Korean care is definitely a new beauty trend, and Charlotte Cho’s book entitled The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin has become not only a bestseller, but also a beauty bible. What is Korean care actually about? Which of the wide array of Korean treatments are the most efficient? Check my ideas out and let me know if have top Korean cosmetics of your own!


The golden rule of Korean skin care? Simple and lovely, yet a bit time-consuming beauty rituals. Thorough cleansing basing on multiple stages is crucial. There’s no way you could just wash your face with gel 😉 First of all, soak a cotton pad in make-up remover, place it on your eyes for a few moments and then “slide” the make-up off your face. Cleanse your face with oil (I wrote about this method HERE), and then remove the rest of your make-up with some cleansing foam or an herb or snail slime gel. Another step is the traditional one hundred splashes method (well, it’s only called that way, it doesn’t have to be 100 exactly 😉 ), and applying some toner that nourishes the skin and restores its natural pH level;)


Korean care is about applying cosmetics rich in active ingredients. Their formula is very often complex – it contains snail slime, vitamins, fruit acids, stem cells or bee venom. Apart from using proper cosmetics, you need to remember that Korean care is also about other things – a proper diet, sports, sun protection, and avoiding cigarettes (a big wow to Korean ladies! 😉 ).


1. Konjac Cleansing Sponge infused with Bamboo Charcoal for clean, smooth skin (CLICK)

The sponge, produced out of konjac, a Japanese plant, perfectly exfoliates the skin and cleanses the face leaving it glowing and soft. I use it regularly to cleanse my face.

2. Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack by Tony Moly  (CLICK)

It takes just a quick look at the panda packet to feel better, but the mask also has other properties. Left on the face overnight, it brings the glow back, highlights discolorations and leaves the face firm and elastic.

3. Tony Moly banana lipbalm (CLICK)

I like this balm not only because it’s a great moisturizer but it also makes me happy when I’m feeling down. It can be attached to your purse, for example. And, on top of that, this amazing banana smell… 😉

4. Skinfood exfoliating black sugar mask (CLICK)

This mask is one of Skinfood’s bestsellers. It contains black Brazilian sugar, which is rich in minerals, moisturizing honey and smells so great that is hard to resist. Sugar beads don’t irritate the skin, as they dissolve when they’re massaged against the skin. Amazing!

5. Skinfood honey facial toner (CLICK)

This honey facial toner, stored in a hive for 60 days, is another must have for Korean care fans. Just apply it on your face with your hands, massaging it. It literally makes the skin glow! 😉

6. Erborian BB cream (CLICK)

A multifunctional cosmetic perfect for light make-up fans. This BB cream nourishes the skin masking imperfections and discolorations at the same time.

1. NIGHT MASK Tony Moly | 2. LIPBALM Tony Moly

7. Golden Snail Skin79 intensive eye cream (CLICK)

This eye cream with snail slime extract offered by a cult Korean brand, Skin 79, highlights the skin, eases irritations and reduces the symptoms of aging. I recommend it to all fans of natural yet efficient care.

8. Skin79 coconut cleansing oil (CLICK)

A cleansing oil that is great to use at the first stage of the face cleansing ritual that I mentioned above. It contains safflower oil (nourishing, regenerating and anti-aging properties) and coconut oil, about which I wrote in THIS article.

9. Caolion purifying O2 sparkling soap (CLICK)

I’m a huge fan of this one. Contains all kinds of amazing ingredients: coal, cocoa seeds, cleansing sparkling water, hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter. It cleanses the face, reduces imperfections and moisturizes the skin at the same time.

10.  Dr.Jart+ ceramidin gel cream (CLICK)

A moisturizing and soothing ceramidin gel cream. No artificial fragrance, mineral oils or animal derivatives, which makes it perfect for everyone! 😉


11. Dr.Jart+ rubber moisturizing mask (CLICK)

A real revolution! Check it out if you’re bored with regular sheet and hydrogel masks 😉 The rubber reduces active ingredients evaporation, making the mask a few times more efficient. The yellow mask highlights, the blue one moisturizes, and the pink one – firms the skin. I totally like them all! 😉

12. Erborian lip scrub (CLICK)

That’s a real must have for girls who – just like me – couldn’t imagine life without… a lipstick 😉 The lip scrub exfoliates and moisturizes the lips, preparing them for the color of your dreams!