Every fashionista knows that a slight tan + a shiny outfit = a perfect evening look! Just take a look at what I do to shine like a star, not only during the summer. Get inspired, and let me know your ways to glow in the comments below 😉


There’s that moment in every girl’s life when she wants to be a mermaid, even just for a while. Let’s feel like a mermaid now! All you need to do is…wear a maxi sequin tube dress 😉 Team it with stilettos and a plain hairstyle, like Hollywood waves, for example. It’s an outfit option for a bigger event, but even if you’re visiting your friends or attending a beach party, sequins are be a good choice. Sometimes one only needs one shiny item to take everyone’s breath away. I like combining sequins with casual clothes – how about a sequin skirt with a white shirt or a shiny top teamed with elegant cigarette pants? Remember to go for sequins in those parts of your body that you feel confident about and want to accentuate. Are your legs beautiful? Get yourself a little sequin skirt. You’d rather accentuate your cleavage? Go for a sequin crop top.

1. TOP Lost Ink | 2. DRESS TFNC  


Carine Roitfeld, a retired editor-in-chief of American Vogue once said: „Always wear high heels. Yes, they give power. You move differently, sit differently and even speak differently”. Well… it’s hard to disagree, isn’t it? When one puts heels on, one immediately feels that they can rule the world 😉 Summer parties are usually casual – there’s no specific dress code, so make use of that and let your outfit just accentuate your personality. Shiny stiletto sandals will be a great choice. Even a regular boho dress will look more elegant teamed with delicate glitter high heels. Make sure to go for the proper width of the heel for your leg shape – the slimmer the legs are, the more delicate the heel should be. Body shape A girls look amazing in wedges.

3. SANDALS Dorothy Perkins | 4. SANDALS Dorothy Perkins | 5. SANDALS Office


They don’t necessarily need to be satin or silk, you can also go for some similar fabric, like polyester with cotton, for example. Such a dress should shine beautifully and be soft enough to cover the body in a sexy way. Plain dresses with narrow straps are totally hot, but if you feel like going for more original ones like flared sleeves, or tulle bottoms – feel free! Match them with lace – wear a contrasting bra – a black one with a white dress, or a red one with a blue one. If you’re brave, go for a dress similar to the one Selena Gomez went for – and don’t wear a bra underneath. You’s not feel comfortable without a bra? Nipple stickers or strapless bras are an option as well. You can read more about them in my How To Choose a Bra for a Cut-Out Dress article.

6. DRESS Chi Chi London | 7. DRESS New Look


Jewelry is very often a final touch to an outfit, it completes the look, but it sometimes can be the star of the look as well. Imagine that on the day of your bff’s bday you need to work overhours, and leave your office at 8 P.M. You dodn’t have time to change, so you need to improvise 😉 Wear a big jewel necklace (like this one) with your blue corporate shirt, go for a golden belt in your waist so that your pencil skirt looks a bit more casual and apply some red lipstick (how about Red Carpet?). Way better, isn’t it? 😉 And it’s all thanks to what tigers like most – jewelry 😉 Remember that gold always looks glamorous and extravagant, silver looks fresh and modern, red – sexy, and violet and bottle green – elegant. Make sure to go for the color that matches your mood and the character of the party.


A clutch is another item that can easily change the character of your look. Even if you’re wearing jeans and a regular blouse, when you team them with an elegant clutch, you start looking elegant. Make sure the clutch’s really elegant though – encrusted with stones, glitter, or shiny. Petite girls look great with very small, wallet-like models, whereas bigger girls can go crazy with avant-garde XL clutches. If the bottom of your body is bigger, try to carry your clutch in the upper parts of your body – under your arm or on your wrist. If you have great legs and want to draw attention away from your belly or wider shoulders, long chain clutches or those worn in hand will be the perfect choice.

8. CLUTCH New Look | 9. CLUTCH Mascara | 10. CLUTCH Aldo