As we already know what men hate about our appearance, let’s focus on whatever works, as Woody Allen would say 😉 I’m not going to get lost in the details here. Just read on to see what I’ve found out that they like about our outfits 😉


They’re immediately associated with holidays, sun, and nice things. They bring back the memories from primary school, summer camps, and… first dates! It might be why men like them so much. Believe me – a floral mini dress, a red lipstick, loose hair, and…, you already have them all 😉 It’s also good to take a seasonal color analysis before picking the color, just to know which one suits you. If you’re a spring, go for warm shades of crocuses, tulips and hyacinths. If you’re a summer – go for cooler shades – subtle, delicate ones like bellflowers and daisies. Red hair autumns need some fire – orange dahlias and marigolds. Dark winters will fancy tropical patterns or simply classic beautiful roses.


They simply love them and for us they’re a great way to conceal a… small bust 😉 A backless dress usually goes with a tighter front, which makes the breasts optically bigger. You can wear them without a bra, or, quite the contrary – with an original one, which’ll additionally accelerate the look. You’ll read more about it in this article.

1. DRESS Risk Made in Warsaw | 2. DRESS Bombshe


Our most sexy features are achieved… in a seemingly accidental way 😉 A strand of your hair on your forehead, a look that you give someone for a little bit too long, or an asymmetric blouse only on one shoulder. If it unveils a bit of your lingerie, it’s even better 😉 I think I don’t have to add that your lingerie should be clean, elegant, and actually worth showing 😉 Sports bras and comfy cotton? Not really. I’d go for colorful lace and adorned straps.


Off-shoulder blouses and skirts are totally in this season. What do men think of them? I asked them myself. They perceive them the same way as if you were wearing a blouse that’d be sliding off your shoulder. Why? Such blouses suggest that we’re not wearing anything underneath, as one can’t spot a bra 😉 If your shoulders are wide, go for blouses without cleavage embellishments, shirt-like ones, for example. Narrow shoulders like frills, trimmings, and puff sleeves.


If your legs rock – don’t hesitate – wear mini skirts! 😉 High waist ones are in, but if you don’t like them, just wear regular ones with bodysuits. They’ll take them to the next level of sexy 😉 When you show their legs, remember to moisturize them, epilate and tan them a bit. Only smooth and delicately tanned legs look nice 😉


I wrote about them in this article. They’re perfect for summer, as they don’t make the skin sweat, like, for example, a heavy jewel necklace. A few necklaces bound together look very girly, and a pendant between your breasts will make you look sexy. If you go for a body chain, it’ll bring an association with an Arabic belly dance. Wear them with blouses, jeans, and short crop tops during the day, and with a dress and shiny body lotion in the evening 😉 

3. NECKLACE Miss Selfridge | 4. NECKLACE Topshop | 5. NECKLACE Topshop


In 1998, Sharon Stone rocked the Oscar gala in a Very Wang skirt and a Gap shirt, unbuttoned almost up to her navel. She looked totally stunning, and proved that such an outfit can both look extremely elegant and charming. You should also bear that in mind and remember not to overdo it with showing your body or creating God knows how original looks. Sometimes it’s good to make something new out of what you already have in your closet. Just pick a shirt out of the ones that you own (it doesn’t have to be pink, a blue one, a red one, or a floral one will also do great), unbutton it, team it with a pencil skirt, a couple of necklaces, and… voila! 😉


A classic one, namely – high heels. When it’s hot, the highest ones are great for the evenings (find out here how to last the whole night wearing them), but during the day it’s best to change them for fashionable low heels, which look like a stiletto cut in a half. It’s the favorite model of the editor-in-chief of the French Vogue – Emmanuelle Alt 😉 If you go for heels in the summer, you need to remember to place your legs above your body from time to time – it’ll prevent the feet from swelling 😉

6. STILLETOS Miss Selfridge