Back to school already? No way! 🙂 I’ve been done with that stage of my life for a long time now, and those of you who’ll have to face their teachers in September can still enjoy their holidays 😉 Yet there’s nothing wrong in reaching for items that bring a school classroom to mind and create an “adult” look around it. The backpack I’m wearing proves that best, as it can easily substitute for an elegant purse 😉 Especially when it’s accompanied by an elegant jumpsuit! 😀 It’s one of the most creative things in my closet. On one hand, if features this innocent bow and a happy print that can be associated with kids watercolor paintings, on the other – short legs and a sexy cut-out. One could focus only on this part of the body, but wait, the studded stilettos inspired by Valentino designs are also a great distraction! Take a look at the trick that I applied here – the color of the shoes corresponds with the color of the… nails 🙂 It’s a trend that’ recently been very common among Hollywood’s biggest stars. The today’s look is perfectly complemented by the jewelry created by a talented artist. Fine necklaces with star-shaped charms, big rings encrusted with stones and fancy bracelets create a perfect composition 🙂 Wearing such an outfit, I can easily go dance to one of the biggest hits by Elvis Presley – Tutti Frutti 😀


1. PLAYSUIT Lost Ink | 2. BACKPACK Simple | 3. SHOES DeeZee
4. EARRINGS Sweet Deluxe | 5. NECKLACES Forever 21 | 6. SUNGLASSES Zero UV


1. PLAYSUIT Osh Kosh | 2. STILLETOS DeeZee | 3. NECKLACE Topshop | 4. EARRINGS Sno of Sweden