.
  • Don’t cover the burn. Your skin needs to breathe!
  • If the burn isn’t serious, apply some homemade aloe vera mousse. Just peel a leaf and grate it to obtain a sticky mush. If you don’t have an aloe vera plant at home, you can go to the pharmacy and purchase a ready made one product.
  • Tomatoes contain lycopene, which helps to „extract” the warmth from the burnt area.
  • Raw potato mush (use a grater) is another homemade burn treatment – it’ll ease the pain and improve the healing process.
  • If you suffer from sun overdose ( 😉 ), apply some honey on the burns – it’ll revitalize and fumigate your skin.
  • Apply some vitamin E ointment (you can either use some serum or regular)
  • My grandma recommends… cool yoghurt! It moisturizes and brings back the natural pH level! She also suggests oatmeal, which eases the pain and reduces the swelling.